Why sound does not work on a laptop — problems and solutions

By | 10.12.2018

Why doesn’t the sound on a laptop — problems and solutions

If there is no sound in the headphones or Skype, or just not working Fn key – do not despair. All correctable. In addition, the lack of sound on laptops are not as rare a problem as it might seem at first glance.


Among the main reasons is to provide:

  • the lack of necessary drivers.
  • malfunction speakers and connectors;
  • incorrect audio setup;
  • in the standard system tools is checked «Disabled».

Check management service

Find out why sound was not working on the laptop only after checking all possible options. You should start with the basics – check the settings in the standard management service. Very often user actions lead to this problem.Почему не работает звук на ноутбуке - проблемы и их решения

To check the settings in three ways:

  • using the Windows «Personalization» which we open via the context menu. Open the tab «Sound» and see what the scheme involved, can listen to what working audio programs currently used, etc.;
  • using the system tray «Mixer» volume. Here you can check if you have turned it completely, as well as set the volume level for each of the programs: QIP, Skype, etc.;
  • using the media player settings. To do this, run the application and watch the settings.

Eliminate the cause

In order to eliminate the cause, you need to install it. To begin to sort out the options is necessary from the simple to the complex. First check the system settings are not disabled if he did. Next, make sure that the installed driver is not damaged, their version matches the equipment.

Почему не работает звук на ноутбуке - проблемы и их решения

If everything is in order, it’s worth checking hardware, connectors, sound card. At home it will be difficult, and in some cases, and impossible in General, therefore, it is better to turn to professionals in specialized service centers.

Why laptop sound does not work

There are problems with individual programs. Then thinking, why doesn’t the sound on my laptop, initially it’s worth checking the settings of the program. If you are sure that distribution is everything okay, you found a quality version, followed all the instructions in the installation process, you can proceed to verify its settings.

But if the settings are all perfect – then you should look for the cause further, especially if the problem in many programs.

Video: searching for sound on laptop with windows 8

Check the driver availability

You need to make sure that is installed on the laptop sound card driver exactly matches your version of the operating system. Otherwise, you need to find on the disk, which is sold complete with a laptop, or downloaded online on the official website you need the driver version of the card for your operating system.

Is to check the driver version and its availability. Sometimes after reinstalling the operating system driver may not be transferred. Of course, without it will not audio output.

Whether the connected audio system

Initially you should check the settings of your operating system. To do this, go to «control Panel» and open the tab «Sound». Here we can see all the available audio system. On the opened window we see a list of audio systems. Indicated in red are not available, green is already connected and available for use of the audio system.

Почему не работает звук на ноутбуке - проблемы и их решения

If you connected the audio system in this window, there is no green checkmark means you have it hooked up wrong. Once again check up correctness of connection of connectors, the presence of drivers and their version.


Before you begin tuning you need to make sure that you have correctly connected the maintained equipment, are there any conflicts due to incompatibility of drivers, are corrupted driver.

If everything is in order, you can go directly to the settings:

  1. open «control Panel» — «Hardware and sound». A window opens with the tabs: «Playback», «Record», «Sounds», «Communication». In the first tab the configurable settings for speakers and headphones. In the tab «Record» can configure the settings of the microphone;
  2. in the tab «Playback» is specified a list of equipment that can be connected. Green check marks allocated that is already connected to the system. Select it and go to configure. To choose a configuration you want based on what equipment you have connected. If you have connected headphones or two speakers, it is better to choose «Stereo». If you have connected 4 speakers with woofer – select «5.1 Surround sound». After that, click on the «Next» button, and specify which of the columns side and which are ahead;
  3. after confirming your configuration click on the «finish» button and go to properties, i.e., specify:
  • the balance of sound;
  • select additional effects (speaker fill, room correction, volume leveling, creating the phantom channel);

    Почему не работает звук на ноутбуке - проблемы и их решения

  • set the bitrate (quality) of sound.

On the General tab, see using what type of connectors equipment may be connected to the computer. Most suitable, green.

Почему не работает звук на ноутбуке - проблемы и их решения

After saving the changes go to the microphone setting. For this you need to go back to «control Panel» — «Sound» and select the «Recording»tab.

Почему не работает звук на ноутбуке - проблемы и их решения

See the list of devices that can be connected. Those that are active, a green check mark.

Go to configure them:

  1. open «Properties»;
  2. go to the «General»tab;
  3. see information about the device and terminal to which it must connect.

    Почему не работает звук на ноутбуке - проблемы и их решения

On other tabs you can set the microphone sensitivity, to connect other devices to the entrance, etc.

If after these manipulations, the problem did not dare, you must:

  • once again to ensure proper connection of speakers. To check whether they are included;
  • to check if you have turned it in audio player, computer;
  • to check availability of the driver, according to his version;
  • use the «Troubleshooting Wizard» located in «control Panel» — «Troubleshooting» — «Troubleshoot audio playback».

Lost in the headphones

Unless running the sound in the headphones, you need to check whether connector is connected to the laptop. If after this check, the situation has not changed – you need to sort through other options.

Check of correctness of headphones similar to the connection test audiotime. Go to «control Panel — Sound» on the playback tab are looking for, is there in the list of devices our headphones. If there is – then driver everything is in order and you need to check the correctness of connection of connectors. If the list headphones do not appear – check the presence and version of the driver for this device.

Also, make sure if you have turned it through the buttons on the headphones themselves. The reason for this may be any malfunction of the device, cable damage, etc.

Video: does not work FN key in laptop

Not working function (key) management

Modern laptops have many functional options for configuration and keys, and switches, etc. the Fn Key allows quick access to some system settings, including customizing the sound. It is almost always at the bottom at the left edge of the keyboard.

Hold Fn and you can add or subtract volume in the system. You should definitely check out if you have turned it completely that’s the simple way. If it’s disabled – you just need to change the situation reversed.

If Fn is not working, you can use system restore. This is the fastest way to achieve the desired effect without going into the cause of the problem. But if you want to thoroughly understand the situation – is to go the other way.

The settings in the BIOS

Incorrect BIOS settings can cause malfunction of the button. On different laptop models menu responsible for these settings may vary. So you just need to go into the BIOS and see what it exhibits the parameters responsible for the functionality of this button.

Почему не работает звук на ноутбуке - проблемы и их решения

If it does not work the control button – you have to perform diagnostics. To do this, just need to test its effect in different programs. If you really found that specific button on your keyboard is out of order – need to fix this situation.

Manually change the button can be problematic, so best to use the services of the service center. In most cases, the replacement shall be the entire keyboard, as you to choose a specific button, regardless of the diversity of types and forms of keyboards can be tricky.

As you can see, his absence is not such a rare problem. It may disappear after updating the driver, the operating system, after making the system settings or for some other reasons.

In any case, do not panic. Need to test a possible extinction and to eliminate the problem, of course, if the reason is not due to defective equipment to fix that at home can be problematic, and for most users – an impossible task at all.

Initially, you should check if you have turned it in system tray, media player. Perhaps the reason for the microphone, dynamics, the extended cord. If everything is in order – check the software part. If and here all is normal – then the reason is a hardware term.

For diagnostics, you can contact the experts who will be able in a matter of minutes using special tools to accurately set the damage and suggest the best way out of this situation. But first you need to check all possible alternatives independently.

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