Why lose the settings for the router – setup guide

By | 10.12.2018

Why lose the settings for the router – setup instructions

Modern society cannot imagine life without a computer, mobile phone and of course the Internet, which allows you to chat with friends across any distance, to find absolutely any information and entertainment media.

Using a router allows you to link heterogeneous network heterogeneous structures and architectures that make decisions about sending data between different parts of a network based on the information about the type of network connection and the rules set by the administrator.

Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

For stable and continuous operation of the router it must first be configured, however, if after successfully completed steps the router is still confusing settings, it is necessary to check up correctness of connection of devices.

Most of the settings Wi Fi equipment, required for the normal functioning and access to wireless Internet include configuration of LAN connection, updating outdated firmware, configuring IP addresses and DNS.

Connecting the router

Depending on the brand and model of the device routers connect differently. Also be aware that every year manufacturers make updates to the web interface.

Appearance of all models has a similar design and package: cardboard box, inside which router, network cable and power adapter. The front of the device displays the indicators reporting on the behavior of the router and its interfaces.

On the rear panel usually located network connectors, the number of which varies depending on the manufacturer and model.

To associate a computer with a router should:

  1. insert the network JACK to the router and the other end of the network cable to insert into the network connector on the computer;
  2. then connect the power to the router by plugging the power adapter in the corresponding connector;
  3. next, you need to turn on the computer and go to the control panel and administration.

The entrance to the admin panel

After turning on the computer, it is necessary to wait until the stops flashing the power light on the router.

Then perform a series of operations:

  • open any browser, in the address field, enter;
  • in the case of an unsuccessful attempt (the registration window is not opened) it is recommended to perform the automatic assignment of IP addresses and DNS servers;
  • after a successful operation will appear in the admin panel.

Full customization of wifi equipment includes three stages:

  1. change the local network settings;
  2. setup wifi;
  3. the creation of an Internet connection.

Detailed description of the settings of these sections will be presented in the sections below.

Video: setting router TP-Link TL-WR743ND

What to do if you lost your router settings

During normal operation, the router router settings remain the same. Get off the computer settings and network card.

To save Internet users from headaches when you perform settings for wireless connection to the Internet in the case of frequent failures (e.g. power outage), come to the aid button in admin panel «Systemsetup», then go to «Setting Management».

Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

The menu item «Setting Management» allows to export properly adjusted the settings for Your router, and then you experience various kinds of failures, bottlenecks and conflicts to import the settings. The function is quite useful, as many fans of «digging» in the settings of the computer can randomly reset the router to factory.

A factory reset and firmware update

Before setting the router, you must install the latest version of firmware, this will avoid malfunctions.

To do this:

  1. to perform a factory reset. This step is performed by clamping on the router paperclip «RESET» for 15 seconds;
  2. to connect a personal computer to a wired network;
  3. make sure that communication between devices during installation has not been terminated;
  4. to update the firmware via the web interface:
  • on the startup tab choose «Advanced settings»;

    Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

  • then go to «Other»;
  • with the left mouse button to point to «Upgrade».

After installing the latest version of firmware for the router again to configure it according to instructions on the initial setup of the router. Also if you exported the settings, it is possible to import them.

Settings Internet

In order to make the setting local network connection, you need to perform the following operations:

  • go to the Control Panel;
  • go to «local area Connection»;
  • next, select «Information»;

    Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

  • make sure that the IPv4 default gateway =, otherwise close the window and able to go to «Properties» and record the specified address.


Address of the router is divided into two parts:

  1. MAK-router address;
  2. IP address.

MAC-address is the address of the router that is listed on the box of purchased equipment or on the bottom cover of the router. The address is given to any device that can connect to the Internet.

Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

Use MAC-address to require Internet users to change it to the address designated by the administrators of the service provider when you connect.


WAN – Wide Area Network, is a connection for the operation of critical functions performed in a connector on the housing of the router which is cable provider.

Usually this connector is signed on the body and painted blue. For WAN configuration in router models TP-LINK item called simply «Internet».

Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

WANотвечает for the parameters that provide the routers connectivity to the Internet.

Dynamic IP address

Providing ISP with a dynamic IP address allows you to perform the most simple and hassle-free setup of the router, because when the PC user will not need to configure PPPoE VPNи.

Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

PPPoE Connection

Required setup of broadband connection Proteopedia in that case, if the provider is attached to the user’s computer a static IP address.

To configure the broadband connection>Raena routers TPLink need:

  • select PPPoE;
  • to enter a user name and password assigned by your ISP (usually specified in the contract);
  • to establish the inseparable connection, click «Auto-connect»;
  • be sure to save the settings;
  • to expect at «Connected».

Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

VPN connection

If after turning off the router get settings, then the problem definitely lies in the incorrect settings of the VPN connection or incorrectly assigned addresses.

To setup the VPN on the router TP_LINK(on most models routers settings differ slightly), Go to the administration panel in your browser, then open «Network», then find «MACclone».

To create the connection via L2TP Protocol with a dynamically generated IP address on bidirectional VPN router you need to choose «L2TP/RussiaL2TP». This will allow to access resources of the Internet service provider.

Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

Configuring local area network

Next, we consider how to configure the local network.

To do this, follow a few simple steps in control panel:

  • go to «Network connections»;
  • go to «local network Connection», choose «Properties»;
  • in the appeared window select «Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)» and below «Properties»;

    Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

  • depending on the services provided by the providers you select «Get IP Address automatically» or «Use the following IP address».

If the contract customers are provided with static IP address, enter specified in the contract addresses in the fields IP address, subnet mask, default gateway.

Wireless network and its security

With the development of IT technology and the Internet, there is a need for additional network protection. It is considered that the security of wireless networks threatened: invasion of the network, eavesdropping of traffic, and the violation of the physical integrity of the network.

Wireless security will enable you to enhance:

  • masking the SSID;
  • maintain list of trusted MAC addresses.

    Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

  • the use of WEP encryption.

Personal data of Internet users often may become available to third parties, illegally intercepted the network’s signal. Such actions can also lead to identity theft and other intentional acts.

To create a WEP encryption, you must navigate to the control panel, and select:

  • «Control center network and sharing»;
  • «Connect to a wireless network manually»;

    Почему сбиваются настройки для роутера – инструкция по настройке

  • «Security type»;
  • «WEP».

This topic gives an overview of the most common settings for access of the personal computer to the Internet by using a router.

If you experience persistent problems with the Internet connection, it is also possible the fault is not only with the router settings, but malfunctioning network adapter or router.

On many routers the settings are confused after disconnecting it from the network. Follow the settings specified in the article, and with a probability of 90% the router should work.

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