Why not open websites on the Internet

By | 10.12.2018

Why not open the sites in Internet

Online safety is an important topic with which everyone sooner or later faces the user. Even with a good antivirus and safety regulations, sometimes the computer gets undesirable software, modernizing its program and causing the errors.

What if after visiting suspicious resource doesn’t open none of the usual site? The browser opens a tab or selectively blocking your requests? The decision set out below.

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

Possible causes

The causes of this problem may be several:

  1. the computer got a virus;
  2. the hosts file was changed;
  3. there is a problem with your DNS server.
  4. the problem is the registry;
  5. changed the shortcut of the browser.

Next, we consider each specific case.

Redirect to phishing site

What are phishing sites? Externally they are almost indistinguishable from the well-known Internet resources, but it may seriously threaten users ‘ privacy. Clicking on such a link, you can transfer to the scammers important information, such as passwords to social networking accounts and even Bank accounts.

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

Links to such resources are often sent in emails or private messages. They are prompted to check their banking information to a winning lottery ticket or to change security settings using a fake address leading to the malicious resource.

They often contain viruses, propisyvayutsya in «hosts», then the browser will automatically redirect to the «left» sites that are infected with viruses.

If you have any suspicions about a phishing attack, you should:

  1. to change the passwords of their online accounts whose data could be stolen;
  2. scan your computer for viruses;
  3. to check the status of accounts and contact the Bank;
  4. carefully monitor potential fraudulent operations with your pages or credit cards.

Fortunately, to check the status of the hosts file and return it to the original state independently.

Video: does not have a website

Correct the hosts file

«Hosts» is a text document, which contains a database of domains and IP addresses. It’s often prescribed for viruses, thus preventing access to some sites and replacing them with the phishing options. By default, the file is located at: C:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts. If the operating system is installed on a different drive, just change the letter at the specified path. To open it you can use the standard program «Notepad». However, he will have the following form:

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

Pay special attention to the list of IP addresses and all the sites listed in it. If they have undergone a change, and there were names of different resources, whether vk.com, drweb.com others, it means that they were added to the virus not being able to go to these sites. What to do in this case? It depends on the version of the installed operating system. If you are using Windows XP the right elements, you can simply delete and save the file (note that this requires administrator rights). In later versions of Windows it is more complicated.

To do this, you must first change the security settings of the file:

  1. open the folder where the file is located (C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc);
  2. click on it right mouse button and select «Properties»;

    Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

  3. in the «Security» tab click on the user you want to grant rights to edit the file and click «Edit»;
  4. in the window «Permissions for hosts» open full access by checking the appropriate checkboxes;

    Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

  5. confirm your selection by pressing «OK» in both Windows.

After that, you can manually delete addresses (everything except « localhost») and save the changes.

Not edited the hosts file

There are cases where viruses modify or hide the «hosts», which makes editing more challenging. Consider three challenges.

  • in the folder there are two documents called «hosts».
  • In this case, you need to pay attention to the file extension. Some viruses add a dummy file, copying the original. However, he will be with the extension «.txt», while true it is not. Edit, of course, need the original document.
  • the hosts file is absent at the specified address.

This means that the virus has disguised it and made it hidden. These files are not visible by default.

To return it to the place you need to:

  1. click on the option «Tools» in the header folders;
  2. go to «Properties»;
  3. choose the tab «View»;
  4. check the box next to «Show hidden files folder»;
  5. click OK, saving your changes.

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

After this procedure the «hosts» should reappear in the folder, then you can change it.

  • at first glance, no additional addresses.

A list with addresses that are added a virus that can hide in the very end of the document after many empty lines. This makes them difficult to detect. Opening the file, scroll through it until the very end, making sure there are no hidden thus add-ons.

Search virus

After the above operations, it is necessary to scan the system for viruses. This will help any antivirus, but be sure to test the system. In addition, you can use anti-virus utilities, for example, Dr.Web CureIt or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. Can help and other free scanners that can be found online: ESET, Kaspersky Security Scan, McAfee Security Scan and others.

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

After the system check and virus removal don’t forget to clear the browser cache.

For example, for Google Chrome you need to do the following:

  1. click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the program;
  2. go to «Settings»;
  3. open the «Show advanced settings» at the end of the list.
  4. in the «privacy» section, click «Clear history».

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

Cleaning can help the program CCleaner. Its convenience is that with just one click you can delete cache on all search engines installed on the computer.

To do this:

  1. start the program and select «Clearance» in the left pane;
  2. click on the tab «Applications»;
  3. in the list put a checkmark in the option «Internet cache» under the name of each browsers;
  4. start the cleanup by clicking on the visible button in the lower right corner of the screen.

    Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

Where can still be viruses

Well, malware removed, and it seems that the virus can be for some time to forget. But, to be sure is to check the startup of the PC. Is it possible that in this list, hiding the program able to re-load the virus on the computer or redirect to some infected website.

To get the startup menu, use the following:

  1. click on the start icon and select «Run»;
  2. in the window that appears, enter «msconfig» and press «OK»;

    Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

  3. in the «system Configuration» select the tab «startup»;
  4. here it is necessary to remove ticks with suspicious programs, excluding Microsoft files or the applications you need;
  5. save the selection by pressing «OK».

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

Check the startup with the help of the mentioned program CCleaner:

  1. run the utility;
  2. go to the tab «tools» in the left pane and choose «startup»;
  3. editable the list generated as described above.

    Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

Problems with the DNS servers

One of the reasons why do not open some sites in browser, there may be problems with the DNS servers. What you need to do in this case?

A temporary solution might be to change the connection settings:

  1. go to «control Panel» and then «Network and Internet»;
  2. click «control Center network and sharing»;

    Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

  3. select the active connection and click «Properties»;
  4. in the tab «Network», open «Internet Protocol version 4»;
  5. in the fields of the DNS server must be specified addresses, it is better to copy and save, to restore if necessary;
  6. in the fields «Use the following DNS server address» specify the following values: «» and «»;
  7. confirm new settings by pressing «OK».

Important! Changing these settings can lead to the fact that some resources supplied by your ISP may not be available. This method works for Windows operating systems 7 and 8.

Problems in the registry

Problem with opening certain sites can occur due to registry errors caused by viruses.

Go to the registry as follows:

  1. click «start» — «Run»;
  2. in the row enter «regedit» and click «OK»;
  3. in the opened registry editor, you need to go at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftwindows NTCurrentVersionWindows;
  4. in the list find Applnit_DLLs, its the «Value» field must be completely empty, if there are any decals to remove.

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

The second, easier way is to use CCleaner:

  1. in CCleaner select the tab «Registry»;
  2. install all boxes for possible problems (active by default);
  3. click «Search problems» at the bottom of the screen;
  4. after the detection of errors and to see their list, press «Fix».

    Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

Clean the DNS cache of the client

To cope with not opening sites sometimes helps and easy cache clearing the DNS client.

To begin, do the following:

  • click «start» — «Run»;

    Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

  • enter the command «cmd» and confirm;
  • in the line that appears, enter the following commands, pressing Enter after each one:
  1. ipconfig /flushdns
  2. ipconfig /registerdns
  3. netsh winsock reset
  • after completing the command, reboot the system.

    Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

Browser shortcut changed

Another cause of the error, when open stopped some or all of the sites can serve as a registry that the viruses do in the shortcuts of the browsers. Because of their availability automatically open unwanted webpages.

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

To cope with this problem is very simple:

  1. click the right button of the mouse on the browser shortcut located on your desktop.
  2. go to «Properties»;
  3. pay attention to the «Object»;
  4. for Google Chrome its normal state the following: C:UsersYuzerAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe;
  5. if, after the path name of the browser and extensions «.exe» there are other addresses that lead to third party sites, delete them.

Почему не открываются сайты в Интернете

I hope these recommendations have helped you to recover your browser and get rid of all errors. To prevent another meeting with a similar problem will help the observance of simple security rules, and if she would still be able to slip in unnoticed – you know where to look for a solution.

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