Why your phone freezes and what to do

By | 10.12.2018

Why the phone hangs what to do

The more complex the technology, the more it tends to behave unpredictably. Before the era of smart devices, everything was easier: if the mobile is hung, it can be just off and on, or at least get the battery and reinsert it.

But with modern devices such number does not pass, and they don’t crash the example often. Try to deal with the most frequent cases of «strikes» and decide how to deal with them.

The two main reasons for the unresponsiveness of the phone

The main reasons for the unresponsiveness of the phone include:

  1. mechanical damage;
  2. the failure of the software.

We examine in detail.

Mechanical damage

Certainly section with the same title, many readers decided to skip saying that if my phone was damaged it would be immediately obvious. And my neighbor actually half of the screen mesh, and everything works. And for good reason!

The era of the good old Nokia 3310 and other indestructible «bricks» was held. Gadgets of the second decade of the XXI century – things are much more fragile. On the case there may not be any signs of shock or pressure, but for electronics the beats could be a serious challenge.

One of the detached contact may cause malfunctions.

Почему телефон зависает и что делать

So a solid aluminum body, molded polycarbonate, Gorilla Glass or other safety glass may not prevent, but rather to mask the problem.

A failure of

Fortunately, more often the problem now happen because of software failures. We say «fortunately» because the software «disease» is easier to cure. No need to go into the electronics with a screwdriver and a soldering iron.

Most of software problems are solved by the removal of specific apps that cause overuse of RAM or CPU power. Sometimes the programs themselves don’t even need to remove enough to unload them from memory using task Manager.

What to do in these two cases

The easiest way to deal with hanging, if the body has obvious signs of damage. In this case, look for your nearest workshop, repairing the gadgets, and take the unit for repair. Often after this procedure, all data from the system are erased, and you will have to restore all of its contents.

Почему телефон зависает и что делать

Reiterate the importance of timely and better permanent backup!

What to do if hung the phone, apparently unharmed? If visible damage to the housing there, but the system behavior you do not like, we proceed from the fact that the reason software. And only after trying all the software fixes the trouble, remember that there exist shops.

The reasons for the unresponsiveness of the phone on Android

The main reason for the unresponsiveness any computer (and Android device is actually a computer) is reduced to the lack of hardware resource. To process all jobs that are relevant at the moment, may not have enough memory, computing power of the processor.

Video: stuck when switching on

Little memory

As you know, RAM is never too much. Although by 2015 in order to equip the available models even in two or three gigabytes of RAM, they are often not enough. The fact that Android is in no hurry to unload automatically already closed the program. The system is reasonably believes at the re-launch to open an app that is already hanging in RAM, it will be easier.

But if such a «background» software a lot and it is voracious, the system may experience an acute shortage of RAM.

Then the touch screen will not respond, finish a long run or switch my music. We will advise what to do?

  • to remove a program, without which you can do;
  • disable the work in the background and Push notifications for programs that alert is not desired;
  • install task Manager and set a regular cleaning memory, if necessary, to exclude;
  • to clear the cache (through the task Manager);
  • to remove from the desktop all the widgets, except for the most necessary

Почему телефон зависает и что делать

To be honest, we’re looking forward to when the smartphone will be easy to upgrade the RAM by adding an extra module. Google, where is Project ARA?

Big load on the processor

«Appetites» of various applications differ greatly. Some of them seriously enough CPU. Even multi-core design, specifically designed for large peak loads can’t cope with modern games, impressive graphics where you have to pay.

Fans of intense communication cache large amounts of pictures, texting, contacts. Programs like image editors also cause the CPU to run at full. Most interesting is that even after exiting such programs continue to hang in memory and CPU usage.

To distinguish problems with memory problems with the just processor: in the latter case, the smartphone is very significantly heated. Different chipsets, different in this regard, but heat always is felt.

Recommendation here is the same as when memory problems: frequently clean the background from the hanging application.

The failure of the programs

Alas, not all Android applications are successfully optimized. Some of them can cause a serious malfunction.

What you need to do?

  • to remove all questionable applications;
  • do not install APK files from third party sources (this is future);
  • if failures are repeated, and you cannot determine the cause is to do a hard reset .

What to do if hangs Android phone

How to deal with the causes of freezes – we roughly figured out. But all this later. What if your smartphone is stuck, right here and now? We have prepared guidelines for electronic withdrawal of the sufferer from stress.

Completing job applications

Remember, just above we were talking about task managers? In addition to third-party solutions, like ES task Manager, Android has built-in and.

You can use it like this:

  • open the menu, select «Applications». In the latest versions of Androidон is in the «General»menu;
  • select the tab «Working», there displays all programs that are running at the moment.

    Почему телефон зависает и что делать

  • find the junk that occupies the maximum memory, and force close them

Even closing one or two unnecessary «workers» can have a positive effect.

Unnecessary apps can be closed and «wholesale» using third-party controllers.

Restart Android

Usually all Android devices have the option to soft reset directly from the OS.

To do this:

  • press the power button and hold it until a menu appears;
  • find in the menu «Reboot» (exact wording may differ, but the word «reboot», «reboot» or «restart» is required);
  • to choose this item, wait for turn on the projector.

    Почему телефон зависает и что делать

It is not the fact that hangs the smartphone will reboot quickly. If a process halts, then «kill» it can be difficult. But when the reboot takes place, Android will work better.

Use this to remove recently installed updates and new programs. Perhaps something of them is the root of the problem.

Force reboot the device

Is it always possible to turn off the phone if it froze? Often it’s not responding to any of the gestures on the display or the touch buttons. How to turn it off, if the response to the standard action there?

Почему телефон зависает и что делать

However, there are ways to «soft reset», which is designed for such cases. Usually for soft-reset (this procedure) need to hold simultaneously the power button and the volume down. These buttons are selected because they are present on all Android smartphones. However, there are exceptions, so check the details in the instructions for your particular machine.


In severe cases, helps only the most radical solution – reset all settings. This is the most effective tool doesn’t even require to clarify why hangs your cell phone.

Почему телефон зависает и что делать

Note: this procedure destroys all data on the smartphone, returning it to pristine factory condition. So make sure all your contacts, mail, SMS history and the important files stored in archives or cloud services. In most cases, synchronization is enabled by default.

Reset can be done directly from the menu. For example, in Android 5 find the desired item, you can:

Почему телефон зависает и что делать

From different manufacturers have specific menu items may vary, but the principle is the same:

  • go to Settings;
  • select «General»;
  • select «Backup & reset»;
  • select «Reset settings»;
  • confirm the reset.

If you understand the General principle, it is easy to find the desired item, and on smartphones with other OS versions. By the way, to include backup in the same menu section.

Hard reset

The words «hard reset» sound reminiscent of sandpaper. Indeed, this procedure will smooth out the condition of your gadget to Shine. Usually to hard reset an Android smartphone you need to simultaneously hold down three keys: power and volume up. These buttons translate the smartphone into recovery mode (recovery mode).

Touch screen in this mode is not working.

Therefore, to control the phone you need the following:

  • select the menu item wipe data/factory reset;
  • use the volume keys to navigate through the menus as buttons «up» and «down»;
  • use the power button to confirm the selection (like press Enter);
  • confirm the restart of the smartphone, and data destruction.

After that your phone will be a long time to restart, and after restart, Android will be as good as new. Hope you included sync? Then your phonebook and other data stored on servers Googleи soon you will be back.

With code

In some cases, full restoration of a smartphone to work with the engineering menu. Launch the phone app and enter in this code (it is similar to USSD-request, but has a more complex structure). For example, for the model LGGT540 code looks like this: 3845#*540#.

After you enter it, you will see a menu where to select the Factory Reset. For other models and OS versions code will be different. The right information easy to find on the Internet.

Почему телефон зависает и что делать

So, hanging is not a reason to despair. In most cases, you can «cure» it yourself.

However, remember the following rules:

  • if you have an exact instruction – follow it. Smart people have already developed ways of salvation, you just need not to get lost in them. If not you can ask for advice on the discussion forums;
  • follow the tips that relate exclusively to Your model and Android version. Even if the names are similar, important details may vary;
  • some recovery processes last a long time, sometimes for hours. Don’t panic;
  • for the future: do not buy the cheapest Android smartphones, they will then have to pay nerves. It is better to overpay a certain amount and get a device with a reserve power that does not hurt.

Remember: hovering treated. And almost everything you need is in your hands.

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