Why Microsoft won’t kill the 32-bit version of Windows 9

By | 10.12.2018

Why Microsoft won’t kill the 32-bit version of Windows 9

Почему Microsoft не будет убивать 32-битную версию Windows 9

From Windows 9, we expect radical changes and one of them, if you believe occurred today, the rumor is that Microsoft plans to support only 64-bit and 128-bit architectures, killing the 32-bit version of its operating system with the launch of Windows 9.

Although 64-bit hardware to occupy a dominant position in the market, working running Windows 8 or Windows 7, it is very unlikely that the company will take such a step so soon.

There are lots of great reasons why the company won’t abandon the x86 architecture (32-bit) in the near future. For example, allowing you to run Windows 9 only for 64 — and 128-bit processors, users of older computers will have to upgrade your PC or buy a new one. It would seem that it is the perfect solution to increase PC sales, but not ideal, to ensure Windows 9 popularity in the market, as many users will not change anything and just continue to use Windows XP, 7 or 8.

Also the software giant is improving its operating system for optimal performance on budget devices with 1 GB of RAM. So it is unlikely that Microsoft will not release a 32-bit version of Windows 9.

In addition, do not forget about corporate clients and enterprises, where thousands of computers are running 32-bit versions of Windows. The lack of support for 32-bit processors in Windows 9 contrary to all that is trying to do Microsoft.

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