Why the laptop hangs tightly and what to do

By | 10.12.2018

Why the laptop hangs tightly and what to do with it

To hang the laptop for many reasons. Sometimes Troubleshooting can be a challenge, but if you do not find and fix the problem, then the computer will hang regularly, making it impossible to normally use the device.

Common causes

Before answering the question: «the Laptop freezes constantly. What to do?» it is necessary to establish the causes of such behavior. In most cases, the user can cope with the primary diagnosis alone.

All the causes leading to the hanging can be divided into two groups:

  • software arising from errors in software or viruses;
  • hardware-related failure or problems with components of the computer.

To solve the problem with software can home. If the notebook freezes due to a fault in the iron, in most cases you will have to resort to the services of specialized service centers.

The most common problems, which may hang laptop:

  1. viruses;
  2. a program error.
  3. insufficient amount of free space;
  4. overheating of the processor;
  5. problems with accessories;
  6. errors antivirus;
  7. a large number of programs at startup.

Let us consider in more detail the main reasons. This will help in the diagnosis of faults and allow faster to solve the problem.


Malicious software can damage or destroy important information on your hard disk. Moreover, they often make changes that interfere with the normal functioning with the operating system. In the end, the laptop may start to «slow down» or freeze altogether.

Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

Suffer mostly from the actions of malicious users that actively use the Internet. You can also pick up malicious programs from any storage media: USB flash drives, CDs and other.

To avoid trouble with viruses by installing and timely updating anti-virus specialized. In situations where the PC has already began to hang out to check for malware infections can specialized utilities, manufacturers of protective systems.

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Overheating of the processor

The laptop is quite compact unit and all components therein are located close to each other. Modern high-performance processors when their work generates much heat. Naturally, manufacturers are trying to provide sufficient cooling. However, the CPU is overheating is not uncommon.

Consider the main reasons for overheat:

  • dust accumulation;
  • malfunction of the cooling system.

Dust builds up quickly inside the body of modern mobile PC and it should be removed, using a can of compressed air. A cooling system failure is less common and it needs to be replaced. Purification from impurities can be performed in the home, and to replace the fan, radiator and so forth are encouraged to contact the service center.

Problems with RAM

Incorrect operation of the memory modules can also cause your PC starts to hang or other problems. As a rule, the defects of this component occur quite quickly after installation. When searching for reasons why a computer is malfunctioning, it is recommended to run a special utility such as MemTest and check.

Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

In case of any problems with RAM it will need to be replaced. This operation the user can perform independently or in the service center. In warranty period, it is recommended to contact the place of purchase are not trying to solve the problem on its own.

The reduced volume of the system drive

In the course of its work, the operating system and programs create many temporary files which reduce free space on the system drive. When the Unallocated space remains applications start to «slow down».

Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

To solve this problem simply by removing unnecessary programs and data, and temporary files. This can be done by means of the operating system of Windows or by using special utilities, such as CCleaner.

The failure of the programs

The software may contain bugs, in addition, users often put invalid parameters in application configuration. These causes may lead to the fact that the laptop starts to hang at the most inopportune moments.

Usually when you have problems with the software on the screen you can see an appropriate message. For restoration work will have to load Windows in «Safe mode» and reinstall, or uninstall the problematic application.

Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

Most often problems arise because of the following software:

  1. driver;
  2. system utilities;
  3. applications to increase the performance of your computer.

Of the antivirus

Modern antiviruses consume significant computing resources. By themselves, they rarely lead to crash the computer, but the performance can have a significant impact.

However, when after the installation the computer started to hang, then you need to reboot in «Safe mode» and disable or delete it. Then you need to check compatibility of program versions and operating system re installation and configuration in accordance with the documentation.

Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

The problem should be resolved, but if not, it is recommended to check for viruses, disable unnecessary programs at startup. In an extreme case you should contact the technical support of the developer.

Problems with the devices

Problems with components may lead to unpredictable consequences. The computer may start to hang during boot, in games or other applications.

The main problems causing the crash the laptop most frequently associated with the following components:

  • processor;

    Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

  • RAM;
  • hard drive;
  • video card;
  • motherboard.

To diagnose the problem yourself, as a rule, quite difficult. It is recommended to check the temperature of processor and graphics card, to test for errors the hard drive and RAM. You can achieve this with the help of specialized tools. Some of the information, for example, the temperature of the CPU can be found in the BIOS.

Many programs in the Startup

A large number of applications that are started together with Windows, can also lead to reduced performance or complete computer crashes. Often users do not pay attention to the installer options, resulting in a fall in the autorun completely unnecessary software.

Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

The problem can be solved by changing application settings using specialized utility or simply deleting unnecessary programs. After changing the settings you will need to reboot.

In cases where the amount of memory is small, you should think about upgrading. To increase RAM you can use replacement modules or if there are free slots simple addition.

What you need to do to the laptop is not hung

Prevention helps to deal effectively with most problems, resulting in poor system performance. In addition, it helps avoid unnecessary spending on repair and maintenance of laptop in the service center.

Basic preventive measures to maintain system performance:

  • cleaning from dust;
  • remove unwanted apps;
  • regular cleaning of directories with temporary files;
  • disabling unnecessary startup items.

Cleaning laptop from dust and check the cooling system allows not only to avoid performance degradation, but also to extend the life of your computer. In some cases due to overheating components fail, and the system simply doesn’t work. To perform the cleaning necessary every few weeks.

Remove unwanted apps and temporary files to release free space on the hard disk and increase due to this system. Disabling unnecessary startup items will free up space in RAM and raise productivity. To regularly perform these steps, you can use special utilities.

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Ways reboot

If you have any problems the first thing it is recommended to restart the computer. This allows the system to start from the beginning and possibly avoid mistakes. A reboot will be required to run diagnostics, some antivirus utilities and log in «Safe mode».

Consider the basic methods of restarting laptop running Windows:

  1. software;
  2. mechanical.


The most convenient way to reboot software. It allows you to avoid accidental data loss and save all changes made to the configuration Windows. Microsoft is developing its operating, have provided many ways to control power and reboot.

Consider the basic options to restart the laptop from Windows:

  • panel «start»;
  • using the task Manager;
  • using the command line.

Panel «start»

The classical method of restarting is to select «shutdown» in the menu «start». In the window that appears the user a choice of several actions: restart, shutdown and put the computer into sleep mode or hibernation mode.

Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

Using the task Manager

The task Manager built into the operating system also allows you to complete the work.

To run it:

  • press Ctrl+Alt+Del;
  • in the top menu by selecting «shut down» to shut down or restart the computer, and translate it into hibernate or standby mode.

    Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

Via the command line

Command prompt Windows allows you to perform most functions available from the graphical interface.

First of all, you need :

  • to open a command prompt using the appropriate menu item «start» or by pressing a combination Win+R;
  • typing cmd in the dialog box:
  1. for immediate reboot, you will need to type in the command prompt window: shutdown-r -t 0 and press the Enter key.
  2. to force quit all the applications you need to add the command key -f.

    Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать


There are cases when software the laptop does not turn off and have to resort to mechanical action.

Basic hardware turn off the laptop:

  • with the button «Power»;
  • by disconnecting the battery.

Using the «Power»button

The Power button is to turn on your computer, you can also force power off by holding it pressed for a few seconds. In this situation, the de-energization of the notebook.

Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

Disconnecting the battery

To resort to disconnecting the battery it is rarely necessary, only in cases where the computer hangs so that does not respond to the keyboard and hold the power button. You must disconnect the laptop from the network, after which for a few seconds to remove the battery.

Почему ноутбук зависает намертво и что с этим делать

Most of the errors associated with freezing of the laptop, the user can solve on their own. If causes are hardware in nature or to identify them fails, it is recommended to contact the authorized service center.

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