Why the iPad constantly reboots

By | 10.12.2018

Why is iPad continually restarts

Tablets from Apple are among the most reliable in its class and price range. That is why they are so popular.

But sometimes it happens that the iPad rebooted continuously in the absence of any visible damage. This behavior of the equipment can be many, some of them can be resolved independently.

Causes reboot

To get rid of the spontaneous restart, you should analyze the events that precede his coming and on this basis to try to determine the problem, leading to restarted.

Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

All of them can be divided into two main categories:

  • hardware malfunction;
  • problems with the software.

If you flash the device or remove any application errors can be in most cases on their own, then the hardware often requires the intervention of a qualified professional. However, with the hardware also you can try to cope on their own.

The most common causes of rebooting are:

  • the old firmware;
  • problem with the battery;

    Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

  • failure of the printed circuit Board;
  • the fault of the CPU;
  • critical failures and software errors;
  • mechanical damage and moisture.


One of the most commonly reported issues where the tablet begins to independently reboot is an obsolete operating system. Most often, the restart is due to new software that conflicts with the OS.Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

Such problems usually occur on iOS6.1.3. Sometimes random restarts are due to the fact that the user pierces the apparatus.

Video: reboots all the time


Very common is the phenomenon of self-rebooting in the case where failure leaves the battery.

This occurs for the following reasons:

  • natural reduction of capacity;
  • wrong operating mode;
  • charging from the mains, which is constantly occurring power surges.

Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

The longer customers use the tablet, the less battery capacity. It significantly reduced after 12-18 months of active use. Also the battery capacity drops due to low quality supplied to the power supply voltage (high or low).

Violation of the PCB

Many users make use of the considered device is not very neat, there are possible drops and bumps. Because such events often have damage on the PCB. This is often the cause of spontaneous restarts.

Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

Processor fault

To Apple technology sometimes comes out of order CPU. This electronic component is one of the most important parts. That is why in case of incorrect work or disabled, the device will spontaneously reboot.

Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

Most often the CPU is damaged in the following cases:

  • overheating due to dust;
  • mechanical problems;
  • a factory defect.

    Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

Critical crashes and bugs VIA

Critical failures and errors of software, in spite of taiga men of this type, still sometimes occur.

Most often this occurs in the following cases:

  • flashing was interrupted before completion;
  • improper jailbreak;

    Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

  • install programs from untrusted sources.

All three types of faults can be eliminated without any difficulty by the user. Visiting the service centre is not required.

Mechanical damage and moisture

Moisture poses a serious danger for the tablet from Apple. It is often due to water ingress into the case arise spontaneous restarts. Because the liquid causes oxidation of the motherboard, and various important electronic components. Also due to the presence of water inside the unit fails battery.

To avoid problems of different nature, not only by reboot, you should avoid applying any mechanical damage to the device.

Because even in the absence of visible damage after a fall or blow the internal filling can fail. Most often depart any contacts, cables, electronic components disconnected.

What to do in these cases

If you were able to determine that the restart of the tablet is due to issues with the firmware, then exit this situation can be two:

  • to reflash the iPad again.
  • to perform a full reset.

Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

The flashing process is responsible enough. It is best to implement it contact the authorized repair center of Apple technology. This will avoid any problems and damage. HardResetпланшета can be performed independently. Damage the device when it implementation will not work.

Hard Reset on iPad is performed in two ways:

  • through the menu;
  • on / off tablet.

To perform a reset via menu of the gadget should:

  • to turn on the apparatus;
  • go to «settings»;
  • find the section «main»;
  • choose «reset».

Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

Reset the phone is switched off is just two buttons — «Home» and «Power». Need to press them simultaneously and hold for a few seconds in a row. Thus, starts the process of restarting with all the standard settings.

If the cause of the restarts is the fault of the battery output, there is only one. It must be replaced. In some cases, replacing the battery requires removing the motherboard, in the other the battery is right under the lid. It all depends on the specific model iPad. In the case where it is necessary to dismantle the motherboard, it is best to contact the service center.

Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

Another reason why it is necessary to apply it to SC for replacement of the battery is the presence in many of these places original parts. So, today, most of the batteries for equipment Appleпредставляет a Chinese copy. Because their capacity is often much lower than indicated on the housing. You must use only original parts.

When the tablet begins to restart independently after a fall on a tiled floor or thrown against a hard surface, the damaged hardware part.

Most likely failure:

  • of the CPU;
  • tracks-guides;
  • other electronic components.

The recovery of the printed circuit Board is possible only with the special tools and skills. Independently implement it in their absence is impossible. Because damage of this nature should use the services of the service center.

Sometimes randomly on the surface of the device gets wet. In this case, you should immediately turn it off and put in dry place to dry. The launch can be done only after 12-24 hours. If iPadне involved, or constantly restarts by itself, you will need hardware repair.

Почему iPad постоянно перезагружается

An important role plays the composition of the fluid trapped on the iPad. If this is the usual mineral water, then simply dry it. If contact occurred with soda, tea or other similar sweet drinks, then 100% of the cases, it is time to clean. Otherwise gagdet may not just start to reboot, and finally fail.

An important feature of the Apple devices is the inability of its dismantling in the home, ordinary users. This explains the need to visit specialized shops. the iPad has a rather peculiar design, because the hardware repairs are best left to professionals.

At the same time to eliminate the cause of a reboot in the form of any software problems most often can any simple user – the presence of any specific equipment is not required. But it’s best just to be careful and to prevent causes leading to arbitrary restart.

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