why the need For utility Try&Decide in Acronis True Image

By | 10.12.2018

Why the need for utility Try&Decide in Acronis True Image

Daily market software updated with new products that many curious users a sincere desire to test their work in practice. For the manifestation of this interest can not praise, but experiments with new programs (and old too) can be fraught with troubles. In the best case made by them you can undo changes by rolling back to a previous restore point, at worst you have to reinstall the whole system.

To experiment with programs and system settings are best in a virtual machine VirtualBox or VMware Workstation, but this approach has its disadvantages. First, you may be faced with hardware limits, secondly, will not be able to read the settings and installed programs from a virtual machine on a real computer. But you can go through the middle, creating on the physical hard drive is a temporary virtual space, which, if desired, the user can be cancelled and included in the operating system.

This gives the Try&Decide utility included with Acronis True Image, including the revision 2014. In 2015 this is a useful feature, unfortunately, has been removed by the developers that contribute to the popularity of their once famous product, but we will get to the point. Try&Decide allows you to install unstable and potentially dangerous software, updates and drivers, to open suspicious emails, visit suspicious websites without risk to the system and loss of data. In case of failure or virus infection, the virtual space can be deleted when you restart the computer.

Activation of the mode Try&Decide

To enable test mode, run True Image, switch to the tab «Tools and utilities» and click on the Try&Decide. In the opened window, specify which partition you want to protect (usually), and then click on the image of the shield in the upper part of the window. By default, the virtual space is on drive C, but if in addition to the main system partition you want to protect the boot area, a storage space virtual disk will need to select the partition D.

Для чего нужна утилита Try&Decide в Acronis True Image

Then you can safely install programs, drivers and updates, turn off, modify system files and edit registry. The next time you reboot (or crash, which led to it) of the computer you will see a window where you will be offered a choice: either continue to work in trial mode, or to cancel all changes and return to the original state. In this test mode will be automatically disabled.

Manual disable Try&Decide

Для чего нужна утилита Try&Decide в Acronis True Image

Manual disable Try&Decide is running almost exactly the same as its activation with the only difference that in this case the program will ask whether to apply the change to the real system. For example, in trial mode you have installed some new software and found that it works fine. Applying changes, you can move installed application in the «real» Windows, which would be impossible when working with a virtual machine VirtualBox.

Disadvantages utilities Try&Decide

Для чего нужна утилита Try&Decide в Acronis True Image

But as with all virtualization tools, Try&Decide has its drawbacks. These operations on disks and partitions as the change in size, type, file system, compressing with the aim of getting the Unallocated space, etc. are inadmissible as trial mode does not track such changes. It is highly recommended not to defragment or check the protected volume or volumes on which the virtual area — this can damage the file system. In addition, functions of «Continuous protection» and «startup repair» in the trial mode will not work. Also prepare for the fact that each time you restart saving mode Try&Decide disk space will decrease by 500 MB.

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