Why my sound does not work

By | 10.12.2018

Why on the laptop sound does not work

Sound problems can become a serious challenge for the owner of the laptop. But throw away all the stereotypes in most cases to cope with it even novice user. If you’re wondering: «I have not works the sound on laptop, what to do?» then this article is for you.

Check regulators

To exclude one of the most basic problems with the sound – let’s check the volume controls. First, if the video is played from the Internet, click on the loudspeaker icon and increase the volume. Then try the controls on the speakers. If this procedure did not help to restore the sound, move on.

Почему на ноуте не работает звук

Important! When playing media in the browser, it is worth considering one important point – sometimes the absence of sound can be due to an outdated version of flash player. We recommend you to update it and try again before moving on.

Proper connection of audio devices

It is also necessary to ensure proper connection of speakers and headphones to the outputs of the sound card. Usually speakers are connected to the green output of the sound card. It is important to check the performance of the speakers themselves, otherwise further action on the sound settings can be vain. The easiest way to check is to plug the speakers to the phone as a headphone and play music.

Почему на ноуте не работает звук


Next, go to the audio settings:

  1. click on the volume icon and using right mouse button, select «playback Devices»;
  2. check what device plays the default sound (they may not be speakers, but, for example, HDMI output, if you connect to PC TV);
  3. if the default is still specified frequency, then select them in the list and click «Properties»;

    Почему на ноуте не работает звук

  4. look at all the options in which may lie the problem – the sound level, a variety of effects (they are better off as long as the problem persists);
  5. if you installed the program to configure the functions of the sound card, open it and check whether sound is enabled, it’s possible that instead of the usual columns are there active optical output.

Windows Audio Service

Try to find the reason for the lack of audio using the Windows Audio service:

  1. press the key combination Win+R and in the appeared window enter the command «devmgmt.msc»;
  2. go to the tab «Sound, video and game controllers» and right-click on the name of the sound card;
  3. select «Properties» and check the «device Status»;
  4. if the paragraph says something besides «this Device is working properly», then the problem most likely lies in the drivers to the sound card, how to update them, we will discuss in the relevant section of the article.

    Почему на ноуте не работает звук

Custom sound in the BIOS

To adjust the sound via the BIOS, we need:

  1. to go to BIOS menu by pressing when you start your PC press «Del» or, depending on computer model — F2, F9 (information about the need for this button usually appears when you enable the bottom of the screen);
  2. in the dropdown list find the section «Integrated Peripherals»;
  3. select it and press Enter.
  4. here is a list of devices integrated into the motherboard, looking for the squeak, the item «Onboard Audio Controller» (the name may vary depending on BIOS version);
  5. open the list of options and start their configuration.
  6. if you need to activate the built-in sound controller, then the parameter «HD Audio» set to «Disabled» and «AC97 Audio» specify «Enabled»;

    Почему на ноуте не работает звук

  7. if you want to connect an additional sound card, then do the opposite – disable «AC97 Audio» setting a «Disabled»;
  8. then you can go for other options for more fine-tuning (recommended for advanced users only);
  9. save all changes – press F10 or select the «Exit» after «Exit & Save», enter the letter «Y» and press Enter.

Then the computer will reboot and to work with the new settings.

Possible speakers

One of the main reasons for the missing sound could be a broken speaker – bend or crease the cord connecting to the wrong entrance.

In this case, proceed as follows:

  • check the cords along the entire length to ensure their integrity;
  • make sure that your speakers are connected correctly, the sound card has multiple outputs, the pink color is usually dedicated plug for microphone, green for speakers.

Attention! A common problem is the deterioration of these inputs. Sometimes you may need to roll out the system unit and to fix – take out and insert again. It is useful also to clean them of dust, preventing the normal signal.

Do not forget to check and whether or not speakers are connected. This is usually evidenced by the led on their front panel. Check the sound, increasing it to the maximum (in the columns should appear the characteristic hiss).

Test driver

The fault of the driver is another common reason why sound was not working on the laptop.

Let’s check it out:

  1. open the control panel;
  2. in the search bar, enter «Manager» and go to the link;
  3. select the tab «Sound, video and game devices»;

    Почему на ноуте не работает звук

  4. in the list find your sound card.
  5. if the device is an icon of a yellow or red exclamation points means that the driver has problems or it is not available;

Attention! To diagnose the audio device (and other components of the PC) you can use the program Everest, which indicates not only the model of your sound card, but it also provides links for downloading the necessary drivers.

  1. download and install the driver, reboot the system.

If the sound card is not visible in Windows – it may signal a malfunction or incorrect connection. We recommend you to clean your PC from dust and, if the card is not built – in purging its slot and reinserted.

You can also try to install another driver version – older or newer. Perhaps the reason for the lack of audio is a driver conflict. In this case, installing a different version may help.

The status of the sound card

Partially check the sound card mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. Initially, you should think, how old is the device and possible failure. If the Board is fairly new – this also is not a guarantee of its performance.

Check her work:

  1. press Win+R and in the row enter «devmgmt.msc»;

    Почему на ноуте не работает звук

  2. open the «Sound, video and game controllers» and find your Board;
  3. click on its name and using the right mouse button select «Properties»;
  4. pay attention to the item «device Status»;

    Почему на ноуте не работает звук

  5. if there are any problems there will be corresponding message, signaling the need for intervention.

The sound on the laptop only works with headphones

This behavior of the device due to the feature of the laptop as such – there is an automatic switch that lets you tune and switch between headphones and speakers. If the sound is present only in the headphones – with him there is a problem. In this case, you can try to reinstall the driver (this procedure is mentioned above). If the problem remains – it is recommended to consult a specialist.

Video: Lost sound on laptop

Buttons don’t work sound

What to do if the sound stopped working? To cope with this nuisance you can own. On laptops sound (and screen brightness and enable the wireless connection) «manages» the FN key. If for some reason it stopped working – can only help reinstallation of drivers or special software.

Consider this process step by step:

  1. go to the manufacturers website and find your laptop model (or same model of the same series);
  2. find the support section and peruse available for download utilities;
  3. for example, Asus laptops for a similar program called «ATK»;
  4. click on the name, choose your operating system version and downloadable file;
  5. rotaryforum it and begin the installation;
  6. after check the efficiency of FN.

Important! To enable and disable sound, use FN-F10. Using F11 and F12 it is adjustment.

We reviewed the most common reasons why laptops sound does not work. By following our simple instructions, you can cope with the arisen problems. If you are faced with a case doesn’t fit any of the categories we write about this using the comment form.

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