Why sound does not work on Windows

By | 10.12.2018

Why sound does not work on Windows

Knowing about all the possible problems associated with sound in Windows, you can easily identify why sound does not work and immediately correct it.

To do this, you will not need any additional hardware or software. Most sound problems are eliminated by a pair of straight arms and standard software Windows.

The causes and methods of eliminating

The cause of the problem with sound can be as an incorrect setting of the volume control on the speaker, and the failure of the sound card.

All problems with sound can be divided into 3 groups:

  • problems with sound reproducing equipment;
  • hardware problems;
  • problems with the software.

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

Problems with sound reproducing equipment solved it by a simple diagnosis:

  1. checking computer connections;
  2. Network;
  3. setup the hardware volume controls.

Hardware problems are resolved by repair, test connection, or replacing the sound card. And if you can fix the cost of a sound can only be a master, then check the connections and replace the Board on the new, and the ordinary user. This will require some understanding of the computer device.

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

Problem with software – it’s the most common fault with sound. As they arise in connection with improper setup or installation of audio drivers, system utilities, or a separate application.

To determine the cause of software problems the most challenging task, but doable with the right approach and consistency. These problems are corrected by reconfiguring the software, reinstall drivers, and in some cases a system restore or reinstall.

Video: what to do if speakers are not working

Not included sound

Sometimes the reason for the lack of sound is not a problem, and the fact that the elementary sound off, and we all wonder why my sound does not work?

In the computer under the operating system Windows sound control is:

  1. on the audio device;
  2. in Windows system settings;
  3. in the settings utility driver-sound card;
  4. in the settings of specific programs.

If on the computer there is no sound, first check the hardware volume control on the speaker system, the speakers or headphones.

To do this:

  • open folder with standard audio recordings;
  • choose to play one of them in a standard player such as Windows media.

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

Such a recorder with the proper operation of the system should be playable «out of the box» that is standard pre-installed software operating system without installing additional software. That is, if the system and speakers, all right – the sound should be played.

All of the operating systems Windows XP, inclusive folder with standard audio called my music, located in the directory «My documents».

Aboutt «sevens» and older, this folder is called «sample music». And it is located in the directories: «system disk» «users»-«General»- «General music».

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

In fact, the audio device need to check the position of the volume control, connect the device to mains and computer. The speakers themselves can be the power button, the inclusion of which should also be checked.

Important: the Plug to connect the speakers to the computer, usually the other connectors on the sound card. But the sound will work only if the plug connected to the correct socket. On the sound card this connector is usually marked with the image of a speaker, and is in the green, like most of the plugs, speakers and speaker systems.

If after you check the sound has not appeared, can check their performance with another audio source, e.g. DVD player.

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

You should also test the sound with other speakers or headphones. If after the action the sound will appear – you should replace or repair the speakers. If the sound is still there – the problem is something else.

The absence or incorrect operation of drivers

If the computer does not have sound – suspicion falls primarily on the driver.

After all, the sound will be missing if:

  • the driver is not installed;
  • have an older version of a driver.
  • the driver is not compatible with the device.

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

Modern operating systems like Windows have built-in standard audio driver that is compatible with most known sound cards. Older operating systems such standard drivers do not have, and some sound cards not supported by the standard drivers «OSes».

Therefore, if you have a clean, modern operating system, but it plays the sound – you need to use special drivers for your sound card.

Such drivers usually come on a CD with your sound card.

If such disks were not there or they lost, the driver can be downloaded from:

  1. official website of the manufacturer of the sound card;
  2. official website of the manufacturer of the portable computer.

Information about the manufacturer of the sound card can be found:

  • from technical documents to the computer;
  • reading on the sound card;
  • using the program «everest».

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

If a passport is lost on the computer, and sound card nothing is marked – you can use a special utility «Everest», the trial version which is free to download on the Internet. This utility allows you to obtain information about the manufacturer and model of any parts of the computer, from the usb host and ending with the processor.

If you don’t know driver is installed or not, and whether the driver properly –you can verify this using standard Windows tools.

To do this:

  1. press the right button of the mouse on the system volume control located in the task pane on the right;
  2. from the drop-down menu, select «configure audio settings»;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  3. in the opened window select the tab «equipment»;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  4. from the list select the desired sound card.
  5. in the bottom of the window click on «properties»;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  6. in the window that opens will display the status of the device;
  7. if it says «this device is working properly», it means the driver is all right.
  8. if you see «driver not installed» or other information about the problems driver you want to update.

In order to update the driver should:

  1. insert the disc with the sound card driver or you can save it to your hard drive, noting its location;
  2. in the window «properties of the sound card, which you opened to check the health of the driver, you need to click on the tab «driver»;
  3. in the left part of the window that opens click on the «update» button;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  4. in the opened window to select the location of drivers and click «OK»;
  5. then the system will install the chosen driver is not working.

If for some reason the installed driver was not only not working but conflicting with other software the computer, it must roll back. Haulage driver not only removes but

Important: After any install or reinstall the drivers the computer should be rebooted.

To install the driver need to perform the following steps:

  1. most drivers sound cards come with startup files. clicking on this file starts the installer, by following simple tips which you can install the driver and immediately execute it with the necessary configuration.
  2. if the driver comes without the installer, you can install it the same way as driver update;

Video: What to do if your computer lost sound

System restore

If, together with the disappearance of the sound the computer starts to give out messages about system errors, most likely there was a system crashing fix that two ways:

  1. to restore the system;
  2. to reinstall the system.

Important: system Restore in Windows is done through control points that must be created in advance before the problems with the system. In the absence of recovery points to restore the system will be impossible.

To restore the system should:

  1. in the search box in the start menu to type the phrase «system restore»;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  2. from the displayed list of programs found in the start menu, click «system restore»;
  3. in the window that appears at the bottom right click «next»;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  4. then you need to choose a restore point from the list;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  5. you then need to do two confirm by clicking «finish» in the two Windows that pop up on the queue.

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

In the process of system restore a computer better not to use it. About the restore is complete the system will notify message.

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

Inefficiency zvukovoe device

To test the functionality of the sound card in several ways:

  • through the device Manager;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  • using external sound card.

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

In the first case, you need to:

  1. click the right mouse button on the icon «Computer»;
  2. from the drop-down list, select «properties»;
  3. in the menu «system properties» choose the tab» equipment»;
  4. on the tab «hardware» click «device Manager»;
  5. select from the list the sound card and click on it twice;
  6. in the window that appears should say «device is enabled».

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

If the window shows that the device is switched off and the system does not allow to turn it on, most likely takes place a hardware issue with a sound card.

An easier way is to connect to the computer usb headphones. This gadget is equipped with an external sound card that works out of the box, so if you hear sound in headphones on a computer, most likely the built in sound card is faulty. No sound in usb headphones say that the problem is not hardware.

Check management services sound

To do this:

  • click «run» in «start menu». In the opened window enter the command services.msc;
  • in the services window, choose service «window saudio»;
  • if you see that the service is disabled, click on it twice to turn on.

Troubleshooting sound problems on different operating systems is slightly different.


In XP there is no search function of the programs from the start menu. Therefore, in order to open a particular removal tool mentioned in this article, you should know its location. For example, the utility system restore is located at: control panel – system – tab «system restore».

Windows 7

«Seven» as opposed to XP has a built-in tool to automatically diagnose and correct system problems, including with sound. This feature runs automatically but can be run manually directly from the window where the problem occurred by pressing the corresponding button.

Reinstalling modem drivers

Windows 8

This version of the operating system has no start menu which we used to access some system settings. «Eight» to access any utility, you can simply by entering the name into the window of the Metro-search that opens when you hover the mouse cursor in the lower right corner of your desktop.

Windows 10

In the newest version of the operating system start menu and metro menu work at the same time. This requires to diagnose problems with sound search window is returned to «start menu». Therefore, the elimination of sound problems in this operating system is also the same as in the usual «seven».

Why doesn’t the sound card on the computer?

The sound card on the computer may not work in two cases:

  • it is faulty;
  • it is not connected properly to the computer or its contacts are moved.

To understand a serviceable sound card or not need to eliminate waste contacts. to do this:

  • carefully remove the cover of the system unit of the computer;
  • disconnect the sound card and reinsert it until it clicks.

A sound card is a card with connectors for speakers, it connects directly to the motherboard, usually via the PCI connector. To disconnect Nematillo fixed the sound card it is necessary to press the latch located on the sides of the slot, and then pull the sound card itself.

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

If after the steps above, the sound does not appear — most likely the sound card has failed and needs to be replaced.

Manager sound

Any operating system, Windows has a built-in Manager sound, incorrect setting which could be the reason for his absence. Some drivers sound cards are supplied with a proprietary utility Manager «sound».

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

Access controllers sound from the volume control in the taskbar tray and a special icon brand Manager near the volume control. Manager allows you to assign Zvukotesne the default device. The wrong choice may sometimes be the reason for the absence.

To check Manager, you need to:

  • click with the right mouse button on the volume control in the tray, and from the drop down menu to choose the «configuring audio parameters»;
  • in the opened window select the tab «audio», and under «sound playback» select the desired sound card.
  • click «apply».

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

The registry

Using a registry operating system, you can make the most of fine tuning the system. But the changes to the registry can lead to the reassignment of the sockets of the sound card that will lead to a lack of sound.

To fix this problem is possible by changing the binary value of the pin01, which is responsible for the rear green Jack to be used for audio output.

To do this:

  1. open the registry by typing the menu «run» command «regedit»;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  2. open folder at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlsetcontrolclass{4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}000Settings;
  1. go to the folder Drv6013_DevType_0888_SS10438357;

    Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

  2. to change the binary option pin01 on the value of the Central channel.

Important: If you are not sure what they do in the registry better not to change. Steps with the registry are irreversible.

The jumpers on the motherboard

Some, especially older motherboards there are jumpers that switch the sound output from the front panel to the rear and Vice versa. If the jumper is wrong may not be sound.

To have sound you need to:

  1. untwist the cover of the system unit;
  2. close jumpers 5-6 and 9-10 pins.

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

Unidentified audio codecs

In some cases, the problem with sound is essentially a problem of playback of audio files of a particular type codecs which do not exist in the system. It is therefore recommended to test the sound files in the format wma or wav. The codecs for these formats are included in the basic version of any operating system.

To play the sound of other audio formats you need to download a codec package such as K-lite or install player uses its own codecs, for example GOM or VLC.

Front panel

The reason for the lack of sound on the front panel can be:

  • incorrect jumper on the motherboard;
  • no connect the front panel to the motherboard.

Very often, OEMs inserted into the front panel audio connectors for models without attaching them to the motherboard. In order to connect the front panel to the motherboard, used the plumes of pins which are supplied with the panel.

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

Connect pins need to block motherboard front panel, which is usually located at the bottom right of the Board.

Почему не работает звук на компьютере с Windows

The rivalry of several drivers

Even if all the drivers are installed they may not work because of a conflict with each other.

This problem is solved in the following way:

  • update all your drivers to the latest version;
  • install only the original driver.

On laptops may conflict set by the driver is different from the original equipment. Learn the basic drivers on the official website of the manufacturer of laptops in the section «support».

By following the simple guidelines almost any problem with sound can be solved independently. The main thing to eliminate possible problems one by one, in order not to miss the true fault.

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