Why the iPhone reboots when charging

By | 10.12.2018

Why the iPhone reboots when charging

If your iphone reboots while charging, it can bring a lot of inconvenience. For example, you call, and you can’t take an important call and chat with someone.

Or you need to perform some operation, and the phone off, then turn on. Anyway, just frustrating that such expensive and useful lives his life and do not perform their functions.

In addition, the fact that your favorite gadget will restart when charging, just the first signal. If nothing is done, soon iphone 4s constantly tries to restart, even without connection to the power supply. And the longer you delay repairs, the more serious will become the defects. In what could be the cause of this problem and whether it can somehow fix it myself?

Почему iPhone перезагружается при зарядке

Possible causes

To diagnose self-malfunction of the phone, especially such a complex device like an iphone, if you are not a professional repairman mobile devices and you don’t have the right equipment.

Почему iPhone перезагружается при зарядке

There are several reasons why the iPhone may turn off and turn on when charging from the network, but which one is exactly your case to install without professional assistance is difficult.

You can replace any item, but to entrust this work to a specialist is recommended:

  1. the phone battery worn out. This is the most common cause iphone 6 to correct that the easiest. The fact that over time, all batteries lose their original capacity due to the accumulation of its own energy resource. This is normal – not normal, if your phone it happens too often. Then you need to reconsider your own way of operation is quite sensitive gadget. You may be using too much of its resources and opportunities;

    Почему iPhone перезагружается при зарядке

  2. with an order processor. This problem is much more complicated. In fact, to figure out what exactly went down in the processor and try to fix the defect with their hands, it is meaningless. Without the help of a professional still can’t cope;
  3. it is in the power amplifier. This item consumes a lot of energy. Because of this, the phone overheats, fails and he begins to shut off and restart;
  4. inside the device gets wet. In this case, suffers from a printed circuit Board and its tracks how serious the damage is – again, can be defined only by the master;

    Почему iPhone перезагружается при зарядке

  5. the phone fell or was crushed. From a blow or pressure of system can reach any of the internal components of the phone;
  6. perhaps you have connected to the computer and rocked some new program or a condensed version on your phone. It can also cause malfunction of the battery.

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What to do, and is it possible to fix the problem

In most cases, if the phone model iphone 4 was not completely filled with water or a crushed car, the problem fixed in half an hour. An experienced master will diagnose for fifteen minutes and be able to clearly say what exactly causes the reboot the phone while charging, and how this challenge to fight.

If it’s worn out battery, it can be easily replaced in seconds – usually in the workshops is always available details on each model, do not even have to order it and wait for delivery.

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A little more complicated processor. If he failed, no matter what the reasons — makes sense immediately to change it by a new. It is more painstaking work that requires knowledge of the device and accuracy. However, a good specialist and she will be no problem. If you want, you can order emergency repairs and in half an hour to pick up your upgraded iPhone.

If the phone model iphone 5 slightly wet, inside gets wet and the circuit Board are deteriorated, it can be saved. In extreme cases, it replace new. This is a standard repair procedure, is available in almost every workshop.

Почему iPhone перезагружается при зарядке

An experienced master will make diagnostics and replacement of parts in minutes

The same can be said about any other mechanical damage after a stroke or fall. What exactly is to be replaced, can be defined only by the master after the diagnosis.

When you can do without the service center? Only in the event if failure of the software or settings.

Check this out very easily:

  1. grab your device and a little vignette it. If the phone is off – you need the master’s help.
  2. continues to work – try this;
  3. if the problem of constant reboots when you connect the charger emerged with the iphone 3gs, you can try it with a full memory reset and reinstalling iOS. Sometimes that helps. If even after a full refresh of all settings and delete all downloaded programs, the problem is not resolved, nothing can be done, you need to trust your phone to the masters of the nearest service center;
  4. and the last tip: if you recently purchased your iPhone – say, less than a month, and he already began to act up, in particular, turn on, shut off and restart when charging, it is likely that you slipped defective gadget. Makes sense as soon as possible contact the store or showroom where you purchased the device and request a refund or replacement.

In this case, time is your enemy. The more time has passed since the purchase, the harder you will be to prove that the fault was originally, and is not caused by the overheating of the phone, expose it to moisture, mechanical damage, etc.

As practice shows, almost all owners of new models of the IPhone won’t get rid of the problems independently. On the contrary, to the already existing added additional after attempting self-diagnosis and repair. Here it is possible to advise not to waste your time and nerves, and immediately take the damaged device to the workshop.

There is such malfunctions as spontaneous rebooting of the phone, face often enough, and quickly bring your iphone back to normal – for a modest fee, when compared with the cost of the new gadget.

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