Why is Google Chrome slow and what to do

By | 10.12.2018

Why is Google Chrome slow and what to do

Sometimes it happens that when you open pages in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome begins to slow down. You must quickly determine the cause of this phenomenon and eliminate it.

As this may be the result of quite serious problems of a software nature. To cope with the «brakes» in various ways.

Determine inhibits whether the browser

Signs of the presence of brakes and glitches in Google Chrome quite a large number.

You need to take immediate action if:

  • after switching on you have to wait a long time until the application starts and displays the home page;
  • in the process, all the items become faded and would «fade»;
  • when you scroll the web page down the slider «sticks»;
  • the launch video is very long;
  • the program does not responds to any user actions for a long time.

In the presence of the above signs it is possible to assert with confidence that the browser starts to brake. Reasons for this phenomenon may be quite a large number. That is why to eliminate them, you must consistently use a variety of ways.

Clearing history and cache

Sometimes to understand why it slows down the browser Google Chrome, simply. The reason may lie just at high speed – this application provides caching for fast display of the requested content.

Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

But with a lack of free space on the hard disk or just because of the very large amount of data the app can start to run very slowly.

In such a situation, you just need to make clear the history and cache.

To remove all present on a PC loaded with data, you need:

  • open settings app – click on the icon with three stripes in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • click on the words «show advanced settings»;

    Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

  • find the «clear history»;
  • select the period in which the cleaning – it is best to choose «all time»;
  • be sure to check the box opposite to «images and other files stored in the cache»;
  • confirmed this process by clicking on the button «clear history».

Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

If necessary, you can delete the various other files in this way. It is sufficient to place a checkmark in the appropriate label with the mouse. In most cases clearing the cache helps to significantly speed up Google chrome.

Remove the extension

Google Chrome, like many other modern browsers, involves the installation of a large number of different extensions. They can perform various functions and to make using the application very convenient.

But not infrequently, different kinds of plugins are the cause of bugs, slowing down the operation of the program. This is especially noticeable when playing videos online.

Disable some or all extensions in very many cases to solve the problem of this type.

It can be done like this:

  • open the menu by tapping the three-bar icon in the upper right part of the screen;
  • find the section «additional tools»;
  • click on «extensions»;
  • next to each plugin there is a «remove from Chrome» — click on this inscription;
  • a box opens – click on «remove».

Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

Some extensions for different reasons, may affect not only the speed of the browser but also the entire computer. It is important to carefully observe the list of installed plugins.

Updated GoogleChrome

Considering the browser has existed for a long time and ported on many platforms. Created an impressive number of its versions. It is important to remember that the web pages have a lot of very different elements. To successfully to display them, you need the appropriate software.

Often the cause of slow performance is the old version of the programme. To cope with this kind of problem can be a simple update.

This operation is carried out as follows:

  • open tools menu browser icon with three stripes in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • select the item called «Update Google Chrome»;
  • after performing the upgrade you should click on «Restart».

Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

A program of this type may itself signal the presence of updates.

The icon in the upper right corner should change your light:

  • green is the update’s been available for two days;
  • orange – it is possible to download updated versions for four days;
  • red update has not been completed for weeks.

Ad blocker

The greater the bandwidth of the Internet channel, the more advertising is present on the user’s screen. It may be the factor that allows the present application can function stably. Resolved this issue with a simple ad blocker.

This action can be as follows:

  • go to the official site of Google;
  • find the section, where you can download various kinds of extensions;
  • wanted a plugin called Adblock Plus;

    Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

  • click on «install».

After the installation is complete, the PC screen will appear the configuration window of this plugin.

You should put a checkmark in all three points:

  • lock malware;
  • remove buttons of social networks;
  • disabling tracking.

    Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

In most cases, the above extension allows to handle problems with a very slow operation. There is also a built-in lock.

If brakes videos on Youtube, change the flash player

Adobe quite a lot of effort invested in the development of a product for viewing videos on the Internet. Unfortunately, the flash player from this manufacturer has many disadvantages and causes problems with my Google Chrome browser.

Therefore it is possible to carry out switch replacement. There are quite a number of alternatives.

First of all, you just need to turn off the flash player.

Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

This is done as follows:

  • in the address bar you must enter about:plugins;
  • click on Enter;
  • a window will open where you need to click on the plus sign to the right of the screen where the words «More»;
  • click on the words «disable».

Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

After that, you should check whether the changed speed of Google Chrome. If Yes, what problems were associated with the Adobe product. You must remove it in the same section, and then choose an alternative on the official site and install it. New player for flash will be a similar extension.

Reinstallation of the browser

Sometimes it happens that all the above methods do not bring any desired effect. In such a situation it is simply necessary to carry out the reinstallation of Google Chrome. This operation is quite simple and normally takes minimum amount of time.

It is executed in the following way:

  • open the «start»button;
  • find the «control panel»;

    Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

  • click on «add or remove programs»;
  • select the Google Chrome;
  • click on «remove» and perform the on screen display instructions.

After successful uninstallation, you should restart the computer and download a new distribution file from official website manufacturer. You must use only official resource, since otherwise the probability to install with a built-in virus or other malicious software.

The installation is as follows:

  • the distribution kit downloaded from the Internet;
  • the user twice clicks on it;
  • opens the conditions of the agreement click on «accept and install».

After installation is complete, it is desirable again to restart the operating system. Then test the functionality of the newly installed software. Such drastic measures to troubleshoot usually help to cope with problems of this nature.

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Change the user profile

Google Chrome implements such a handy feature, as its own account. The user is prompted to create a personal account, which will contain all necessary for comfortable work information.

It happens that the problem of slow performance lies in the user’s profile. In such a situation, you can try to just change the account.

This process is carried out as follows:

  • on the homepage find the triangle, near which is marked the name of the account;
  • click on it;
  • a small window opens, which will contain button «exit» — activate it.

    Почему тормозит Гугл Хром и что делать

After performing this action, the profile will be inactive, you can create new or use old. It is often used in the accounts lies the cause of the problem to be addressed.

This app used to work on the Internet is quite convenient and fast.

But it is necessary to periodically clean up and to monitor the amount of extension. Otherwise it can start to slow down, work will become very problematic.

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