Why not turn on your iPod and what to do

By | 10.12.2018

Why not turn on your iPod and what to do

Products of Apple for a long time is famous worldwide for its gadgets, which have high reliability and quality of work.

But with the gadgets the iPod, as with any other modern devices of this manufacturer, sometimes there are those or other damage. One of the most common is a problem when not included iPod Nano of any generation.

In most cases, this problem can be solved independently, without the help of qualified staff of service centers.

Some reasons and methods of their elimination

The reasons due to which the player may not start, there is quite a lot.

Почему не включается iPod и что делать

The most common of these are the following:

  • IPod 5 or other model of the gadget is dead, which is not included. To eliminate such a problem is very simple – put the device on charge.
  • broke the power button. Check out this very easy – if when you attach the charger the screen shows charging indicator, but the button to launch the gadget still does not react to pressing need to repair. This may be done by craftsmen in specialized service centres;
  • the gadget gets wet, which can lead to damage of circuits and contacts. As a result, the gadget does not turn on and charging. One solution is to carry the player to the service center as their own to make nothing happen;
  • if the gadget was falling, it could lead to the break loop, contacts or other elements. In this case, as in the previous, you will need professional repair.

Turn off the lock switch

Another fairly common reason that the gadget may not be included, is included with the lock switch.

This switch is located at the bottom or top of the iPod Shuffle or other device model or generation from Apple.

When it is in the «on» position, beside him, appears a strip of orange. In this case, none of the buttons that are on the body of the gadget will not work, and the power button is no exception.

To unlock the switch you want to move to orange bar completely disappeared. Then you can again try to turn on the player.

Make sure the battery is charged

Also the reason that the IPod Nano 6 and other models, does not turn on, the battery is discharged.

To test this, you should pay attention to the screen during attempts to switch on the device: if battery is discharged it for 3 seconds, a screen appears, indicating the need to conduct exercises.

Charging gadget need to connect to:

  • USB port high power;
  • the power adapter from an ordinary wall outlet Apple Power Adapter;
  • 6-pin FireWire port.

    Почему не включается iPod и что делать

It is worth noting that Shuffle 4 generation for charging require only USB port high power. iPod nano and iPod 5th generation can charge via FireWire or USB.

In addition, you need to remember that when charging a fully depleted battery pack via a USB port, the delay before switching can be up to half an hour. Therefore, in the case of using this type of charging try to turn on the player it will be possible not earlier than in 30 minutes.


If after all this the player still does not work, you should try to reset it. No need to worry: all user files are stored.

But some settings may be lost, but to return them is not difficult.

iPod nano (7th generation)

To reset the tincture IPod Nano 7, you need to follow this instructions:

  1. press and hold the key that puts the gadget to sleep – Sleep – until that time, until the screen become dark;
  2. after releasing the button, the display nano you should see the logo of the company;
  3. soon after appear home screen – reset is completed.

    Почему не включается iPod и что делать

If that fails, you can resort to the last chance to restore factory settings. Remember that this will delete all user files, but it is possible that this procedure will eliminate all the problems.

If this does not help, remains only one thing to do is to ask for help in service center, where exactly will restore Nano 7.

iPod nano (6th generation)

To reset this gadget sixth generation need to do the following:

  1. press and hold the sleep mode button and the volume simultaneously for 8-10 seconds. Perhaps this action will be repeated. After that you should see the Apple logo;
  2. it happens that such actions do not give any result. In this case, all need to be repeated after connecting the player to your network or computer.
  3. if not illuminated, it is possible that the battery is low. To exclude this possibility, you should leave the player connected to the computer for about 30 minutes, and then repeat all of the above actions.

Почему не включается iPod и что делать

If that does not work, can only restore all the default settings or to include Nano 6 to the service center where the problem will be exactly restored.

iPod click wheel

If not included iPod 1-5 generations, the main feature of which is the steering wheel, to reset settings, do the following:

  1. to disable and immediately shut off the gadget using the switch on the case, once you’ve done that;
  2. the Select button and Menu pressed simultaneously and held for 7-10 seconds. If the reset was successful – on the screen appear the logo of the manufacturer.

Otherwise, the device will need a total restore settings from the manufacturer or professional assistance service center.

iPod (scroll wheel), iPod (touch wheel) and iPod (with dock connector)

To reset iPod with touch wheel, scroll wheel or dock connector, you will need conduct following:

  1. to turn on and once to turn off the lock with the corresponding switch on the housing of the apparatus;
  2. simultaneously press and hold for about 8 seconds the button «Menu» and «Play/Pause». You may need to repeat the action. As a result, on the screen appears the logo of the manufacturer;
  3. if it did not lead to any result, you should repeat an action while connected to the computer network adapter, or network device;
  4. if in this case nothing happens, then the last option is pressing «Menu» and «Select».

iPod shuffle

To spend resetting IPod Shuffle, you need to do this:

  1. disable the player from iTunes if it is not disabled;
  2. remove it from the USB port;
  3. switch that is located on the rear panel is set to «Off»;
  4. wait 5 seconds, the switch returns to «On».

iPod touch

Not responding and not included touch 5 – what to do? You can try to conduct a forced reboot which also reset the device settings.

To do this:

  1. simultaneously press the buttons «Home» and «sleep/Wake»;
  2. holding them for 10-15 seconds;
  3. in case of successful restart and completion of the reset on the screen touch to see the logo.

Make the battery discharge

Sometimes the player can remain in this state, when the reset gives no result. Why? This is due to the features of the device. In this case, you will be required to complete discharge of the battery.

So, if the player does not turn on after resetting, do the following:

  • disable the player for a day from all food sources;
  • connect it to the power adapter or the computer, again he repeated the reset procedure.

Video: Not working power button


If after resetting the player managed to include, it is recommended to immediately install the new version AT: after updating it will start to function normally.

Update in Windows

To update the player from the computer that is running Windows, do the following steps:

  1. to connect gadget to computer using USB cable and start iTunes application;
  2. format the iPod on the PC from which you are upgrading;
  3. the application online will automatically find the new version and offer to download it. If the software was downloaded, the program will offer to install it;
  4. depending on the model of the player, the application offers to leave it connected to the computer when you upgrade or connect it to the power adapter;
  5. if done correctly, then on the screen appear the logo of the company and the progress of the operation;
  6. when the process reaches the 100% mark, the device is ready to work.

    Почему не включается iPod и что делать


When updating the iPod software from a Macintosh computer, you need to follow this sequence of actions:

  1. connect it to PC by USB cable and run iTunes application signature;
  2. before you upgrade your player you must format from PC, Macintosh, or install a new version of the software will not be able;
  3. iTunes yourself find in a new version of software and will offer the user to download it. If updates are already downloaded, you will be prompted to install them;
  4. dependent on the connection method of the player to the computer and its model, you might have to connect the device to the power adapter or to leave connected to the PC;
  5. after that, the iPod screen to see a progress bar with Apple logo. When the indicator reaches 100%, the player will be ready to work.

Thus, if stopped working popular iPod of any generation or without any apparent reason it has ceased to be – it’s not a reason to panic.

There are many ways to try to bring him back to life, most of which are described above.

If, even after trying all of them, nothing happens and the player never turned on, still the output remains – you can always ask for help in service center.

Employees of such services are always prompt, what kind of repair will require the gadget to its owner could, as before, to enjoy its use.

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