Why inhibits the Mozilla Firefox browser and what to do

By | 10.12.2018

Why slows down the Mozilla Firefox browser and what to do

The article considers the problem of slowing down and malfunctions of the popular browser MozillaFirefox. Over time, with constant surfing the web pages, the browser starts to brake. To speed up the work quite easily.

Incorrect loading of a web page, disruptions and sudden shutdown suggests that you need to take steps to restore operation of the application.

Configuring plugins

Plugins – special additional browser-based tools for viewing different content. Plug-ins open in the browser window, or integrated into the active page.

Почему тормозит браузер Mozilla Firefox и что делать

Plugin installation takes a minimum of time. Very often a user installs a plugin which is not tender in the future and forgets to shut it off. Plugins work in the background, slowing down your program.

Plug-ins Mozilla not deleted but you can disable them. If the plugin is part of one of the browser extensions, you can remove it, then with the extension removed the plugin.

To remove the plug-in is only possible through programs and features in the computer control Panel.

If Your browser is set too high, the number of different plugins, while Firefoxis constantly slow, please follow the steps:

  1. to disable the browser plugin open the menu with the Firefox button in the upper left corner of the window. In the list tab will appear «add-Ons, open it;

    Почему тормозит браузер Mozilla Firefox и что делать

  2. once the plug was opened, on the left, click «Plugins». Browse the entire list of enabled plugins. Disable unnecessary. Optionally, all plugins can be enabled in the future;

Configure extensions

Extensions are apps for your browser. They allow to block unwanted ads on web pages, download audio and video from various Internet resources and performs many other functions.

If the browser slows down greatly, this may indicate a large number of installed extensions:

  1. to view the list of extensions and disable them, go to the «Advanced» window tab extensions;
  2. after disabling each extension, restart the browser. You can at any time enable the extension back.

    Почему тормозит браузер Mozilla Firefox и что делать

Disabled browser extensions can not be adjusted, it needs to re-enable them.

History cleaning

All the data about visits to the web pages, saved passwords, cookies, information about downloads and extensions – all this is accumulated and stored in the database browser. Uncleared browser history is another issue why firefox slows down.

Accelerated browsing experience with clean history.

Почему тормозит браузер Mozilla Firefox и что делать

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. turn on the browser menu;
  2. find «the Journal»;
  3. erase recent history with the help of the corresponding menu item. In this case, it will erase all your browser history over the past hour;
  4. to improve the efficiency of the browser and fix problems in his work, clear your browser history for all time.

Video: Adobe Flash Player blocked

The Folder «Prefetch»

Every time you turn on your computer, Windows always keeps track of which programs are most often opened by the user and what files work. All these data are stored in the form of small-size files in the «Prefetch» folder prefetch.

Each time the computer system accesses the files in the folder prefetch, thus speeding up the download process priority for user files and programs.

In order to add the application in the folder «Prefetch» and make it a priority each time you start the system, follow these instructions:

  1. on the desktop locate the shortcut to MozillaFirefox;
  2. click the right mouse button and select Properties;
  3. in the new dialog box, click the Shortcut tab;
  4. in the object field to the append line of the text / Prefetch:1 as shown in the picture below;

    Почему тормозит браузер Mozilla Firefox и что делать

  5. click OK and restart the browser;

The program is now added to the folder prefetch. Download software, and her work will be accelerated.

Firefox slow after update

The developers of Firefox quite often release updates for the browser. Some users began to complain about the frequent slowdowns and crashes the program after installed updates.

The easiest way of solving this problem is to not install updates browser. In Firefox there is no automatic installation of updates.

Почему тормозит браузер Mozilla Firefox и что делать

In order to roll back the installed update browser:

  • download the previous version (penultimate version of the updated browser, as a rule, differs from the new only numbers – the penultimate version has the value one less);
  • install it without uninstalling the updated version of the browser.

Clearing the browser history when you exit

In Firefox, each user can configure the auto-delete your history each time you exit the browser.

To configure auto-purge follow these steps:

  1. go to the settings window of the browser via the main menu.
  2. click on the tab Privacy. This opens the configure settings for tracking and clearing the browser history;
  3. Put a tick near the text «Delete history upon exiting browser»;

    Почему тормозит браузер Mozilla Firefox и что делать

  4. instead of the text «to remember» in the drop-down list, select «use custom settings for history»;

Now all history will be deleted when you exit the browser, the database will not be overloaded with unnecessary information, and the browsing speed will increase noticeably.

SpeedyFox utilities and Firetune

Firetune is a specialized utility for the Firefox browser, which is designed to ensure that the user can adapt the program to suit your needs. The utility allows you to pick up a set of add-ons that will eliminate the problem of constant braking and failures.

You can download the program from the official website. Always download the latest version of the utility, thus it is possible to get rid of the errors and incompatibilities in the work programs and computer system.

Почему тормозит браузер Mozilla Firefox и что делать

The program Firetune attached detailed instructions for use and settings.

SpeedyFox is a small free application to effectively improve the performance of the Firefox browser. You can download the program from the official website of the developer.

After installing the program SpeedyFox close the browser. Run installed tool and click Speed up my Firefox.

Configuring the Windows registry

In order to improve the performance of programs, including the browser, you can configure the Windows registry.

The registry is the system tool that is needed in order to view and change system settings applications and system settings.

Почему тормозит браузер Mozilla Firefox и что делать

To change the registry settings of the computer can only advanced users that will not harm the system. The essence of optimization of Firefox using the registry is to deleted from the registry, all hidden extensions and files browser.

The article reviewed all the major ways to optimize browser MozillaFirefox. All instructions and guidelines will help You to establish the work program.

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