Why sound does not work in the Yandex browser

By | 10.12.2018

Why does not the sound in Yandex browser

A new browser from «Yandex» begins to gain popularity among users. Unfortunately, he, like other software, not devoid of some problems.

One of them is the sudden absence of sound when playing multimedia files from the Internet. What to do in this case? The response further.

Perform the test

To start to solve the problem with missing sound in the Yandex browser is to check several basic things that can serve its cause. First and foremost, pay attention to the volume control and sound menu settings.

Volume control

First, check the volume control:

  • using the browser, open any video or music player on the Internet;
  • look at the speaker icon in the video: if it is crossed-out or the slider is moved in the quiet situation – fix it.

    Почему не работает звук в Яндекс браузере

Attention! To enable sound in the online video is usually just click on the speaker icon.

The volume in the settings menu

If the reason for the lack of sound is not in the controller browser, check its settings on the PC:

  1. go to the menu «start»;
  2. then «control Panel»;
  3. after the «Hardware and sound» and «volume setting»;

    Почему не работает звук в Яндекс браузере

  4. in this window, check whether the sound and its volume.

What you should do next

So, if sound does not work in the browser Yandex you can try to look for the cause:

  • the browser and its settings;
  • mixer;
  • the Adobe Flash plugin;

    Почему не работает звук в Яндекс браузере

  • the sound card driver.

Further details on each of these occasions.

Restart the browser

The absence of sound can be explained by the crashing of the browser. In this case, follow this simple instructions:

  1. close the browser and restart it;
  2. open the video or audio file on the Internet.
  3. turn the volume (if it is not installed by default).
  4. check the availability of sound.

Video: Sound settings in Yandex Browser

To Check The Mixer

Now check the mixer:

  1. look at the bottom right corner of the screen;
  2. on the taskbar, find the speaker icon (can hide in the pop-up list, for it’s appearance, click the small triangle);
  3. click on it to open the mixer;
  4. you can adjust the speaker volume, system sounds and currently running applications, simply adjust the sound level by moving the slider.

    Почему не работает звук в Яндекс браузере

Check in another browser

The problem with the lack of sound is repeated? When I check a particular video using a different browser:

  • open our file, which has been a problem;
  • from the address bar copy the link to it;
  • open any other browser;
  • click the right button in the url bar and from the pop-up menu, select «Paste»;
  • press «Enter» and get to the page with the content;
  • run it and check for audio – if it works then the cause of the problems lurking in the Yandex browser, in this case, it will help reinstalling it or updating the Adobe Flash plugin, which will be discussed further.

Update Adobe Flash plugin

The previous tips did not help? Then try to test the Flash modules. Playback issues are most often associated with their work. Such a situation is possible when you have several modules that are conflicting.

Go to the add-ons Adobe Flash Player:

  1. in the address bar, enter «browser://plugins»;
  2. press «Enter»;
  3. in the window «Modules» on the right, select «More info»;
  4. on the new page find the section «Adobe Flash Player»;

    Почему не работает звук в Яндекс браузере

  5. looking at her, the Shockwave Flash plug-ins if they are a few:
  • disable the first of the modules and restart the browser;
  • check again to see whether the problem;
  • if not – then go in the menu and turn the first module and the second switchable;
  • again check the sound;
  • repeat the procedure for all installed modules until you find the one that causes the error.

    Почему не работает звук в Яндекс браузере

Important! After the detection of the working module, leave only him, all the others disable to avoid conflict between them.

The problem may lie in the mode of «Turbo», to help speed up the loading of pages. Because of him, when a slow connection some elements (e.g., video) may not work.

Switch it off:

  1. open the start page of the browser;
  2. go to menu «Extras»;
  3. select «Tools» and find «Turbo»;

    Почему не работает звук в Яндекс браузере

  4. disable it;
  5. check, if the problem goes away.

Attention! After checking if no sound with it not connected, the mode of «Turbo» can be enabled again.

Using the Scoreboard (the start page of the browser) disable also blocking flash, which could lead to similar problems:

  1. open Scoreboard;
  2. go to the tab «add-on»;
  3. select «Safe Internet»;
  4. in this section disable «block flash banners and video»;

    Почему не работает звук в Яндекс браузере

  5. check if you still have the problem.

Please note! Lock flash elements is an effective means to deal with numerous advertising on the Internet, but at the same time, this feature can cause problems with video playback and audio via the browser.

Reinstall the sound driver

In the case when all other ways to restore sound did not work, it remains only to reinstall the sound card driver.

First, we need to know the model and other necessary information:

  1. go to menu «start»;
  2. right mouse click on «My computer»;
  3. in the list that appears, select «Properties» and then from the left menu, the «device Manager»;

    Почему не работает звук в Яндекс браузере

  4. select «Sound device»;
  5. click twice on the name and go to tab «Driver»;
  6. here is all the necessary information about the device.

Important! If the computer has several sound devices – copy the data on them all.

  1. knowing the manufacturer and model of sound card, input these data into a search engine and downloaded the driver from the official manufacturer’s website;
  2. go to the directory where you saved the file, run it and updated the driver;
  3. restart the PC and check the sound.

We discussed the most common reasons why sound does not work in the Yandex browser. Most often the problem is programmatic in nature and directly connected with malfunctions of the browser or its add-ons installed drivers.

All of them are easily solved at home. If you want to share your experience using the comment form below.

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