Why is it important to quality antivirus protection?

By | 10.12.2018

Why is it important to quality antivirus protection?

One of the main threats to information security of the company to this day remains virus attack. The fight against computer viruses – this is a classic «competition of armor and the projectile.» The emergence of new viruses leads to the emergence of new, more powerful means of dealing with them, which in turn causes the appearance of new viruses. According to estimates by anti-virus companies, every day there is dozens of new viruses. Most of them rewritten versions of old viruses, and pose little danger, but there are fundamentally new, carrying the threat of large enterprises.

The damage annually caused by viruses already in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Modern viruses can also destroy corporate information and stealing it. The viruses still susceptible to virtually all computing devices: from smartphones to personal computers, and to predict where it will be followed by another attack, is not easy.

Почему так важна качественная антивирусная защита?

Fighting viruses is one of the main objectives of information security. Simple installation of antivirus software the problem is not solved: the essential a balanced complex of software and hardware that prevents the penetration of threat and minimize its consequences if the invasion happened.

As in many related fields, executives have to choose to contain whether a private security service or to give it on outsourcing, in whole or in part. In part antivirus the outsourcing model looks much more preferable than providing their own service. In addition to the General advantages of outsourcing, in this area the key point is that a specialized company can look at the situation more versatile and to evaluate it objectively. For example, traced the emergence of a new virus, the outsourcer can quickly assess the degree of threat to their customers and to conduct preventive work more quickly and efficiently than internal customer service.

Although above it was more about how important it is for companies to protect their computer technology, individuals this applies not less, because almost all PC users today store on their devices, a lot of important information.

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