Why slow Windows 8

By | 10.12.2018

Why slow Windows 8

It should be noted that it is not always possible to use all the resources, because after reinstalling Windows 8 from time to time, the computer starts to slow down. In order to enjoy the benefits of the system to optimize its performance. About how to do it with minimal cost, let’s talk more.

Of course, all had to face with when operating system Window 8 computer extremely slow, gives error and starts to work slow when performing common tasks. To solve the problem do not have to immediately reinstall the system. In most cases, you must perform a few simple actions to improve its performance.

Reasons for slow system

To increase the performance of your computer after reinstalling the operating system it is necessary to study in detail effective ways to address this problem. So, consider all possible reasons for slow PC operation in more detail.

The presence of temporary files and unused programs

Surely you have noticed that the computer runs much faster when the OS has just been reinstalled. The fact that there is no unnecessary software, which will later be installed on the PC.

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Also, there are no temporary files which clog up computer during use. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically use a nice program CCleaner to delete temporary files and clean your system garbage.

The simultaneous launch of a large number of applications

The fact that each application separately takes a certain part of resources of RAM and CPU, and this has an impact on the overall performance. Therefore, the programs open up as the need arises.

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Downloaded a virus or malware

After the appearance of hints of a slow unstable PC performance, we recommend you to immediately scan it with antivirus. For choosing the most effective antivirus read our following articles.

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Slow performance because of the files on different hard disk parts

While copying files on a clean hard disk, they are written sequentially. Over time, when in the process we cut, move, delete files and folders empty the pieces scattered on the hard disk.

Thus, the computer at the subsequent write files you have to look for empty fragments across the surface of the hard disk. A further reading of the file while slowing down.

To solve this problem, we recommend sometimes to defragment the hard drive, because its no problem to run standard Windows applications. After this procedure all data will be moved to the beginning of the hard drive, so files and the application will begin to load faster.

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The lack of OS updates

Install applications and important system updates is a necessary condition for the perfect performance of your PC. Usually important updates provide good safety and make your work more convenient. The process of downloading updates is automated, after it is only necessary to restart the computer.

The lack of drivers

When you connect to the system unit new devices or replace the components, a very important requirement is to install drivers. Without them, encounter system errors, and the work will be incorrect. This advice is relevant also for old computers where the drivers have not been updated since Assembly.

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Unused visual effects

The following recommendation is intended for computers that are running Windows Aero interface. If smooth operation is having problems, you need to disable visual effects, because they consume a huge part of resources. This will reduce the load on the CPU and graphics card.

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The disable feature is in the «performance Options».

Long-term operation of the system without rebooting

If you don’t restart the computer, RAM gets clogged, with the result that performance becomes slow and slow. This also applies to laptop owners who do not turn it off just close the lid. So try to always shut down the computer after completion.

Ways to optimize Windows 8

There is a perception that Windows 8 is slow and runs slow. Many people mistakenly believe that it is much easier to install the old version, such as Windows 7 or XP.

Please note! This information is not true. Before changing the new version to the old one, it is necessary to optimize the settings.

To tell the truth, «eight» is an advanced operating system, which spends substantially less resources. After performing a number of simple actions you will immediately verify the performance of Windows 8.

Change the power settings

In order to avoid overheating of the system unit and of failure of components, the functions of the CPU undervalued by default. It is important to have a powerful cooler that will cool the controller. You will be able to set system performance to maximum performance.

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Defragment your

This old proven method of optimizing a hard drive is able to accelerate the PC a few times.

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During defragmentation, the ordering of the clusters, scattered in different places of the system, due to which new information is copied in order that is more rational.

Disable visual effects

In PC settings you can turn off extra visual effects that are provided by developers exclusively for aesthetic perception of visual images during work, but no more. For example, there’s animation when expanding and collapsing Windows.

In order to disable these effects are:

  • go to «control Panel»;
  • in the tab «System»;

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  • to enter the «advanced settings»;
  • find the item «Speed».

    Почему тормозит Windows 8

Analyze the application with the high cost of system resources

Information is available in the tab «task Manager» that POPs up when you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Here you can evaluate which apps spend more energy in percentage. Then you can disable those programs that impede the operation of the processor.

Clean the autorun

Some software enabled autostart when you turn on the computer. Although, as a rule, most of them we don’t use. In older versions the registry is cleaned only using a special program. In Windows 8 this feature has provided its creators. Then there are programs that you do not use every day

Use the msconfig utility

To optimize the enabling and disabling startup programs, use msconfig functional app. This tool allows you to monitor the work of the various services and applications in the operating system, as well as options for downloading.

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To start:

  • press Win+R;
  • enter msconfig;
  • then start the «Ok» button and you can independently control the required settings.

Use the internal security program

Of course, we are accustomed to use such software tools as «virus», «Avast,» the Doctor Web» and the like. But they all hamper the operation of the system. To protect your computer in Windows 8 already has built-in program, which is very convenient in terms of their optimization for a specific system.

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In addition, we note that it is not necessary to be afraid of their own to optimize the settings of your computer. In fact, after completing a series of simple sequential steps, you will improve the performance Windows8 several times. And that means you’ll be able to use the necessary resources for you.

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