Why heats the battery in the phone and sits down

By | 10.12.2018

Why hot battery in the phone and sits down

If your phone heats up and rapidly discharged, it should not overly worry. First, the reason for this can be found several. Secondly, if the unit was recently purchased and is under warranty, then you just need to contact the store where you purchased the cell phone.

For starters, it is important to find out the cause of the heat and depending on this to fix the problem. If active and continuous work with the phone often heats up. This behavior is normal and at the end of the operation, the temperature will return to the previous level. However, under no circumstances the phone should not become uncomfortable to use.

Causes heat

When heated, the phone is very important to determine what part of the apparatus exposed to high temperature.

Depending on this should be guided by the following recommendations:

  • with increasing temperature the back of the device it is recommended to remove the battery and determine its condition. If the battery overheats postoyanko, it should be changed. The old battery can also cause an increase in temperature in General;

    Почему греется батарея в телефоне и садится

  • overheating the front of the phone the reason lies in the touch screen, the temperature of which at the delivery of work on it increases considerably. In some cases, the cause of the elevated temperature of the device may be incorrect operation of the processor;

    Почему греется батарея в телефоне и садится

  • another common reason for overheating of the phone is a powerful hardware set inside. This is especially noticeable when purchasing the newest model. Manufacturers in the pursuit of compact size and high performance of the new phone models often neglect the cooling devices;
  • for phone overheating is often caused by running multiple heavy applications that consume a huge amount of resources;
  • defective or damaged battery can cause a rise in temperature of the phone. It is extremely important to correctly charge the battery. It is recommended to use only original batteries;

    Почему греется батарея в телефоне и садится

  • common causes of overheating are mechanical damage and contact with water. Because of these effects occur short-circuit, disconnection of the contacts and damage components.

The reasons for the discharge

Having ascertained the cause of heating the phone, and, as a consequence, the rapid discharge of the battery, not only can you protect yourself from buying a new phone, but also to understand what I need to do, to save battery power.

Phone runs out quickly for the following reasons:

  • the old battery;

    Почему греется батарея в телефоне и садится

  • incorrect battery charge battery immediately after purchasing the phone. It is extremely important the first time you charge the battery for 15 hours in a passive state;
  • simultaneous operation of a significant number of applications;
  • the constant activity of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi;
  • timer setting of the auto light switch on for a long time;
  • high brightness display;
  • the essential functioning of the Internet, gaming and entertainment apps, viewing photos and videos without recharging;
  • the battery is in bad condition or aftermarket battery.

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Methods to solve these problems

There are several effective way to solve the problem of overheating of the phone:

  • use only one type of connection to avoid constant switching;
  • to reduce the frequency of the processor. Consider this method in more detail.

Often users of their smartphones overclocking the CPU, which result in functioning at a higher frequency, thus increasing the device performance. The downside of this solution is the significant increase in temperature of the apparatus.

Почему греется батарея в телефоне и садится

Accordingly, if, to do the opposite, specifically to reduce the CPU frequency, the device must be heated considerably less.

Really, it is. In addition, the battery will be discharged less. If you lower the frequency from the powerful processor, in performance you will not lose anything, unless you play in the game.

To reduce the CPU frequency should be set to Root, custom kernel or firmware, such as CyanogenMod, and then using the app SetCPU to change the CPU frequency.

In order to avoid overheating, you must adhere to certain rules, namely:

  • do not put the smartphone dense cover without ventilation;

    Почему греется батарея в телефоне и садится

  • avoid exposure to the sun or other heat sources on the device;
  • when it is used to keep it all tightly with his hand, to leave a space that he was able to «breathe»;
  • not to overdo the device connected to the charger, as it can fail, and his temperature is markedly enhanced;
  • it is recommended not to run too many demanding applications simultaneously, so that the smartphone was not fully loaded, and his memory was not filled on 100%. When you are finished with the program, it must be close. You also want to turn off all services not needed;
  • it is important to periodically monitor the temperature of the device.

Based on the above, it follows that the temperature of smartphone will rise only if the permissible loads.

All components of the electronic device is under heavy usage, tend to radiate heat waves but during prolonged operation, due to the lack of cooling systems can cause unwarranted concern of the owner of the gadget at the increase in device temperature.

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