Why does the computer restarts unexpectedly

By | 10.12.2018

Why does my computer spontaneously restarts

If your PC has started to spontaneously reboot, then most likely the problem is inside the system unit, not software, so don’t rush out and change the operating system.

The reasons for the restart of the computer can be mass, but in this article we will discuss only the most common.

Causes and solutions

The main reason is that the computer reboots by itself– overheating or the video card, or CPU, but it is not all possible causes for this strange behavior of the PC.

The most common include:

  • insufficiently powerful power supply unit;
  • the marriage of RAM;
  • improperly installed driver;
  • incorrect work of RAM
  • the lack of free space on the hard disk;
  • voltage fluctuations;
  • the presence of computer viruses.

    Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

Overheating of CPU or video card

The most common cause of overheating is a bad cooling. First of all you need:

  1. remove the cover from the system unit;
  2. to test the fan as the video card and the processor.

Please note that they should be easy to rotate, it does not stop even for a moment, not to make any extraneous sounds.

Even if the coolers are spinning normally, still there should not be balls of dust and pet hair, the dirt can also be a cause of overheating. The photo below shows so the fans are running. To such it is better not to bring, as the same graphics card or CPU can just burn out over time. Regular cleaning of the computer should take place.

Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

Computer reboots all the time due to overheating. How to fix?

If the problem is really the graphics card or processor, then you can fix all simply. Just need to clean the coolers from dust, grease them, at least to replace. As for the CPU, then there should also clean the fan and replace the thermal grease and still.

Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

I guess that it is overheating, you can download a special tool that helps to monitor the temperature of processor and graphics card. The Internet is full AIDA 64 Everest and will be a great options. In addition, such utilities are supplied with drivers for the motherboard.

Insufficiently powerful power supply

The reason, of course, rare, but it happens that due to insufficient capacity of power supply, the computer periodically reboots.The problem is that when buying a computer, people rarely think about whether they picked up the power supply will be enough power for stable operation of the whole system. But again, you need to test the theory.

Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

Before you go to the store for a new unit, I advise you to first take it with friends, it is advisable to choose more powerful, and then to try to work or play with toys. If all is stable, then it’s time to buy a new PSU.

When choosing a new power supply you just need to take the characteristics of the entire equipment installed in the system unit, and then add in a bunch of its power. Proceeding from it then selects the power supply.

If you are looking for an inexpensive option, then choose the BP at least twice as powerful than the resulting amount of power as cheaper options to a maximum of 80% of the match is written on the packaging parameters.

The marriage of RAM

If the RAM is of poor quality, has a defect and it may also explain why the computer turns off. If there is suspicion, then you should definitely check out strap.

Especially for this on the Internet there are lots of programs that can carry out a full test of RAM and find out if it has defects. The most popular tool is called Memtest86.

Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

If there is no confidence that will be able to test, borrow from friends the same strap, popolzuyutsya them for a few hours. If all goes well, the computer does not reboot, then it’s time to buy a new RAM.

Faulty software

The computer may randomly reboot due to the fact that some program is improperly installed or operating properly. The same problem can be inside the operating system, there may be a crack appeared. It can be. Here everything is much more complicated than the hardware problems, failure to identify is not so simple.

All software malfunctions can be resolved by uninstalling recently installed programs, you install and configure the operating system. It is important not only to remove malware, and to understand how it got on your computer, it will help to avoid problems in the future. If the cause was never found neither in the hardware nor software part, it is still to change the operating system.

Drivers working

Wrong drivers – the next problem with the software part, where the computer may automaticallyresubmits. If install is not compatible with Windows drivers, this can cause the system to start, respectively, will retry again and again.

To solve this problem, you should do the following:

  1. to enter safe mode;

    Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

  2. to remove the driver,
  3. from a place to put a new operating system compatible;
  4. to reboot your PC.

Malware removal is also better done in safe mode. If you do not know what to remove, don’t know what caused the reboots, you can roll back the system to the date when everything was still in order.

Another solution is just to disable automatic restart Windows when it detects problems. It should be noted that this method likely will carry a few days.

Video: Cyclical reboot

Work OP

Incorrect operation of RAM may be the cause of frequent computer restarts. In order to know what it is, will have to test separately each bar. Here you can use previously mentioned program Memtest 86 +.

Very often the problems start after installing a new module of RAM. If so, then run to change the bar under warranty, otherwise, if much to delay, the money will not return.

Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

For checking you can use programs that are capable of the maximum load the RAM, then it will see if it works correctly, or is there something to worry about.

Often PC users don’t even know what RAM needs to be replaced, don’t know why the computer recently started to fail.

Not enough space

Perhaps the reason for the reboots of the computer lies in the fact that on the local disk has insufficient free space for comfortable work of the operating system.

To solve this problem is to immediately remove all unnecessary files from your computer, especially the partition where the system is. If you’re kind of removed, but exactly much space is occupied is not clear what, you’ll have to reinstall Windows.

There are several ways to remove unnecessary information from the hard drive:

  1. be sure to use the built-in Windows utility. A very useful tool that helps wipe the partition with the OS installed from unnecessary and temporary files. Be removed that does not affect the performance of the system;
  2. go to «control Panel», there select «Programs and features». On the screen appear the sign, which will be marked all the programs installed on the computer. Remove all unnecessary, even that takes up almost no space;

    Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

  3. standard cleaning Windowsконечно as useful, but still it only removes the files created by the system and not third party programs. For example, if you use any browser except Internet Explorer, ie, browsers Google chrome, Mozila, Opera, Maxtron, and other, all files created by them will remain even after cleaning, and it can even be several gigabytes. In this case, it becomes essential for beginners program CCleaner;
  4. toRoma have already said there are other methods. For example:
  • find and remove duplicate folders and files;
  • disable saving of file recovery and delete already saved;
  • to disable hibernation. The fact is that when you log into hibernation creates a file hiberfil.sys that takes up space equal to the size of RAM.

If you apply all the above tips in the complex, it is possible to achieve substantial savings in disk space, speed up computer, and, accordingly, to avoid unexpected reboots of the computer.

Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается


Viruses are one of the main reasons that can explain the regular OS reload. Mind you, the viruses begin to operate immediately, but the next time you turn on the computer. The best option to get rid of the malware in this situation – to start work in safe mode, and from there to upgrade the operating system and antivirus protection.

After that is in the same mode to check the scanner antivirus for Trojans, spyware and other nasty files.

Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

The second way to get rid of viruses is to do a system rollback to the day and time when everything was working properly. This can be done in the same safe mode and inserting a disk with the operating system.

Also, what to reinstall Windows, it is possible to recover the. Once all adjusted, immediately install an antivirus and scan your hard disk again.

If a serious virus that has infected more than half the files, then alas, your only option is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows. All files will be lost, but the computer will work.

Power outages

This problem appeared frequently, especially in the last few years. The fact that modern apartment is downright full of electronic equipment, and it also needs power from the electric grid.

People have a special system electric heating, convectors, boilers and other equipment, the capacity of which exceeds the capacity of a personal computer.

Now just imagine the street came the night, came home, turned on all this equipment… There is not even surprising that began to frequent interruptions, this is a standard phenomenon to which you are accustomed.

Почему компьютер самопроизвольно перезагружается

The computer is too overloaded from power surges, and power supply, not to give to burn some component, it just reboots the system. Believe me, it’s much better than buying a new power supply, because if you do not reboot, he won’t last long.

To deal with surges is not so difficult, but you’ll have to purchase either a UPS or a voltage stabilizer.

The article addressed the most common causes of spontaneous reboot of a personal computer. If nothing of the above did not help, we urgently need to bring the computer in for repair, skilled craftsmen will do everything at its best.

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