Why is quickly discharged IPhone 4s

By | 10.12.2018

Why charge quickly IPhone 4s

If you are the person who owning the iPhone 4s’s always carrying a charger, select a place at the table near the outlet, and said that quickly drains the iPhone 4s, then this article is for you.

We will tell how to make favorite gadget kept charge two and sometimes three days. Don’t believe? Believe me, it’s possible!

The most common reasons why the battery begins to lose charge:

  • enabled location services;
  • load your email;
  • many applications run in the background;
  • is the effect of parallax;
  • the screen brightness is at maximum;
  • permanently included Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • set to automatically download;
  • Spotlight works;
  • included auto-update apps;
  • running Airdrop;
  • activated push notifications;
  • working iCloud services.

    Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

If you solve all the problems mentioned above, then even an old and worn battery will hold long enough! About what to do with each item will be described below.

Clean the device

IPhone 4s is a smartphone running the operating system iOS. This OS allows you to run applications in the background. If you look on the one hand, there is a lot of possibilities. For example, you can play the game, then hide it, and then when we have free time to continue playing. The same is happening in the application.

But there is a negative side. Not all of course, but almost half of applications, even in stealth mode and continues to work, and therefore eat the battery. In the end, the iPhone 4s very quickly.Games, this virtually does not apply, but the program will have to close.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

We strongly advise you to remove all not necessary software from the phone, clean the internal memory.

The easiest way to clean the phone from all unnecessary using Phone Clean. She is not only able to remove the software from your phone, and clean the files that appear in the process of working with a smartphone.

Video: 10 tips to extend the

Location services

Smartphones from Apple are constantly asking for your location. Each program requests access to it. Have you ever noticed that? Certainly noticed!

Almost all allow the software access to geolocation, but few people know that this thing is this one is exceptional, as are regular and frequent requests to GPS. If the iPhone 4s was quickly discharged, the cause can be in location.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

We recommend that you leave access location only maps. If you don’t need it I turn off GPS, as it is even in idle mode able during the day to pick up a few precious percent charge.

If geolocation applications is still required, then put in the settings so that the query is done only when you enable the app, but not always, even in the background.

The download of mail

In some cases, the iPhone loads the mail and displays a message about the new letter. If you really need it, you have to sacrifice a few percent per day. If the mail does not come anything urgent, it is better to fix this.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

Applications in the background

Iphone 4s is a smartphone, and almost all users use them to the maximum. Games, software, applications, social networking… All of it turns on and off throughout the day.

Few people realize that a lot of programs running in the background, accordingly a good battery they consume. We strongly recommend to clean the background apps.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

Be sure to close those apps that just concealed.

To view a list of them, you need to:

  • double click the Home button.

Remember, the apps in the background consume battery power.

The parallax effect

Parallax is a function that can create the illusion of depth of the screen. Some she just doesn’t like it, and some noticed that the battery after you upgrade the operating system began to get much faster. Experiments have confirmed that parallax effect on the battery life of the smartphone.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

Now let’s talk about how to disable it:

  1. go to iPhone settings;
  2. select the item «Main»;
  3. then «Universal access» and click on reduce motion;
  4. After that the screen will not be 3D display. Apparently not so beautiful, but the charge will save.

The brightness of the screen

In traveling from the bottom menu has a strip with brightness. Drag the slider to about the middle, and you will be comfortable to use a smartphone day. At night the brightness can generally be omitted to the minimum level.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

You don’t use airplane mode

If there are only a few percent of the battery, and you don’t need cellular communication, feel free to turn the airplane mode on. This function completely disables the cellular network (roughly speaking, you now have in your hands is the iPod).

The fact that the phone most strands included cellular network, if it is disabled, even a few percent of the battery will be able to maintain the operating status of the smartphone for several hours.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

Mobile Internet

If you have access to Wi-Fi and you use it, the mobile Internet is better off. This is especially true enabled 3G network. Surfing the Internet using 3G can put a smartphone battery in just a few hours of use. Wi-Fi refers to the battery more sparingly.

Disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at least a little, but still drain your battery, especially if enabled at the same time. If you do not use these functions, it is best to turn them off.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

Automatic download

Automatic download – a useful feature that is that in phone to fully automatic loaded all previously purchased in the Appstore and iTunes. Function is of course good, but if long work offline you more, then best to disable it.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

Too much debris in the Spotlight

Spotlight is a function that allows you to find the Apple device files that meet the search criteria. This app constantly checks the file system of the phone for any changes to it. If you rarely use it, we suggest that disable.

To disable you need to:

  1. go to the settings;
  2. click «main»;
  3. select «Spotlight Search».

    Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

Update apps

Updating content apps much runs down the battery, especially if you have a lot. This feature appeared in the seventh version of iOS. The main feature is that the app gets updates even when it’s not running.

Automatic updates can be disabled completely, or partially, leaving only update those apps that need it most.

In order to disable the automatic updates, you must do these simple steps:

  1. go to the settings;
  2. select category «General»;
  3. click on the «Update content».

Enabled Airdrop

Airdrop is a technology by which users of Apple devices have the ability to share files between your devices through use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Feature is not much popular, some not even imagine what it is, but still, in most cases, it is included. So why spend a charge for what you do not use?

What to do? To disable you need to:

  1. to push the bottom cover;
  2. click on the word Airdrop;
  3. click on the word Off (or Off).

    Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

Push notifications

Push notifications are audible and text notification of missed call, message, updates, and so on. Suggest to turn them off, or leave only the necessary. How to disable? It’s simple!

Only need:

  1. go to the settings;
  2. open the «notification Center»;
  3. to go into each app and disable notifications.

By the way, disabling this notifications will save not only battery, but also the nerves of the owner of the smartphone.

Turn off iCloud

ICloud – service storage of personal data of people in the cloud. So you can keep music, videos, photos, documents, contacts, mail, calendar, and more. So, if you all don’t need it, if you use your phone purely for communication, then you can safely disable it.

Почему быстро разряжается Айфон 4s

Starting with iOS 5.0, iCloud with no problems turned off in the settings.

As you can see, the conservation of charge mass, just … don’t use them all together, as the phone can turn into anything not capable of brick.

If the battery there are very few, and no place to recharge, then unplug everything except cellular communication. If the battery is old and worn, the integrated application described above some tips will allow you to live the smartphone in the morning until the evening without charging.

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