Why Internet slows down on the computer and what to do

By | 10.12.2018

Why Internet slows down on the computer and what to do

Modern technologies give the opportunity to develop speed up to one Gigabyte of household users. But the slow connection does not allow you to fully enjoy all the benefits of the information age.

Internet can be slow for many reasons, starting from viruses and finishing problems on-line. With proper skill, the user can cope with most problems. But first you need to find them.


From hacker programs and modules of the Internet begins long shipping information.

There are a number of assumptions, which allow to determine the presence of virus software:

  • you cannot remove files;
  • your computer freezes;
  • there is advertising in the browser while working;
  • constantly there are error messages;
  • does not work ctrl+alt+del (call task Manager);

    Почему тормозит интернет на компьютере и что делать

  • do not run programs;
  • blocked access to some folders;
  • CPU loaded at 100 percent, despite the lack of running programs.

If you work anything of the above, you need to scan your computer for viruses. If you have an antivirus program you should think about the alternative. As the established software module is unable to cope with the task.

Before checking the need to update the virus database to the latest version. If you are interested in what programs can help in this situation, the best curing utility Cureit is considered to be developed by the laboratory of Dr. Web. It performs deep scan and can eliminate the most dangerous viruses.

Почему тормозит интернет на компьютере и что делать

After the treatment, the best solution is to change your antivirus tool. One of the best free apps considered Avast. He has a minimal load on the system and provides decent protection. Alternatively, you should consider Kaspersky Internet Security.

Also need to check the firewall and configure it to work with programs that have a connection to the Internet. Moreover, it is important to avoid questionable sites. That they often contains malware.

Video: Slow Internet? Change the DNS settings

Operating system

Sometimes the reason that strongly inhibits the Internet is the operating system itself. For example, such a situation is possible when the system drive is full and OS cannot access necessary records. It is sufficient to remove a portion of the data from the system drive to get rid of this defect.

The best option is to delete old restore points and temporary files. Be sure to empty the trash. Remember, storage space for sent data is reserved on the system hard drive.

Additionally you need to take care of registry cleaning. It is better to use CCleaner. He carefully erase obsolete entries without causing harm to the operating system.

Почему тормозит интернет на компьютере и что делать

If after carrying out of preventive works the download speed is still the same, perhaps the reason lies in the poor quality build of the OS. An unlicensed version Windowsчасто don’t work well with the network.

For example, the computer is not getting IP, lost ping or at the very beginning were installed unstable drivers. In this case, the only option is a reinstall.

Antivirus and firewalls

In some cases, complications occur due to antivirus. This is due to the fact that the program checks the information when loading web pages. If the validation algorithm is too complex, and packets of information large — download will be long.

Почему тормозит интернет на компьютере и что делать

Disable the network time screen to test this hypothesis. If the stream data receiving has increased, then it’s the antivirus. The best option would be to change your defense of the utility, lowering your security. Or, you can find an alternative program that will use fewer system resources.

Poorly configured wireless equipment

Most users prefer wireless routers to connect devices to the network. Incorrect configuration can lead to unauthorized access and the reduction of speed when downloading through a router.

So you need to install data encryption, and related settings. It will not hurt to change the password more complex. In combination it is best to use numbers and letters.

Limitations of the router

To set limits, connect all devices to the network. Then go to settings and turn on the filter MAC address. In the appropriate fields, write the data of the connected gadgets. Make a few test calls in the Internet.

Почему тормозит интернет на компьютере и что делать

If nothing has changed, connect the computer directly to the cable. When changes are detected, we can conclude that the reason the router itself: its characteristics are not enough to ensure the comfort of surfing the net.

Then proceed according to the following algorithm:

  1. go to the official website of the manufacturer;
  2. download an updated firmware;
  3. install.

Some operators are engaged in the creation of unique firmware for the routers they sell. Try to install it as well. Also keep in mind that most articles written only the ability to connect to the network to up to 100 Mbit/s(Ethernet 100 Mbit/s). This does not mean that the device will work with the same speed.

When you select the router you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Static IP;
  • Dynamic IP;
  • PPtP;
  • L2TP;
  • PPPoE.

They point to the real data transfer between WANи LAN. These indicators are published on the pages of the manufacturers or independent test labs. The last attempt to increase the speed of the router is a switching device in the bridge mode.

Video: speeding up the Internet

After reinstalling Windows download

Check whether your laptop system requirements new version of the OS installed. Test the network on other browsers. Make sure to use the latest version of the search engine. If not, do update.

It is not necessary to write off incorrect functioning of the installed in automatic mode drivers. Visit the website of the motherboard manufacturer and download the appropriate software. Then replace.

Important! Sometimes in order to achieve good performance on the new OS need to increase RAM or to implement more radical modification PC.

Faulty network card

Problems with network cards hard to see. The device may normally be determined by the system to respond to the cable, but it does not mean it is healthy.

The best option would be to connect another PC to test the Internet on it. If everything is in order, try to reinstall the drivers on the first computer. Ideally, you need to install another network card and try to download data from any site.

Some maps have the function of Full Duplex. It can be found in the Speed&Duplex or Connection Type. Install the download at 10 Mbps. If the device is faulty — it will help for some time to stabilize the channel until it is replaced.

Почему тормозит интернет на компьютере и что делать

The defect cable in the apartment

When the broken cable system usually shows that the network is not as such. Without specialized equipment the location of the cliff can only be found manually. After the detection of damage need to twist copper wires and isolate them.

Attention! If you decide to replace the cable, consider not only the number of pairs, but the presence of vitaprost.

Почему тормозит интернет на компьютере и что делать

Otherwise, after replacing the speed will be extremely low. It is logical to assume that you’re interested in how to make sure that the cable worked steadily?

There are some simple rules that must be followed when routing the wires in the apartment:

  • lay the cable so as to exclude all possible influence on him — this is best done on top;
  • use the drill to create holes in walls, interior doors should not break the wire;
  • use special protective baseboard for protecting wires;
  • avoid twisting.

These simple precautions will ensure long and reliable operation of the cable.

Problems on the line

After all of the above methods, the speed increase has been tried — is to test the speed of exchange of data packets with the provider. To check the line is to run the file Ping.exe. It is usually located in the System 32 folder. To save time use the search bar.

Почему тормозит интернет на компьютере и что делать

Instead of specify your gateway. The data packet size of 1500 bytes. Run the ping. If everything is in order, it will be such a picture, as above. In the event of inscription «timed out for the request» — please contact our technical support.

To resume the download speed of the files you will have to find the problem by process of elimination. In most cases, for Troubleshooting enough knowledge advanced user and desire at a high speed to obtain information from the network. In particularly difficult situations have to contact the technical support.

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