Why the iPhone 5s is strongly heated

By | 10.12.2018

Why is iPhone 5s really hot

Apple produces quality products than ever convinced the owners of electronic devices this company in many countries. Despite this each new model their products are not without flaws. This is especially clearly after the release launch party of a new product.

Iphone 5 was the original continuation of the line mobile devices of the latest generation Iphone. However, after a period of time of the owners of the gadget have noticed an unpleasant feature of the device may significantly heat up. What is the reason, it was not clear. So the owners of the super popular Apple gadget reasonable, the question arose – why iphone 5s is heated?

Почему iPhone 5s сильно греется

After some time the results of certain experiments with the Iphone it became known that in the ordinary use of the functions 3G, Wi-Fi, watching videos or browsing the Internet the battery is substantially discharged, and hence the device gets very hot. Especially prone to heat IPhone 5s when using Wi-Fi as the device is constantly looking for the source of the signal.

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When charging the IPhone it is also susceptible to overheating. In the normal condition of the smartphone to be a little warm while charging. If it is hot, it is likely that gadget before it drained to zero and shut down. After that, when the charge battery is heated by a significant amount of the charging current. All of these causes of heating of the gadget is quite natural.

However, if iPhone 5s is heated independently and almost in every mode and situation, you should immediately contact the service organization. The fact is that if moisture enters under the body of the device or by mechanical action may occur on electronic circuit boards. After that, the lifetime of the apparatus can be very short.

From overheating Apple devices, and other appliances can occur fire hazard situation.

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Possible causes

Before to draw conclusions and to make a certain decision it is necessary to understand at what point exactly and under what conditions iPhone 5S heats quickly and battery life.

The temperature increase of the iPhone 5s may be due to the following factors:

  • water entering the device. It is recommended in this case, immediately turn it off because it may happen short circuits and significant heat. Extremely important time to take the actions described and then to return the health gadget will not be difficult;
  • as a result of mechanical impact on the device could damage the chip, therefore it is possible increase the temperature of the circuit;
  • iPhone 5s heating while charging is sufficient regular phenomenon and it makes no sense to worry in this regard because inside the device there are all sorts of processes in result of which there is an increase in temperature;
  • do not get hung up and by heating of the Apple gadget when watching a video, long call or long gaming processes. With the increasing number of tasks, the load on the battery increases, which leads to its heating. Such features of the gadget are quite typical and should not affect normal operation of the device;
  • heating of the battery in standby mode is an important signal for certain actions. This behavior of the device is not explained, neither full CPU utilization, or other processes in the iPhone. Battery replacement is necessary, further use may not be safe;
  • overheating of the gadget, not caused by any of the described factors, it is better to contact a specialized center by experts as to find out the exact reason for this behavior of the IPhone in the home is almost impossible.

Methods of eliminating

In a situation when the device is wet or it is subjected to impact better to turn it off and contact a certified service center. Just looking at the camera, almost impossible to accurately identify the cause of the problem. To do this, perform detailed diagnostics.

IPhone overheating can be prevented if you to monitor its battery power and to prevent total discharge.

Почему iPhone 5s сильно греется

Significantly lower the temperature of the iPhone 5S by disabling Wi-Fi and other communication services. If the Wi-Fi is far away, the Iphone noticeable quickly when you connect with her. In this connection there is a rise in temperature of the gadget.

If you have activated the function to check their email every 15 minutes, this is also a much stronger battery plants than if you check mail manually. The program checks e-mail can sometimes «hang». So this check should be disabled.

Почему iPhone 5s сильно греется

IPhone 5S overheating can happen for no apparent reason. If the above methods resolve the problem of heating of the smartphone will not solve it, it makes no sense to wait, when all will work itself out. It may happen that in the future, for restoring the device will not undertake even the most skilful engineers. Therefore, delay diagnosis of the problem and its solution is not necessary.

The developers of Apple have tried to make the iPhone even more convenient and functional. If work on it was taken into account thousands of potential wishes of the owners of this gadget. But in spite of this, some features of the device remained unchanged.

Many users of this gadget quite reasonably formed the opinion that their Apple smartphones have significantly heated. This fact may indicate either that it is time to change the battery, or significant system failures, or on some other indicators. To solve this problem, it is important to establish the cause.

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