Why is heated for IPhone 4

By | 10.12.2018

Why hot IPhone 4

The problem of overheating of the IPhone 4 worries everyone, without exception, the owners of such gadgets. The only difference is that someone has this problem is stronger and someone is almost absent, but the fact remains: the IPhone 4 is overheating at all, and sometimes the overheating is accompanied by the rapid discharge of the battery.

Possible causes of heating

There are several causes strong overheating of the IPhone 4.

A smartphone can be very warm:

  1. in the running game, which has a high expansion;
  2. when watching the film that a lot of «weight»;
  3. in General, any action that heavily overloads the CPU.

In such processes the heating is fine.

Почему греется Айфон 4

In addition, overheating may be:

  • damage;
  • shake;
  • the ingress of water into the body of the IPhone.

After such incidents it is better to contact the service.

When charging

One should distinguish between the heat of the IPhone 4 while charging (when the phone is connected to a charger). The first is to check whether the correct charger is attached and not loose is the connector. Manufacturers claim that little heat when charging – this is quite natural.

This means that if your smartphone is connected to the charger, and a little heated – that is in order. If it is strongly heated, it is recommended to disable the phone from charging, allow to cool and reconnect.

Почему греется Айфон 4

Batteries that are installed in the IPhone 4 does not have memory and this means that they can be recharged any time and not necessarily in a continuous cycle. Very harmful for your its use at the time of charging.

At a time when the smartphone is connected to the memory, it is better not to run games or movies. Such use of the IPhone may lead to the failure of as the charger and the battery.

When rapid discharge

Many complain that the iphone 4 is heated and quickly. The most common cause of fast discharge of the IPhone is to synchronize Icloud.

All forget about it and in combination with a permanently active data transmission via the mobile network. For best operation of the device it is better to avoid total discharge of the battery.

For correct charging requires that the battery indicator remained at least one division to the beginning of the time of recharging. If the battery goes down completely and give it off, it can lead to failure of the battery or a short circuit, or other equally unpleasant consequences.

Video: Apple iPhone 4 not included

When you turn off

It often happens that the IPhone 4 is already off, and still heats up. This situation in principle should not happen, because unplugging the appliance should give him a «rest.» Well, if it really happened, it means that the phone needs to reboot.

Then the device just needs time to adapt. In other words you just need to give the phone to cool down and restart it. In most cases, this action solves the problem.

If such difficulty persists, and rebooting will not help, it is best to deal with this problem in service center.

When you enable

If Arron 4 heats up when turned on, it most likely indicates a short circuit. You should check the entire power supply system on a short, or difficulties with the software. Such heating is most dangerous for iPhone.

iPhone 4 is heated and is not included

If the iPhone is not included the first fact the reason for the lack of battery. Even if it was recently fully charged still better to check: is that the gadget runs out quickly such as winter cold or frozen applications.

Still need to check the efficiency of the charger itself, for example, on another phone. If it so happened that the gadget when charging is strongly heated and does not respond to the power key, then in most cases it says about the closure.

To solve this problem very easy and for this you need to:

  1. open the back cover of the device. Under the rear panel near the battery there is a protective screen charge controller. if at this point to connect the charger, then the controller will become extremely hot. This situation occurs most often after the IPhone died completely and he turned off;

    Почему греется Айфон 4

  2. remove one «extra» capacitor. After removal of the capacitor need to close the protective screen of the charge controller and connect the charger.

Methods of eliminating

There are several ways that will help to solve the problem of overheating of IPhone.

For this you need to establish the cause of the overheating, it could be:

  • energy-intensive process that is always accompanied by overheating;
  • short circuit;
  • reasons that require in-depth diagnostics.

Well, to solve the problem is quite simple:

  1. if the cause is a short circuit, it is necessary to repair the short;
  2. if Athos is overheating due to the large consumption and energy consumption, it is necessary to give the camera a rest after such intense work;
  3. if the device was badly damaged from mechanical impact, falling or fell into the water. Should immediately take it to a service center.

    Почему греется Айфон 4

There are several reasons for heating the iPhone 4 and not all of them are critical.

There are energy consuming processes which are always accompanied by heating of the phone is:

  1. charging phone;
  2. talking on the phone;
  3. viewing of film or video.

But if the IPhone 4 is heated for no apparent reason, or he warmed up very much and it is not functioning, then it is a critical situation, and there are several options to solve it.

If the phone fell or got water or something similar, then its best to take to service center, where specialists will help to eliminate breakage. There are also treatments that will help to solve such trouble at home, without the services of specialists.

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