Windows 10: a List of changes we can see in Consumer Preview

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10: List of changes we can see in the Consumer Preview

January 21 in Redmond, Microsoft capital, will host a conference in which the company will reveal the consumer features of Windows 10, and from there we also hope to hear about the next version of the operating system for smartphones. For those who want to follow what is happening on stage, Microsoft will broadcast the event online via a special web portal.

While the Technical Preview has been focusing on enterprise features to show organizations and enterprises that Windows remains the operating system on which they can rely, the version Consumer Preview, which will be released soon after the conference will be aimed at consumers. Below is the list of features and changes that we can see in advance of the January build of Windows 10.

The core

  • Windows 10 for consumers will include a new updated kernel version 10.0


  • Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, will appear on the taskbar
  • New updated control panel with a dark theme
  • New animations for minimize and restore Windows
  • New context menus on the desktop, adapted to touch devices
  • By default, the taskbar will be located the search bar


  • Appears native support for FLAC audio format

Interface changes

  • «The charms» Settings «» will be no more
  • The settings menu will be available within universal apps
  • Header line universal apps will get updated look
  • Improved «support Center»
  • On-screen controls for controlling media playback for desktop programs
  • Updated application «PC Settings» with a more elaborate organization settings and with features like Battery Saver and Storage Sense
  • The ability to install apps and games to external media
  • New backup option under «Update and recovery»
  • Improvements for displays with ultra-high resolution


  • The updated Xbox app
  • Updated application «help + tips»
  • Updated application «Calculator»
  • The updated Photos app
  • Updated the Store app
  • Updated Recorder
  • New Camera app (Lumia Camera)
  • Updated the app «alarms»
  • Updated the Windows application Feedback
  • The updated Maps app

Although in the last few days we have heard about the new browser Spartan, it is unclear is he destined to become part of the next Windows 10 preview build.

The above list is based on information available today, but Microsoft can show a lot more.

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