Why the iPhone 5 heats up and down quickly

By | 10.12.2018

Why iPhone 5 is heated and quickly

If you are using iPhone 5, it is important to know the causes of the most common breakdowns and their solutions. Some of them you can fix yourself, others you will only in the service center.

Possible causes

Change the state of the smartphone can be called as usual working moments, and substantial defects and breakdowns. To properly understand what exactly was the reason.

Почему iPhone 5 греется и быстро разряжается


If the iphone 5 is heated quickly and do not immediately run to the service center, perhaps the fault for this was the ordinary of reasons:

  • when charging. When connected to the network, due to accelerated processes in the battery, the phone’s temperature can significantly rise;
  • while watching a movie or the passing game. When additional load when both are several applications, heating up the phone is much faster;
  • in the standby mode. If the iPhone 5 is heated and not actively job – it may already be cause for concern. In most cases this can be because of the battery failure;
  • in contact with water. Moisture in the device can lead to various processes in it. As a consequence there will be a heating of the battery.

    Почему iPhone 5 греется и быстро разряжается

Rapid discharge

The circumstances that lead to rapid discharge may be purely mechanical, and software:

  • the problem with the controller power supply. Usually occur when charging in the road when using mobile devices or abrupt changes in electricity, as in the train. Also damage possible after a more powerful charger;
  • a damaged battery. Can be purely mechanical, for example, from a blow, and at the races, energy or water. This type of failure, the battery red indicator appears;

    Почему iPhone 5 греется и быстро разряжается

  • disregard for the rules of operation. The network connection to the battery, which eventually leads to its breakage;
  • the sharp drop in temperature. When working in the cold the phone runs out of power quickly, and if you then go into a warm room, it can even lead to failure of the battery;
  • irrational usage of applications and settings. Screen brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and background programs, configuring updates, automatic downloading, and other processes substantially affect the rate of reduction of the battery;

    Почему iPhone 5 греется и быстро разряжается

  • use not native charger. After applying Chinese fakes or other low-quality devices your battery will be significantly less to hold a charge, and eventually will completely fail.


Due to various reasons, the IPhone 5 might drift off, while he then and is not included.

This trouble may cause the following malfunction:

  • damage to the battery. When the phone succumbed to the drop, other mechanical influences on the battery or its contacts. Leads to arbitrarily disconnect your phone after sudden movements;
  • use one of the functions of the timer. The smartphone has a mode in which it falls into sleep mode, this disables most functions. If the setting of the timer is configured incorrectly, the phone will turn off. Plus this version will disable the device every time at a certain time;
  • installed app. Incorrectly installed program or pirated and corrupted version may lead to a conflict with the operating system. The phone in this case, to protect files or personal data the user will automatically shut off;
  • wear of the sensor network. After long use of IPhone, that part can fail, which will lead to constant searching for a signal and, consequently, a rapid discharge of the battery and the phone is disconnected;
  • firmware. When self-change of operating systems may encounter various conflicts.

    Почему iPhone 5 греется и быстро разряжается


Often iPhone 5 unexpectedly restarts. This can result in mechanical problems or software failures.

The most probable reasons for the reboot of the phone can be:

  • damaged battery contact with the phone. There is a gap between the elements. If a sharp shake the smartphone starts to reboot, then it is likely this;
  • the software conflict. Occurs due to incorrect installation, activation, updates. It is also possible when unskilled unlocking the IPhone;
  • PCB is faulty. Can occur after mechanical damage or moisture. In addition to fees in such cases, possible damage and other electronic parts;
  • problems with the amplifier. The problem in this device leads to increased power consumption and fast discharge of the battery.

Video: iPhone Heats up and runs out Quickly

Methods of eliminating

For all breakdowns is impossible to find a universal treatment.

But there are a few reliable ways that will help to remove the causes of heat, off, reset IPhone 5:

  1. battery replacement. In most cases this method will help fix the problem.
  2. flashing. If you are confident in your abilities, you can do it yourself, otherwise you better contact the service center. This method will help to remove all the software conflicts. But then have to re-install most programs.
  3. hard restart. When you press simultaneously «Home» and «Sleep/Wake» and hold for 5 seconds resets all settings to factory and deleted all programs except the base.

    Почему iPhone 5 греется и быстро разряжается

  4. appeal to the service center. If all the previous methods do not help, then most likely there is a hardware failure. After the diagnosis of the smartphone you will know the reason and expediency of its repair.

The causes of the various faults leading to overheating can be both mechanical and software. Depending on the complexity and different ways to address them.

Optimal protection against the emergence of problems will be precise execution of the rules of operation. Like full charge/discharge once per month, use of cover for protection from dirt and moisture, installing a license the firmware and applications.

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