Why WIndows 10 sound does not work

By | 10.12.2018

Why WIndows 10 sound does not work

The Internet without music and videos were in the distant past, and now the users are running in online mode files directly from the installed browser.

Opening and playing the media is achieved through a dedicated software components – drivers, which provide access to video or sound card.

What may disappear?

The main reasons

The sound on the computer when you play it over the Internet might not work in two cases:

  1. the system fully allows you to play media;
  2. works on PC, but not through the browser.

To make sure this is very simple: try to open the audio file on the device. If the answer heard only silence, then the problem lies in the number of several unpleasant reasons. The same can be assumed if the public film broadcasts only the image.

We will understand why sound does not work on Windows 10:

  • system failure;
  • improperly connected audio system to the PC;
  • drivers for sound are not installed;
  • incompatible drivers with the cost.

Common reasons for the lack of sound when played through the browser include:

  • broken or infected Internet browser.
  • failure in the installation of additional extensions;
  • flew Flash player;
  • bad network connection.

Regardless of what caused the termination of playback audio, it should be eliminated. About how using your hands to eliminate the causes of no sound, will be discussed later.

Video: if the sound disappeared

Simple ways to fix them

  • the first universal means of correcting this situation is to reboot the computer. Perhaps there was a malfunction in the system itself or the drivers stopped responding. If after a reboot the sound problems remain, check the correct connection of the audio system;
  • incorrect connection of speakers or headphones to the unit (or laptop) is checked manually, and nothing more. In principle, connecting audio devices to the connectors is not a problem, unless the wire was not withdrawn unexpectedly. Well, I have to go in and re-activate it. Speakers or headphones are not working? Maybe corny is set to silent. Another thing, if the PC does not «see» them;

    Почему в WIndows 10 не работает звук

  • a fairly common – problem with drivers. Windows 10 – the latest edition of the «window» system, so all sorts of mishaps (due to defects or installation on older PCs) may occur more frequently than on other versions;

    Почему в WIndows 10 не работает звук

  • the lack of drivers for sound module PC will not play any sounds, including system. Of course, this phenomenon is infrequent, but if wood on a sound not, then they need to be set in accordance with the Board type. To see their presence or absence can be through the device Manager;
  • a more common situation is the incompatibility of the software components and audio devices. Discrete maps that can hardly be found, but the built-in «mother» are not uncommon. Using the same control panel and device Manager to see whether those drivers were put into the system;
  • when you install Windows 10 on, say, not really new computers can be such a thing as lack of support for specific type of Board. In these cases, the drivers have to be looking through the motherboard manufacturer (if there is a mark), to use search system means, or to update them through Windows update;
  • sometimes the audio playback may be prohibited in the BiOS. Of course, deactivation of the card – a rarity for the average user, but still. To return it back to work again you need to log into the system I / o. Accessed to download the system component (immediate use) by pressing special keys. On each device they can vary: it can be «Delete», «Escape» or «F11» or some combination.

    Почему в WIndows 10 не работает звук

Sound does not work in the browser on Windows 10

Rwill rassmotrim a situation where on the computer everything is fine, and «silent» only online tracks and videos from u-tube. Elementary solution to the problem will probably be to demolish the browser, clean the system and install the new one from the official website. This will include the first paragraph: the program is not working properly because of virus or is outdated.

If the probability of infecting a browser is close to zero, the sound is gone suddenly, or running from case to case, it will help the solution methods for this problem:

  1. Clear cache via settings. For each browser this is done a little differently, but the difficulty is unlikely to arise: they deleted the history of visited sites. Cleaning the cache is about the same. Don’t forget only a Daw to put it, or to leave only the links. In extreme cases, the Internet;

    Почему в WIndows 10 не работает звук

  2. blame can be uploaded extension. To restore the sound through the settings by removing the tick on all tabs. Do not forget then put the bird back. Help? If not, it’s in the player through which the sound is transmitted to the browsers;
  3. the faulty player will not give any improvement with the sound, even if 100 times to redownload the browser.

To reinstall you need to:

  • to delete through the Manager of the program management system;
  • to scan the OS before installing;
  • to download and install a new one.

Problems with the disappearance or decline in the quality of sound can also occur because of falling of speed of data transfer. The delays in the Internet – incorrect configuration of the device, the cached browser, viruses, etc. All faults derive from one another, and to restore the sound all of them should be eliminated.

These recommendations are guaranteed to help to cope with interruptions in sound in the browser or on the computer. If, at first, to sort out all the causes would be difficult, that it will just take a few minutes.

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