Why very slow computer: causes and solutions

By | 10.12.2018

Why very slow computer: causes and solutions

If you often sit in front of a monitor, and have you noticed that when you start the computer starts to brake, you need to know the reason. Each person is useful to know the basic causes of these problems and their solutions, because no one can guarantee that you will avoid such problems in the future.

The main reasons

Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

Here are the main reasons why computer started to slow down:

  1. insufficient RAM;
  2. overflow of the hard disk; .
  3. demanding programs or games;
  4. a lot of unnecessary system files.
  5. installing a new device or driver;
  6. the startup programs;
  7. virus;
  8. clogging of the system registry;
  9. hardware factors.

Let’s consider them in more detail.

Insufficient RAM

The lack of RAM the programs begin to stop working, start to function slower or not responding. To avoid such a situation, try not to use multiple applications simultaneously. You can also solve the problem of shortage of memory, using the following tips.

Increase your virtual memory (paging). However, remember that too much paging activity often reduces the performance of most programs.

To increase the amount you need:

  • to go to the «System» (start – Computer – Properties);

    Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

  • click on advanced system settings;

    Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

  • find the settings button (Advanced – Virtual memory);

    Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

  • next to Automatically select the paging file size check box to remove;
  • to go to Specify the size, enter the desired number in Maximum size then click Set and OK.

Make sure that the program does not use too much memory. If there is a memory leak, close the respective program and install the updates for it.

But how to find a job what program you need to complete? To do this:

  • click on the task Manager;
  • go to the Processes;
  • click on the Memory;
  • select — use memory;
  • sort used programs .

Another option is to install additional RAM.

Video: 7 reasons why slows down the computer

Overrunning your hard drive

Hard disk is divided into logical partitions, and the system uses the section called active.

We list 6 reasons why slow computer due to hard disk:

  • the system partition initially has a small volume;
  • all installed games and applications, the system transfers in this section;
  • it can accumulate temporary files and system restore files;
  • games retain in the active files section save, which sizes are often huge, especially in today’s powerful games;
  • part of the active partition is the Desk, which is often the gathering place of various user information (videos, photos, music files, etc.);
  • not enough RAM.

All these problems can be easily solved. Delete temporary files (install-cleaner), old system restore files. If you don’t play the game, move to the trash the file save it. Clear the desktop of files and folders, leaving only the labels. Another way is to create a hard disk for more partitions for games, programs, movies, etc.

Resource-intensive programs or games

The processor usually has a simple factory cooling system, so if you will use the computer for Internet and work in office programs, problems not notice.

But if you often use resource-intensive games and programs, then you have two options:

  • to change the original system to a system more modern and powerful;
  • to install additional cooler.

A lot of unnecessary system files

To clean your computer from system and temporary files, use Windows utility that is already built into the system. To do this:

  • go to My Computer;
  • select the disk by clicking on it with the right button of the mouse.
  • go to Properties, then General;
  • select disk Cleanup.

    Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

This operation is able to lighten your computer for a few gigabytes, boosting its work.

How to check why computer slows down

Take a look at 2 reasons why your computer may slow down and deteriorate:

  • after installing a new device;
  • after installing the drivers.

Sometimes degrade the performance of the computer can a new touch keyboard or LTE modem that is due to driver conflicts or due to the fact that the developer has written the driver errors. In the latter case you have to install an alternative version of this driver.

But what to do when you turn on the computer to resolve the conflict? To do this:

  • start the computer in Windows safe mode (when booting the computer press F8 and hold);

    Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

  • click on start, go to control Panel, select Properties, and then Device.

Select the drivers, which have an exclamation point in red or yellow color, then remove them and install again. It will have to do when there are duplicates of the previously installed drivers.

Startup programs

Most of the installed programs according to your schedule automatically begin to boot, but for the average user is usually not necessary.

To remove from startup programs:

  • click on the start;
  • in the search at the bottom type in the word Run.
  • in the field of the appeared window type msconfig;
  • click on OK.
  • then, remove the checkmarks from unnecessary programs;
  • click on OK.

Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

Remove the checkmark in firewall and anti-virus software is not necessary.

And typical programs you can safely remove from startup include Download Master, Winamp and Adobe Reader.

Suggest you after purchase to immediately check a new computer, what programs automatically start downloading in advance to protect yourself from this problem.


If your computer has become victim to hackers, to remove viruses you can use antivirus programs.

They are the following types.

  1. the firewall shall filter traffic going through the network, and when the attack begins to block it, and blocks attempts to access your network without authorization;
  2. the monitor checks for the presence or absence of viruses, all the files that you run on your computer;
  3. the scanner performs 2 functions – it scans files and clean them from viruses.

The most common antivirus programs include:

  • Antivirus Kaspersky;
  • Avast;
  • Dr. Web;
  • Panda;
  • NOD32;
  • AVG;
  • Trajan Remover;
  • AVZ.

But even the most powerful analysis tool does not guarantee 100% protection against viruses, so never begin to run on the computer all downloaded programs in a row, and try not to run programs from unverified publishers and don’t click on everything links in emails that come to you via email.

Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

Do not install more than one virus scan, as this will reduce scanning performance and only exacerbate the problem of slow computer operation. Also regularly keep the database up to date.

Clogging of the system registry

System registry and hard drive, from time to time requires cleaning. He usually gets clogged because of the installed software keys or unprofessional work on the computer, leading to the appearance of errors.

For registry cleaning use one of the programs listed below, but remember that before the procedure, you must create a registry backup:

  1. Wise Registry Cleaner 8.22;

    Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

  2. Vit Registry Fix Free Edition 9.5.9;
  3. Registry Reviver;
  4. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner 3.5 Build 20140530;
  5. Clean My Registry

Hardware factors

To hardware factors affecting the hard disk, include the following:

  • the integrity of the blocks of magnetic heads broken;
  • the surface of the disks;
  • plates offset relative to each other;
  • due to the fall in HDD to something solid mechanical part of the HDD gets dents, pancakes cease to spin, the rotation of the discs sounds will cut off, the clacking and rhythmic sound, and a variety of whistles and hisses.

You must contact the service center for professional repair HDD.

Pay attention to the temperature of your computer. For its control install Everest. In the tab «Sensor» will be displayed value make sure that it does not exceed 50 degrees.

Почему сильно тормозит компьютер – причины и решения

Otherwise, you can do the following:

  • blown radiator;
  • to check the fans;
  • remove the heatsink to apply new thermal grease on the CPU.

The reasons that impede the media and sound

If the game downloaded, and after the mouse freezes and also the image is shown with errors or very slow sound reason can be such:

  • your CPU is quite weak for such operations;
  • you need to reinstall the codecs.

Video: why and what to do if your computer works slowly

But the music and other media files can slow down and all of the above reasons, so use the tips that we pointed out earlier. I hope that this article will help you to solve most of the problems associated with the operation of your computer.

With proper diagnosis of slow work and correct decision to work with the computer you will be nice and comfortable, so we strongly advise you to devote sufficient time to diagnose problems and their solution.

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