Windows 10: advantages and disadvantages

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10: advantages and disadvantages

Not long ago Microsoft released a free license a Windows update that caused a lot of controversy and questions. To install the update or not – a private matter, but you must weigh all the «pros» and «cons».

That will give the update

Everyone knows that clothes make the man, and Windows the tenth version of this plan will please the user. The minimalistic design and angular shapes is a trend, and a new system it very seamlessly. Some people like it, some don’t, but no one remains indifferent. The system has become more beautiful, more comfortable, more modern and fresh, it was an interesting mix of «seven» and «eight».

Tenth version will give the following:

  • The user does not have to learn a new design or logic of the system. This option repeats the logic of Windows 7 and throws in the form of bonuses, nice little things, like the opportunity to work with the «Conductor» as a Word document.
  • «Ten» is easier to learn a new setup is much easier than control panel. It looks more simple and adjusted easily.
  • Appeared sane notification Center, you can take out some hours to know time in another country.
  • The search bar has become a great tool – looking for everything on the computer, the Internet, and, if necessary, acts as a command line.
  • The upgrade process is very simple. Immediately given worker licensed product that is installed as a normal program.
  • Working with Windows store apps has become convenient. The store is replenished and becomes really useful.

Myths about positive and negative aspects of the tenth Windows

Among users there are several myths about the new Windows 10. Below are the most popular ones.

Version of the first. A sore subject for many users is surveillance.

Where it all began? A number of experts decided to monitor the active Windows in data collection and published on various websites. It turned out that going everything – correspondence, photos, history, etc. All these data are used in order to display targeted advertisements. For some reason, decided that their data needed. If you do not want to prevent data leakage from your computer, you can install Win 10 Disable Tracking, this will allow a couple of clicks to completely disable data collection and to delete unwanted built-in apps.

Microsoft offers to upgrade to the new OS without losing the license and having received the assurance that in the future to buy a new version of Windows will not have to. That is money such a huge Corporation will not, and therefore the main source of income is advertising. The user spends money, when at the same time, the Corporation receives them. Advertisers are willing to invest a lot of money to show the most effective is the audience for which this is useful. Now, knowing the reason for tracking this issue is settled.

The second version. «Brake» and a large «weight» of the system.

This is not so. Windows 10 is multiplatform, it should equally be run on computers, tablets and smartphones, and because the system requirements are the same as in «seven» and «eight». Speaking about the performance of the whole systems, it should be noted that Windows 10 in some tests is not as fast as Windows 8.1, but Windows 7 faster.

Version of the third. Removal of «pirated» applications.

When a new system journalists misunderstood the user agreement, and began to publish articles about what the new Windows will have to dig into the files and remove any «pirate» things, whether it be movies, games and software.

In fact, in the first place, we are talking about the Windows store. If someone tries to «fill in» to the store «pirated» software, for example, hacked the game, it will be removed.

Windows 10 does not threaten the security of user programs.

Version fourth. The inability to rearrange the operating system.

This is not true, because no problem to switch to a later version (Windows 8), and «eight» go back to «ten».

Briefly about the pros and cons


  1. The dampness of the system, some bugs are still fixed;
  2. Surveillance anyway, but Windows really monitors incoming and outgoing information of the user;
  3. Few apps in the store (compared to the App Store and Google Market);
  4. Methods of payment for purchases in the Windows store – only one way: to bind Bank card.


  1. Combining experience with Windows 7 + Windows 8;
  2. Rollback system, it is possible to do the so-called «factory reset»;
  3. Mobile games;
  4. OneNote – the original functional text editor;
  5. Create multiple «desktops»;
  6. Simple settings storage;
  7. Convenient notifications panel on your mobile phone;
  8. Informative task Manager;
  9. The new application settings.

In conclusion, to update an earlier version of the system to Windows 10, advantages, features and innovations a lot, and the downsides are few and minor.

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