Why shuts down the laptop, causes and solutions

By | 10.12.2018

Why shuts down the laptop, causes and solutions

Any user at least once in life faced with the fact that its a portable PC suddenly after a certain period of time after you turn yourself stops working. Do not expect that the problem will resolve itself immediately diagnose your computer.

Reason keeps shutting down

Can a laptop spontaneously shuts down during operation in the presence of one of the following reasons:

  1. overheating of the body and separate components, which happens due to clogging of the cooling system with dust;
  2. system errors caused by the mismatch installed on the computer, the OS, the basic requirements of the laptop;
  3. a breakdown of the individual elements of the motherboard;

    Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

  4. getting in the internal folder malware;
  5. failure of battery power.

To identify the above problems, it is possible to bring Your laptop to one of the service centers.

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However, he is disconnected to determine the cause of malfunction yourself.

  1. first, if when watching movies or running heavy games, the device overheats and shuts off abruptly, it is obvious within it has accumulated a lot of dust or are penetrated virus;
  2. second, if in the course of work often displays a blue screen appear obscure inscriptions, and then the screen turns black, then system error occurred or breakage of individual parts;
  3. third, if after switching on the laptop immediately shuts off and makes a popping sound problem in components, motherboard or BIOS;
  4. fifth, if your PC stops working when disconnected from network – failed battery.

In 90% of cases the reason for stopping the operation of the laptop computer is overheating. The answer to the question of why the laptop heats up and shuts down more often is contamination, failure of the cooler or the penetration of a particular virus.

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If You are faced with one of the above difficulties, we should not hesitate. Yet any one of them is the need to fix a small problem.

Initially, it is recommended to undertake the following:

  1. when the spontaneous disconnect immediately disconnect the computer from the power supply;
  2. Unscrew the bolts on the rear of the unit and remove the cover;
  3. to purge the cooling mechanism in the conventional vacuum cleaner in the mode of «blowing»;
  4. accurately clean the grate cooler cotton sticks;
  5. screw the back cover back;
  6. enable laptop / PC to check whether the cooler, putting a hand to its rear panel.

Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

If after these measures, the laptop still heats up and shuts down, you will probably need to replace the thermal paste on the microprocessor. This procedure is best left to professionals.

Experienced computer wizards is better to transfer and fix such problems as:

  1. replace the battery, which is usually completely breaks down after 2-3 years of operation of the laptop;
  2. diagnostics and elimination of failures of individual parts and the motherboard, which can occur as a result of entering viruses or mechanical damage;
  3. cleaning systems from malware that can not only delete the system folder and break the OS, but even contribute to overheating of the body and components.

Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

To prevent inadvertent disconnection of the laptop computer experts also recommend to observe these operating rules, as:

  1. to get a special cooling stand under the laptop;
  2. from time to time to blow out the cooler and ventilation holes;
  3. do not leave a running unit on a soft cloth surface: it is fine pulls the dust in the process of functioning;
  4. to protect the laptop from jolts and bumps;
  5. to install protection against viruses.

Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

If your laptop computer shuts down by itself, should not actively parse its body and internal parts without any special knowledge. All components of the laptop are very fragile, therefore, the decision problems are best left to the professionals.

Possible errors

To deal with the problems a laptop will have any user, so it is better to establish in advance how to spot each of the errors leading to disconnection.

Clogging the system with dust

Heating of laptop is in the process of functioning can be explained by simple laws of physics: electric current passes through the wires and generates heat. The higher the frequency the processor, the more powerful will be the heat.

Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

In this connection, modern laptops have:

  • strong built-in coolers;
  • special ventilation holes in the bottom of the housing;
  • additional stand for cooling.

However, if the ventilation gateways litter clogged, and the blades of the cooler dust accumulates, the cooling system ceases to be carried out properly, resulting in:

  1. when you run heavy games and programs back PC becomes hot, after which it abruptly terminates;
  2. when you disconnect the laptop doesn’t make any noises, does not give blue screen and does not display any inscriptions;
  3. in 10-15 minutes after startup computer freezes and the front panel heats up, the fan starts making a lot of noise;
  4. just 30-60 seconds of operation the temperature of the system, which can be viewed in the BIOS, approaching 80-90 degrees.

The solution here can be only one: full hull cleaning from contamination.


Malware can enter in PC when user visits specific sites, attaches to a laptop infected external storage media or open letters of questionable content.

Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

Disabling a portable computer in contact with the virus may manifest itself as:

  1. on the screen the message «Windows is blocked», after which the device terminates;
  2. the operation of the programs stops and displays a blue screen;
  3. when you run any browser window appears «Computer will shut down in a minute NT:AUTORITET/SYSTEM».

Certain types of modern viruses cause the processor to operate in emergency mode. Which results in a few minutes to heat up the body and restart.

Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

In any case, how to resolve the problem, there are only two:

  • if the PC fails to run at least for a few minutes, you will be cleaning and checking through one of the special programs like Kaspersky, ESET Nod 32 or Dr.Web;
  • if the device switches off immediately you will have to reinstall your OS.

To prevent such problems in the future should monitor the maintenance actions of the antivirus program up to date.

Incorrect configuration of laptop

The basic parameters of the coordinated activity of all devices personal computers are budgeted in the BIOS.

Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

So installing on the laptop the new OS, modern or expanded RAM, you may encounter one of the following problems:

  • the laptop rebooted independently and gives out a blue «screen of death»;
  • when the spontaneous disconnection from the body you hear a few staccato beeps;
  • once after turning the light off, and the device turns off or goes into «Sleep».

Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

To resolve this situation in several ways:

  1. verify proper operation of all components and the motherboard;
  2. to relate the parameters of the installed software and the system requirements;
  3. to reinstall the video card driver, if you noticed that your computer restarts after you run graphics programs or movies.

An extreme measure in this case can be considered flashing the BIOS and reinstalling the operating system. In addition, you should try to disable any external devices attached to PC speakers, modems. Sometimes they are too powerful for this model.

Why the laptop shuts down without charging

On the desktop in the lower right corner shows full battery power, and PC is working properly. However, You should disconnect the device from the network, it shuts down by itself. The reason for this may be the failure of battery power.

Почему постоянно выключается ноутбук, причины и решения

To replace it you want to do the following:

  • in the upper part of the back cover there is a small plate that protects the battery and carefully open.
  • carefully remove the battery and view the model;
  • in the service center or the retailer to purchase the same item;
  • insert the new battery into the connectors and close the lid.

It should be noted that the cost of the battery of laptop is about 8-12% of the total PC price. In addition, sometimes, the battery connector is just moving away from the contacts, which causes the termination of the operation of the system. So initially you simply remove the battery, and then gently return it to the place.

Thus, there are many reasons that can cause spontaneous disconnection of the laptop, each of which has its specific method of solution. If You are not sure what the malfunction was the cause of this problem, better take your PC to a service center for professional diagnosis.

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