Wi Fi adapter for TV USB or HDMI

By | 10.12.2018

Wi Fi adapter for TV HDMI or USB

TV is increasingly becoming an entertainment center, on the big screen which you can see in detail all the photos from your computer or other mobile device, a local network or the Internet. And watching the movie in HD can replace a trip to the cinema.


Because more and more modern TVs can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, thanks to the firmware they module. But even if the TV has no such built-in devices – no problem. Now there are enough universal WiFi adapter for the TV, which is available to all of the above features without the use of additional wires.


But how to choose the Wi-Fi adapter for the TV and what is it anyway? Our article describes the main parameters to take into account that you need, choosing a Wi-Fi adapter.


Wi-Fi adapter is…


Wi-Fi adapter or wireless adapter is a device to connect a TV to a wireless network. If Your TV does not has a built-in Wi-Fi, but there is a Smart TV feature, in most cases, it should support external wifi adapters. To find confirmation of this in the TV menu or the user manual.

Wi Fi адаптер для телевизора HDMI или USB

What is it for?


Wi-Fi adapter is designed for wireless reception of films, audio and photos from the Internet, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. to play this media on the big screen.


Using a Wi-Fi adapter, you can quickly synchronize Your TV and another device. This gives you the opportunity to set up LAN between PC and TV, without wires and at a distance.


You can run both on the PC and transfer the media content on the TV, and use it as a second screen without using the router.


Brand high-end devices (adapters)


Now the popular and quality are the following wireless adapters:


    • Samsung WIS12ABGNX/NWT. This adapter enhances the capabilities of a simple TV with Smart TVSamsung. It provides access to the Internet and to other compatible devices. To control the connection does not need any additional software;


    • LG AN-WF500. With this adapter you can connect to the Internet and to mobile devices. Works as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter;


    • Philips PTA01/00. This wireless device allows you to watch movies from various video stores online. The adapter can operate your TV by using mobile phone and wireless keyboard. Cheaper PHILIPS analog — PTA128;


    • Stream TV DIB-200 from D-Link. The adapter allows you to transfer multimedia files in HD quality on the TV screen. The device is very simple and compact, and allows for Wi-Fi network to stream content of the highest quality;

      Wi Fi адаптер для телевизора HDMI или USB


    • UWA-BR100. WiFi adapter for Sony TV. Connected to the USB input of the TV allows you to broadcast picture in HD-quality;


    • Toshiba WLM-20U2. Integrate TV in the home local network and provides access to many Televizyon.

How to choose a wifi USB adapter for TV


The usual Wi-Fi USB adapter looks like a flash drive and plugs into one of the USB connectors of the TV. But the USB port does not mean that now you can buy any adapter and connect it. If the TV has no need of drivers, this adapter will not see it. Therefore, to avoid mistakes, choose the adapter that is specific to the manufacturer of the TV. But sometimes the price they are rather large.


Please note


Depending on the ports on the TV, you can buy a Wi-Fi adapter with different output: USB, PCMCIA or HDMI. PCMCIA WI-FI adapter is a legacy option, since new TVs released without this connector. But if You have a way out, and the TV can be configured to connect to the Internet, then select it.


TV models Philips, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, LG, Sony and Toshibaмогут not work with regular Wi-Fi USB adapters, which are suitable for laptops. Often they simply do not see. Other choice is to buy a USB adapter from the manufacturer of the TV.


For televisions other brands suitable alternative adapters c HDMI connector, for example Stream TV DIB-200. It features high speed transmission and powered by the USB port of the TV or external power.

Wi Fi адаптер для телевизора HDMI или USB

The compatibility of the adapter with the TV


When you select Wi-Fi adapter, always check its compatibility with your TV. On the adapter itself often write compatible models or entire brands (e.g. Samsung, LGSeries 5, etc.).


But what happens if you take a risk and not buy the original charger? Because branded are much more expensive than usual. But there is a risk to throw away money by buying the Wi-Fi adapter at random. But if the instructions to the TV marked «universal plug-in Wi-Fi», then go ahead and buy any model you like.


Video: How to configure Wi Fi adapter comfast cf-wu720n



Standard signal transmission


Also, buying an adapter, note that the standard by which he works. You need to look at the standards of the router, which distributes Wi-Fi, and select a model with the same data. Now there are several Wi-Fi standards. From the selected standard depends on the data rate.


The highest quality reception and transmission of signal provides IEEE 802.11 n, the throughput is 300 Mbps:


    • 802.11 a — max 54, real to 2


    • 802.11 b — max 11, real to 3


    • 802.11 g — max 54, real to 24


    • 802.11 n — max to 150, to 50 real


    • 802.11 n — max to 300, up to 150 real

Wi Fi адаптер для телевизора HDMI или USB

But, apparently, in practice, Wi-Fi adapters have lower throughput. This is due to the interference through walls and other obstacles, as well as the transmission speed depends on the number of devices using Wi-Fi. Because initially choose a maximum router and adapter on a TV to provide a fast signal transmission.


The frequency of the device


When choosing a wifi adapter, look carefully at what he’s working frequency. If Your router runs at 5 GHz and the 2.4 GHz adapter, they will not work.


Adapters operate at frequency of 2.4 – 5 GHz:


    • 802.11 a — 5 GHz


    • 802.11 b — 2.4 GHz


    • 802.11 g — 2.4 GHz


    • 802.11 n — 2.4/5 GHz


Transmitter power — stability


The power adapter depends on its speed and stability. In a large apartment it is better to choose powerful transmitters in order not to obtain low quality signal. Optimal are models with a capacity of 17 to 20 dBm. Stable and quality connection in this case is guaranteed.




ВыбираяWi-Fi adapter, note the distance between the TV and the router, or rather range of the transmitter. Keep in mind that the greater the distance and number of obstacles on the way to the signal, the lower its speed and power. Even when you are in the right area, but having a sufficient number of obstacles the signal is not very good.


Channel protection


Wi-Fi channel should be protected, as it can crack and thus worsen the signal is sent. It is better to buy adapters with WPA or WPA2.

Wi Fi адаптер для телевизора HDMI или USB

They ensure network protection against hacking. While WEP is less secure and outdated.


Is there an alternative WI-FI adapters for TV


Those who do not want to buy an expensive brand receiver, you can buy an inexpensive Wi-Fi router. It must be installed near the TV and use network cable to connect. After that, the router must be configured in bridge mode with main router, which will be the Internet.


A more complex scheme for TVs Samsung is to buy a Wi-Fi adapter D-Link DWA TP-LINK TL-WN727Nv3 or Zyxel NWD2105 and flash it.


Sew new IDs in the adapter in Ubuntu Linux. Other operating systems are not suitable because they can damage the adapter.


For the firmware of the transmitter you need to:


    1. to upload the ISO image of Ubuntu;


    1. to write the downloaded image to removable media;


    1. download driver Wi-FI adapter;


    1. flash IDs VID and PID on # iwprivra0 e2p 208=04e8 # iwprivra0 e2p 20a=2018;


    1. but any wrong step may damage the adapter and make it generally unsuitable.


Video: installing and using the Usb WiFi adapter EDUP



Advantages of HDMI front USB adapter


HDMI means High Definition Multimedia Interface multimedia interface high resolution. This port sends digital signal of high resolution. If You have a TV with a very clear screen resolution, for accurate and better display of audio, video and photographs, it is better to choose the adapter with HDMI output. It differs from USB in that it has greater speed and accuracy of data transmission, because even the film, which takes a lot of space, very clearly displayed on the TV screen.


Choosing Wi-Fi adapter for the TV, you need to consider:


    1. it brand;


    1. compatible with different adapters;


    1. settings the router;


    1. speed, power and frequency of the adapter;


    1. the sharpness of the transmission image (output adapter);


    1. price and availability of analogues.


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