Why really hot video card on the computer

By | 10.12.2018

Why really hot video card on the computer

Notice overheating of the video card in a personal computer is much more difficult than, for example, in a laptop, since the laptop you have at hand, and if he becomes more warm, it will be noticeable.

With a personal computer much more complicated. Notice overheating only when working with graphics, or during the operation of the game. If games started to slow down, especially those that previously worked fine, you should start to sound the alarm.

Ways to determine overheating

Under normal surfing the web and watching movies, on average, as overheating of the graphics card may not even notice it, but if you work with graphics-intensive processes, all the secret becomes clear.

If applications for graphics work a bit slow, games run unstable on the screen appear artifacts, while viewing high-quality video, the picture flickers, it means the video card is overheating.

The confusion comes from the fact that upon reaching a critical temperature modern video cards are starting regularly and often skip cycles. Performance significantly drops off and the temperature decreases.

If the temperature does not drop, then there are two options:

  1. automatically turns off the graphics card;
  2. a complete reboot of the computer.

I advise you not to wait for the emergence of the above two characteristics, and to test the graphics card more gentle way. The best option is to put a utility that displays the temperature of the chip.

Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

The most common is called GPU-Z. If in the relaxed state, the temperature of 30-35 degrees is the norm. In working she must not exceed the level of 80 degrees. If more, then you need to take immediate action.


The reasons for overheating of the video card a bit, mainly:

  • strong dust;
  • old, dried up thermal grease;
  • the fault of the cooler.

Next, consider each option separately and in more detail.

A lot of dust

Dust is the main enemy of the computer. If a person first buys a PC or laptop, he just doesn’t know what to buy a real «dust collector», which sucked in together with air a lot of dust. The more dust in the room, the more polluted will be the inside of a system unit or housing of the laptop.

Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

The thicker the layer of dust inside, the longer it is, the harder it is clogged with the same dust the fan cooling the insides of a computer.

Dried up thermal paste

Processor and graphics card are the «hot» components, so cooling is a necessity. Particularly acute problem of cooling becomes summer, when the temperature of the air rarely falls below 30 degrees Celsius.

Thermal paste is the sort of thing that removes heat from the graphics chip and CPU by filling in the uneven areas on the surface of the heatsink and the chip. By the way, with dried up thermal compound graphics chip can be heated up to 100 degrees, and sometimes even more!

Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

Externally, the surface may be perfectly smooth, but trust me, it’s full of cracks, especially if the equipment is old. All these pinholes create a thin air cushion, and it can reduce the cooling efficiency about 30%.

If the thermal paste dries out, the cooling is much worse, respectively, and the efficiency of the computer, too.

Failure of the cooler

Failure of the cooler is the problem to identify simple, just to see it. If not spinning, then you need to immediately buy a new one. Once suspected, you should immediately make a visual inspection.

Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

Also the cooler may not be broken, and partially defective, that is to spin, but not as much as you need. In any case, all of the cooler should occasionally be cleaned and lubricated.

Other reasons

There is another reason, but not that common. Many want to improve the performance of their computers, but don’t want to buy new parts. The Internet is a wealth of information for overclocking graphics cards, it is not difficult to do, virtually every, but not all know that increasing productivity is necessary to improve cooling.

In the result, equipment often breaks down due to overheating. So because of the acceleration of Tornillo heated video card, do not drop this option.

Video: Eliminate overheating of the graphics card NVIDIA GTX 560 ti

What to do if heated graphics card on the computer

Now we know the basic reasons why card turn into heaters. Next, consider actions upon detection of the above-mentioned problems.

Cleaning from dust

In order to clean your computer from dust, do not have to carry it to the service center and while spending a lot of money. You can do everything at home, alone.

Clean the computer regularly, and not only in cases when either part starts to not work properly. If you do not know how to find out hot Liese something besides the graphics card, open the lid, everything will fall into place.

To clean the system unit from dust we need:

  • vacuum cleaner;
  • cotton swab;
  • soft brush;
  • Phillips screwdriver (preferably, but flat).

Screwdriver needed to remove the side cover of the system unit.

Now about the cleaning process:

  • remove the bolt marked in the picture and removes the side panel pulling it out;
  • cotton swab need to clean the dust inside the coolers. Keep the hose of a vacuum cleaner next to enabled, you will be able to gather up in the air dust;

    Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

  • brush looked like dust from all surfaces. Do not forget that the vacuum cleaner is turned on;

    Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

  • collect computer.

To do this it is best times in three months, not less. Through this simple self-maintenance can extend the life of the system unit several times.

Replacement of thermal paste

On the graphics card thermal grease needs to be replaced much less frequently than the CPU, but still need it sometimes to change.

Here is a quick manual:

  1. to begin, remove the video card heatsink. In some models you need to Unscrew a couple of screws, and in others slightly squeeze the plastic retainers. At this stage can be difficult. The problem is that if the thermal paste has not changed for many years, under the influence of high temperature it becomes, roughly speaking, to stone.

If you have this situation, then separate the heatsink from the chip will be very difficult. Don’t just pull up and tear off the chip. Rotate in different directions, after a few minutes the radiator to fall off;

Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

  1. thoroughly clean both the chip and heatsink of thermal paste from the stone. Do it better than the eraser, or at least a wooden ruler (and then only on the radiator). Do not even think to rip off a knife! In the end it should look like this, like the pictures below;

    Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

By the way, I do not recommend buying video card with mounting the radiator as in the picture. There are only two legs, respectively, and it is not very stable. For normal operation must be at least three points of attachment, but not less;

Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

  1. apply it on the graphics chip a thin layer of thermal grease. Hands it is better not to touch, harmful to health. The best option is to apply thermal paste and then RUB with a credit card;

    Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

  1. gently put in place the radiator. Ensure that it is exactly, and most importantly, firmly seated on the chip.

As you can see, the procedure is not that complicated, and thermal paste is worth a penny. To change it is much cheaper than buying a new video card to replace the current burned-out, don’t you?

Installing a new fan

If the cooler runs, but very noisy, or slow turns, it is not necessary to run to the store and spend money on new, because you can repair the old one! You only need to know that not all fan are subject to disassembly.

  • remove the sticker from the fan. Once clear, you will understand just be able to make out, or have to buy a new one. If the sticker is that on the photo – feel free to parse more;

    Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

  • to expand the washer, you will need to add a screwdriver and slightly move it to the side quite a bit. Under the white lock washer locate the black washer. Both the first and the second should pull out and put in a conspicuous place so as not to lose;

    Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

  • pulls out of the base of the fan blade;

    Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

  • on the tip of a thin screwdriver you need to apply a drop of lubricant. For the grease;
  • apply grease to the hole of the stem;

    Почему сильно греется видеокарта на компьютере

  • collect the fan, sticking in place sticker.

As you can see, to bring back to life the fan is not so difficult. If he is not amenable, then go to the store and buy a new fan. Just make sure the mounts were identical. The best example to bring old.

With regard to the installation, everything is simple. Remove the bolt, remove the old fan and in his place put new.

Based on the content of the article I think is easy to understand that if the time to do basic maintenance, then the computer will serve its owner for years without major capital investment.

The same thermal paste will cost about$ 2 per tube, which is enough to replace the paste on the graphics card and the processor. At the same time, if you do not, you will have to consider how much will be buying a new video card and CPU.

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