Why low speed of Internet

By | 10.12.2018

Why low speed of the Internet

The global network today has become so much a part of everyday life, like TV or radio. Every day millions of people spend from 4 to 12 hours and few people know what to do if you have low-speed Internet.

What is the speed of the Internet connection

The Internet speed is the amount of information transmitted per second. Usually it is measured in bits, less bytes (for reference: 1 byte – 8 bits), although the latter seems more practical.

Quick Internet speed test can be done with the help of built-in Windows 8, you need to go to the menu «start-Run» or pressing the «Winows+R» and in the window that appears, run the command «ping ya.ru -t».

Почему низкая скорость интернета

This function allows the exchange of small data packets of 32 bytes with the site ya.ru. Response time to judge the speed of the Internet. For quick connection of these indicators will be in the range of 10 -30 MS, very poor are considered to be more than 2000 MS. With an unstable connection this window, you just roll, it doesn’t «eat» a lot of traffic (about 100 KB per hour) and will help your connection to be «in good shape», and at any time to monitor its speed.

Possible problems with speed

Here is a list of the most common problems with connection speed:

  1. limitations of the provider. The reason that the connection speed has become lower than specified, may be too much load on the network, achieving a certain amount of traffic, speed limits at different times of the day;
  2. server limitations. Not all sites have sufficient resource to maintain a high speed when large number of users;
  3. load your channel of communication with background apps such as update windose 8, downloading new virus database, work Trojans, spyware, etc.;
  4. the lack of computer resources. Outdated hardware, running large number of applications (including viruses that can work quickly) can cause the low speed of the Internet, even if they are not using it;
  5. misconfigured network equipment. Network card, router, modem – any of these devices at the wrong setting will affect the connection speed.

Video: low speed of the Internet — causes, diagnosis, Troubleshooting

The solution to the problem

In order to increase the speed of your Internet connection with low experience in computer setup, software, or additional devices the best choice is to appeal to professionals. If you want to understand how to know the reasons for data transfer with a low rate, we offer you to familiarize yourself with most effective way to solve this problem.

What if low speed of the Internet:

  • carefully read the contract for the provision of Internet connection. Perhaps the reason for the low speed lies in it.
  • consult with the technical support of your ISP. To the question «Why is my download going slow» go there many times a day and most of the reasons they know by heart.
  • install antivirus and firewall. If your computer is not powerful enough, it is better to use not too intensive programs. For example, Avira Antivir and Outpost Firewall. The latest in «learning mode» will ask you for permission to grant network access to any program. It would help to know which apps are using the Internet.
  • if you use a non-standard operating system (the beast, extreme, GameEdition etc.) it is better to replace the original. Often the reason lies in an incorrect adjustment of the shell.

Почему низкая скорость интернета

If the above steps have failed, try to change the settings of your equipment, namely the router.

Maybe it’s the passage of the signal through the router, very slow rate in this case may be due to the following reasons:

  1. at the same as you have the frequency of the neighbor router;
  2. the number of open channels results in either a slowdown or interference with the operation of the device;
  3. the signal allows to reach maximum speed;
  4. used outdated equipment or software on the router.

Change the channel in the router

One of the reasons for low speed Internet connection may be overloaded channel used router. If in your district there are several wireless networks with similar settings, it is likely that your routers use the same channels, which leads to the slow network.

To change the settings of the router you need to go to the control panel. To do this in the browser address bar to drive or, usually located at this address.

Почему низкая скорость интернета

There are looking for menu items which will appear the word «channel», you need to set the channel to auto, in this case, the device itself will look for a clear frequency.

The number of concurrent connections

Also pay attention to such parameter as the number of concurrent connections (the Current Connected Wireless Stations numbers or something similar). Level of protection home wireless connection is often not enough to stop skilled hackers.

To do this, manufacturers of routers have provided another opportunity of protection by limiting the number of devices. If you use a fixed number of wireless devices – feel free to specify the number, all the rest just can’t connect.

Measure the speed of wifi connections

If the suspicions about the reasons for lowering the speed down on the router, there is a simple way to prove or disprove. To know what your outbound (inbound) speed of the Internet today there are many online resources, such as: www.bravica.net, www.speedtest.net or programs NetWorx, DUTrafic.

Почему низкая скорость интернета

For example, in order to check why laptop slow connection you must turn off all programs that use the Internet. Next, you need to make measurements on the wireless device using one of the methods specified above. Then connect it using the cable and repeat the procedure. If the rate will differ by more than 10%, so the router really it lowers.

Ways to increase speed

  • Reducing the number of connections.
  • Installation auto-detect data transfer channel.
  • Replacement router, on a device that uses more modern communication Protocol or flashing the old (now considered the most modern 802.11 AC).
  • Connect to a router more powerful antenna that will give the best signal in areas with interference and improve data rate.
  • If your provider is running on the VPN and have the opportunity to change it – do it, choosing one that uses DHCP or PPPoE (static IP address).

Low speed Internet providers, MTS, MegaFon, ByFly, Beeline, Ukrtelecom

The majority of wireless providers, and sometimes cable Internet speed limit. The problem is the following – access to the world wide web is made through the same channels as the communication of which with good network signal speed will still be low.

With regard to cable providers, there is a problem of the same kind – to prevent network congestion, they set internal limits, often without coordination with clients. It can be fought only one way – complaints and persistent demands.

Let us consider what limits the speed of mobile Internet from different providers.


Depending on the tariff plan may be granted to 50 or 100 MB without speed limits, all that is over is limited to a speed of 64 kbps. There are monthly rates – 3,4,6,20 or 50 GB. After overcoming limit the use of the Internet is blocked.

Video: how to increase Internet speed


Offers monthly rates without limiting the speed of receiving maximum traffic and 70 MB 3,7,15,30 GB. After the exhaustion of this amount, the access to services blocked.


It’s a cable operator. Packages its services begin with a speed of 1 Mbit/s and over 50MB/s. However, note that wired Internet is also experiencing difficulties in areas where no fiber-optic lines and at the stated 1-2 Micah real Soroti admission will be 512 kbps, and the impact is 256 kbps.


The company now provides services to both mobile and wired Internet. Last speed varies from 10 to 100 Mbps, there are tariffs with the speed limit to achieve a certain threshold of traffic, there is without him. Mobile Internet differs only by the volume of traffic provided through a specific tariff. The stated speed is up to 256 kbps, likely to fall to 32 kbps, depending on network load.


Provides services like wireless Internet via 3G technology, which provides speed up to 7.2 Mbps, and fiber-optic cable connection, the speed of which can be up to 5 Mbps with unlimited traffic.

Lowering the speed of the Internet may have various reasons, from the banal limitations of the site before tampering with your equipment and working through wifi router of strangers. The first step to identifying the problem would be constant monitoring of the speed of your Internet connection by any of the above means.

If you are convinced that the understatement is present, begin to act on the above proposed plan:

  • calls to tech support provider;
  • setting or change of the software;
  • reflashing or replacement of equipment.

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