Why, so quickly IPhone

By | 10.12.2018

Why, so quickly drains the IPhone

Most popular the IPhone is really a superb gadget, which before the user opens up many amazing possibilities.

However, the use of all available to owners of IPhone services causes lower full battery to zero in only 7-8 hours. Therefore, the owners of the gadget have to carry a charger and to charge it.

Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

It is important to identify the reasons quickly a new IPhone and possibly eliminate them. The main task is to test all applications, which substantially consume energy, and to determine the need for their continued operation.

Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

Some programs may have not used, but is a certain part of memory, working in the background reduce battery reserve. They should immediately uninstall.

In addition to all kinds of programs that are «eaters» of energy, the energy of the battery is greatly influenced. At the same time increase its diagonals increases and the power consumption. In this situation, you should reduce the brightness of the display.

To a rapid loss of energy of the battery can influence the malfunction of the battery in the smartphone from Apple.

This can happen for several reasons:

  • improper operation of the device;
  • wear due to the long period of its use. If You’ve noticed that the iPhone discharges for 4 to 5 days, and now two, it is possible that the battery just was subjected to demolition, and should be replaced;
  • due to high energy consumption. Such failures basically result from the ingress of liquid, drop, impact, then there is a circuit or a discharge of specific contacts.

    Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

One of the main reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery on the iPhone is to not use the original (defective) charger. Also the reason for short deduction of charge on the iPhone may be the poor quality of the battery.

Clean the device application Phone Clean

The smaller the smartphone, the more likely that the new iPhone battery last longer charged. Therefore, we must strive not to set on the gadget nothing more. In addition, after removing the unnecessary applications to increase free space.

Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

The simplest way to clean gadget is the use of specialized application Phone Clean. It will release a smartphone of debris, both system and software. Utility is completely free, very easy and intuitive to use. After removing all unnecessary things from the gadget device performance will increase significantly, and will increase the free space of internal memory.

Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

Immediately after starting the application you will be prompted to connect your iOS device to the computer. In the second step you need to start system scan. The developers claim that the app uses advanced search technique, which is only for a limited time finds unnecessary or unused files that were created by programs or iTunes.

The next step is only to confirm the purification of iOS from the «garbage» found in memory.

Video: iOS 7 — how to extend battery life

Disable Geolocation

The main reason for the quick discharging of the IPhone is rightly considered the use of location services. It constantly runs in the background and significantly reduces the battery charge, so as to determine the location of the device used and GPS and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location of the towers of mobile operators.

Therefore, if the gadget is rapidly discharged, it is recommended to disable geolocation, and You will see how the increased time of functioning of the iPhone without charging.

In the settings of most apps for the IPhone this function is active.

To disable, you can:

  1. select setup;
  2. location services;
  3. peretyagivaet Pulsonic;
  4. window appears Off.

    Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

After analyzing the purpose of the program and its importance, delete from this list any unnecessary services and keep this only for those applications for which it is truly necessary.

The procedure for the use of GPS — another important point that affects the safety of the battery. Use of GPS running in the background you want to disable. In addition, it is recommended to disable most of the system functions, leaving only the most necessary.

Get rid of the Notification

Another reason for the rapid discharge of top gadget from Apple is using Push notifications from various services that represent an Intrusive signals and to the periodic Windows. Their purpose is to message the user about new comments, messages and emails in different social networks.

Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

Their use is rather questionable, but the irritating effect there. But most importantly, that their use contributes greatly to the rapid discharge of the gadget.

Therefore, it is advisable to keep only those alerts that are truly important to you, and all others off.

To disable them you should:

  • use the menu item Alert;
  • the tab Settings.

Limit the updates

For almost every application from time to time there’s an update, and in a situation when the smartphone’s operating system iOS 8, the programs often load a new version of the software in the background. The user of the IPhone does not even know about these processes.

On the one hand this is logical and convenient, but on the other hand after the update is significantly reduced battery level. And with a large number installed on the IPhone programs auto-update might be for the device to just deadly.

Upgrades can be canceled, and we must do it only for those applications that are not crucial for the functioning of your gadget.

To configure and disable automatic updates, you must:

  • go to «options;
  • further, the Basic;
  • item iTunes Store, AppStor;
  • then Update;
  • the switch in the Off position.

    Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

What to do if iPhone is quickly discharged? Disable 3G

The 3G connection — handy and useful relationship, which has become for many a habit. However, while in an area with poor reception of 3G signal or even its absence, the smartphone has to constantly send out information packages to search for a station nearby, with a substantial signal level.

This behavior of the IPhone is extremely energy-intensive, in this regard, it is recommended that when leaving the city, where a weak 3G signal, to disable this feature.

This requires:

  1. go to menu «Settings;
  2. select «Cellular.

Disabling 3G also be useful in places where there is a stable Wi-Fi, which is significantly less energy and thus saves the battery life of the device.

Discard Photostream

Photo stream is part of iCloud, which automatically uploads to the cloud, new pictures, if the iPhone has access to the Internet over Wi-Fi.

Feature of photo stream is a convenient and useful if you need to save all images in the cloud. In the case when this is not necessary, photo stream must be disabled because this feature is in the active state is heavily discharged the unit.

To disable it you need to:

  • go to «Settings»;
  • select «iCloud»;
  • choose «Photo»;

    Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

  • to set the switch to the required position.

Turn off startup programs

Auto upload software allows to upload via 3G or Wi-Fi user application and data acquired by another device. A function can be very useful sometimes, but there are some problems when using it – it drains extremely fast gadget.

Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

Especially it becomes noticeable, if the IPhone is trying to download some data automatically via 3G. It is recommended to disable this feature for longer life of the device.

Disable wifi or Bluetooth if not needed

Turning on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth also contributes greatly to the rapid discharge of the battery. Them highly desirable to disable and enable only when needed, otherwise they turn into ruthless fighters charge the battery.

Make a battery calibration

Another important detail – the IPhone needs to be properly calibrated. For this purpose, optimally use a specialized app Battery HD Pro.

In addition to the calibration with the help of this software it is possible to obtain usage statistics of the battery that will allow the owner of the gadget really is to monitor for changes in time of the functioning of the iPhone.

Почему, так быстро разряжается Айфон

The sequence of steps battery calibration is as follows:

  1. to discharge the battery of iPhone fully before going off;
  2. charge the battery up to one hundred percent;
  3. after charging the iPhone up to one hundred percent leave it connected to the network for 60 minutes;
  4. to disconnect the gadget from the network and use it to complete discharge of the battery and its off;
  5. perform steps 2 and 3.

Many users of the Apple iPhone in the course of operation agree that there is a problem of fast discharge of the battery of your device, which necessitates recharging the batteries during the day, while staying in one place, many do not disconnect the phone from charging.

For the solution of problems related to the fact that the IPhone started quickly discharged, it is recommended, first of all, determine the reasons of such behavior of the top of the device.

After ascertaining the reason for the accelerated discharge of the smartphone to fix the problem is not difficult, as the iOS operating system installed on Apple devices, very trivial to configure, do not need elementary settings are disabled, thus reducing power consumption of the IPhone to increase the duration of its work.

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