Why your computer freezes and what to do

By | 10.12.2018

Why your computer freezes and what to do

When your computer freezes to find the cause sometimes is difficult. To resolve this kind of trouble may require quite a large amount of time.

After the first such incident, you need to be wary and constantly monitored. You may be able to establish any connection between some events and the «glitch». Especially if the PC is not responding.


Of the reasons that PC periodically hangs tightly – a very large number. Often this is all the complexity of the search for the causes of this event. As there are many possibilities why your home PC stopped working normally.

The most common faults, which are associated with the emergence of such troubles, include:

  • the presence of a virus in Windows;
  • overheating of the processor;
  • instability of operation of the hard drive;
  • incorrect BIOS settings;
  • the incompatibility of the controller and type of hard drive;
  • functioning or disabled Windows services;
  • there are uncontrollable processes;
  • strong fragmentation of the HDD;
  • the problem with memory;
  • insufficient free space on the HDD where the OS is installed;
  • the program crashes;
  • the scan OS antivirus special;
  • the presence of autorun malware.

The problem of the 21st century – viruses

In spite of the constantly updated virus database and powerful firewalls, different kinds of malware very often get on PCs equipped with the Windows operating system.

As hackers and bullies everyday designing new Trojans and viruses. The presence of such applications in the operating system quite often leads to delays, «glitches».

Overheating of the processor

It often happens that the processor is heated to abnormally high temperature. In this case, the PC usually restarts – this is a kind of protection against overheating, it is configured in the BIOS. But it often happens that for some reason it is disabled and not working. In this case, the PC hangs.

Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

The BIOS settings

BIOS – simple tool to customize, but to work with him should be very careful. Enter incorrect settings can lead to unpleasant consequences: failure of equipment «bugs» and various other troubles.

That’s why when you need to make any changes to it it is advisable to consult with a specialist. The probability of failure of the PC.

Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

Incompatibility of the controler with the Winchester type

Many users perform the Assembly of your computer. And this is not always a good thing. Since it is necessary to have certain knowledge about some components. Some of them can be with each other simply incompatible, therefore, the probability of occurrence of various problems. Because of this, the machine can simply «hang».

Windows Service

The operating system services heavily affect the process of operation of the PC. You should always carefully observe which ones are currently active. Disable any vital entails the collapse of the OS. It is not necessary to make any rash actions with services running by default. This will lead to negative consequences.

Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

The presence of uncontrolled processes

Often installed in various operating system programs start different processes. And they begin to conduct any independent activities and the products of its sometimes affect very negatively. This often happens when installing Kaspersky antivirus or other similar applications. You need to watch closely as possible for them.

Disk fragmentation

Hard disks that store large files that are subsequently deleted or copied, moved, usually highly fragmented. Such leads to a significant performance drop of the machine, and it constantly hangs. To deal with such a phenomenon is quite simple, it is only necessary to periodically diagnose the HDD.

Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

Problem with OP

Random access memory (OP) is one of the most important component parts of a personal computer. If you experience any issues with it, the probability of «hang». This may be due to incompatibility of maternal th Board and the most OP, this happens quite often. It can also happen that the level is just not firmly seated in the slot.

A small amount of disk

Stored on harddisk and sometimes a lot of information: users sometimes clog up your HDD to capacity. But it should be remembered that the normal operation of a PC is possible only in the presence of 10% free space. Because otherwise, the processing may slow down or even stop, and the machine will crash.

Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

The program crashes

Market different programs at the moment are saturated in a variety of applications. They often contain a variety of errors that lead to software failures. This is one of the most common causes all sorts of cold case files PC.

Scan with system antivirus

Very often the cause of glitches on the PC are viruses. But equally often there is an abnormality just because of the antivirus. Many of these utilities are fairly complex software system. This can cause malfunction of the operating system. Scan not infrequently leads to a hang.

Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

Programs in the Startup

Operating system Windowsимеется special section, which contains applications and utilities that run in automatic mode. Sometimes the programs cause errors in the PC. You should carefully monitor the presence of items.

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A few recommendations that you need to do to the computer is not hung

People often ask – what you need to do to maintain your PC in fine condition? It is only necessary to implement some of the recommendations outlined below.

Restart the computer

Very often the problem can be corrected quite simply – it is only necessary to make restart of your machine. Moreover, this operation helps in most cases if any serious problems with the hardware are not available.

You can use this method if:

  • was tested by antivirus;
  • was removed from startup any elements;
  • disabled services.

Disable unnecessary programs

Often to cope with the problem simply by disabling some unnecessary applications. This can be done through «Windows task Manager».

This requires:

  • press Ctrl+Alt+Delete;

    Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

  • click on the tab «Processes»;
  • click on a particular application, right-click and select «End process».

After it is desirable to perform the restart.

Scan for viruses

Very often, the reason many users do not use antivirus software. The availability of these applications in most cases solve problems with the Restart.

The most functional and powerful today are the following software packages:

  • Nod 32;
  • Kaspersky;
  • Avast;
  • Dr. Web;

    Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

  • Norton Antivirus;
  • AVG.

The use of many antivirus is free. For their work, and the installation requires a minimum amount of resources. Removing various kinds of malicious codes, viruses, and Trojans not only eliminates «glitches», but also speeds up his work.

Clean from dust

Often the machine begins to hang, if the heating temperature of the individual component parts reaches a critical value. Particularly, this phenomenon frequently occurs with the CPU.

Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

In most cases, to resolve this kind of situation is quite simple – you only need to clean the insides from dust. It happens that the overheating is due to dried thermal paste – just enough to replace it.

Faulty device

Various problems also occur due to faulty hardware. It often concerns the following main components:

  • hard drive;
  • RAM;
  • motherboard.

A little less likely to fail power supplies, graphics cards and other components.

Perform the disk defragmentation

Highly fragmented region adversely affect the operation of the PC. It is therefore necessary to periodically run a defragmentation process.

You can use the as tools from third-party manufacturers, and standard program start it is as follows:

  • click on the «start»button;
  • carried out by the following passage «All programs»->»Service»-> «disk Defragmenter»;
  • click on «disk Defragmenter.

    Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

Obsolete components

It is important to upgrade your car. As each day, operating systems are becoming more demanding.

If you have problems you should pay special attention to the following settings on your PC:

  • the size of memory;
  • the frequency of the CPU;
  • the speed of hard disk;
  • the performance of the video card.

It is advisable to upgrade the car no less than once a year. It is necessary to eliminate its weaknesses – is the key to stable operation.

Incompatible programs and drivers

Often all kinds of «brakes» occur because of a banal incompatibility of various utilities and drivers. To cope with this kind of nuisance is problematic.

Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

The only solution may be constant tracking of the newly proinstallirovan elements of the system, and uninstall unwanted.

Clean the system

Another possibility to cope with the «locked up», the system can become clean with the help of specialized tools.

Most popular today are:

  • Ccleaner;
  • Unlocker;

    Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

  • AnVir Task Manager.

Reinstall OS

Sometimes even a complete cleanup, disk Defragmenter, and other such «healing» operation does not protect against the occurrence of «glitches». Check the hardware also does not give any results. In this case, the optimal solution is only new to installing OSes. Perhaps we should also change the version.

Other tips

Not to deal with the consequences of various kinds of problems, is simply to perform certain procedures to prevent them.

The user that monitors the status of your computer, you need to:

  • to install a special utility for monitoring a PC (Everest, Aida or something similar);
  • periodically defragment (by any means: standard or third party);
  • update the configuration (to increase the size of RAM, hard drive, install a different CPU);

    Почему зависает компьютер и что делать

  • to clean Windows regardless of the version.

The implementation of all the above tips enables to get rid of very many of the problems associated with a PC. This will significantly simplify the life and work of an ordinary user. What to do – the computer hangs? In such a situation it is best to consult a specialist.

The key to the normal operation of a home computer is timely maintenance, periodic cleaning as hardware (from dust) and software (viruses and errors). Subject to the rules and conditions of operation of the machine will last a very long time without creating any problems. This will greatly facilitate the life of an ordinary user.

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