Why the phone was quickly discharged

By | 10.12.2018

Why the phone was quickly discharged

One of the common problems which may face the users of modern phones is the rapid battery consumption. Sometimes the device’s charge which is enough for 1-2 days, starts to lose it unjustly and off at the wrong time.

What to do if the smartphone started quickly discharged? Next, we consider the causes of such phenomena and help with their elimination.

Possible causes and their solutions

So what can lead to a rapid drain on the battery?

List the possible options:

  • the excessive brightness of the display;
  • constantly switched on wireless interfaces;
  • included GPS module;
  • mobile games;
  • frequent rebooting of the device
  • malware.

Reduce the brightness of the display

The problem may be hiding in the excessive brightness of the display, running at 80-100%. Of course, work with a darker screen is quite uncomfortable, but in most cases, brightness at 50% is enough.

To change this indicator it is necessary:

  • go to the menu «Settings»;
  • then click «Screen»;
  • to choose the measure of brightness that does not interfere with comfortable work, or set to automatically adjust to the lighting, if your smartphone has this feature.

Attention! In addition to the lighting of the display in many modern smartphones, there are two more functions that can quickly consume the battery charge – auto-rotate display and smart wait. By disabling them, you will also save energy.

Почему телефон стал быстро разряжаться

Disable wireless interfaces

What to do if the battery on the phone quickly? Disable wireless interfaces! Very often after their use they continue to run in the background.

Among these interfaces:

  • GPRS;
  • Bluetooth;
  • 3G;
  • Wi-Fi.

It is important to know that even if they are not actively used at the moment and do not convey any information, their work still consume a small portion of the battery. If multiple wireless interfaces connected at the same time – this can lead to faster power consumption.

Почему телефон стал быстро разряжаться

Disable GPS module

Navigation applications have become an integral part of any smartphone, but you need to remember that they can cause rapid battery drain. In order to save also recommended that you disable the geolocation feature, which often uses a camera, downloaded from the Internet maps and social networks.

Почему телефон стал быстро разряжаться

Such applications usually operate in the background, which is not always noticeable that they cause unduly rapid consumption of the battery charge.

Learn to conserve energy playing mobile games

Games for smartphones has long been unable to compete with projects for stationary consoles and PC. They are becoming more popular, and literally every user from time to time playing something on his phone. Unfortunately, such applications require large number of resources and quickly consume the battery.

Even with a new battery the smartphone will not last as game center more than a few hours. Always keep this in mind, when traveling or playing where there is no possibility to recharge the phone. For more precise control over power consumption, you can install a special utility.

Reboot device

The battery life of mobile devices is also substantially reduced with frequent restarts. This is a resource-intensive process that can quickly drain the battery. In this case, the Board can only try to minimize on and off the gadget.

Use reset only in extreme cases when, for example, the device completely died.


Viruses and spyware can be a real «black hole» for the battery, which will sink most of its charge. To prevent this – install on your phone antivirus and regularly scan its contents.

The problem with the software

If you are sure that the battery is not discharged for the reasons described above, you should pay more attention to installed programs. Often one or even several of them can slowly consume a charge even if the device is in standby mode.

Check running processes on the statistics screen, but if there’s nothing suspicious, it remains only to completely clean your smartphone. You can do this by resetting the phone to factory settings. This procedure is called «Hard Reset».

Почему телефон стал быстро разряжаться

Attention! During hardware reset the device will reboot and will be restored all factory settings. It is important to note that this will erase all stored information, applications, contacts and messages. To restore them after a hard reboot is impossible, so be careful about their safety. Data stored on the SIM card and the memory card will remain untouched.

This type of restart is provided in extreme cases when the system gives serious failures. In our case, a Hard Reset may help remove apps that consume your device’s battery life and remaining «invisible». This also applies to viruses that could quietly «sneak» into your phone.

If the struggle with them has not helped antivirus installed, complete removal of all programs (including malicious software) will be very helpful. How to reset your device, read on.

Video: the battery runs out quickly

Hard Reset

Consider the details of the «hard reset», which we talked about earlier. To run manufacturers include a special key combination, choose which is not too difficult.

For smartphones running the Android operating system, this process will look as follows:

  1. go into Android system recovery;
  2. using the volume buttons scroll the displayed list and stop at the «wipe data/factory reset»;
  3. activate it by pressing the «Power» button or «Home»;
  4. in the new menu to scroll through the lines with the options «NO» and select «Yes — delete all user data»;

    Почему телефон стал быстро разряжаться

  5. the device will reboot and restore settings from the manufacturer, in this case, all data will be erased.


After the reset it is necessary to calibrate the charge:

  1. fully discharged phone;
  2. take out the battery and expected a few minutes;
  3. insert it back and again put the device on charge, but not including;
  4. leave the device to charge for several hours;
  5. after fully charging the battery again, remove it, plug back in and start the phone, thus making the calibration.

Mechanical damage to the device

The time required to fully discharge the phone, can also affect mechanical problems, arising, for example, after the fall of the device. In this case, there are not many measures that user could undertake on their own. In case of damage to the battery is recommended to contact the service center or replace with a new one.

Почему телефон стал быстро разряжаться

The best protection against such troubles – number of precautions, including:

  • do not drop or hit the phone;
  • don’t leave it in the sun or near heat sources;
  • protect the device from water and moisture.

We have reviewed the most frequent cases why the phone starts to discharge. Most often this problem is solved in house conditions and will not become an obstacle even for the novice user. I hope that we have described the methods you needed to, and studied the precautionary measures will help in the future to avoid such hassles.

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