Why does not the sound on TV via HDMI

By | 10.12.2018

Why doesn’t sound on TV via HDMI

You have a small laptop, and thus you love to play games or watch movies. Next is equipment with a large screen. You can always combine these two devices and get real pleasure from favorite activities.

You connect your PC, set a positive intention, runs favorite toy. Starts loading the video but the music is not. Don’t worry, this problem in most cases easy to fix. The main thing is to understand what causes it.

Problems in the connectors or cable

Before deep settings and downloading the drivers, you should understand everything in order with the cable. The connection uses a normal HDMI cable. It has the same ending on both sides so no matter which end where to insert.

Most often problems related to the cable or connector is as follows:

  • loose wire in the socket. It’s possible that you inserted the cable to the end, in this case, the video can be played, but no audio;
  • defects on the cable. Single wire od of frequent use or improper transportation could be damaged. As a result, the signal does not reach the equipment. The problem is solved simply – try another cable;
  • wrongly chosen nest. Some devices have multiple HDMI outputs. It’s possible you inserted a wire in one slot, and by default chose the other;
  • plug in the laptop directly connected to the motherboard. She does not produce signals. In this case, in addition to the HDMI wire you will need and other compounds, separately responsible for audio support;
  • mechanical damage to the connector. If not a tight fit of the cable or faulty connector, audio course, wakes be reproduced;
  • connection via DVI-HDMI. If the adapter does not have a dedicated output for audio signal, music won’t be played.

    Почему не работает звук на телевизоре через HDMI

Important! Connection of your equipment to produce better after you disconnect it from the network.

Check the volume controls

Further, to establish the reason for the lack of audio through the cable, check the volume controls. In other words, maybe the volume is set at zero.

In the playback equipment to add volume using the remote control. Also check if the button that disables it.

If the instrument is the volume at the desired rate, go to the computer. In the lower right corner is the icon that looks like a speaker.

Почему не работает звук на телевизоре через HDMI

Important. In some versions of Windose icon may be absent, then the control panel should be accessed via «start», «sounds and audio devices».

Clicking on the icon with the left mouse button, pop up menu control. A separate slider for the master volume separately for devices that support High Definition Audio. Make sure that both regulator are zero.

When you press the right button on the icon will open the volume mixer. Check whether all controllers are in the upper position. If all parameters are inactive and are gray in color, possible a problem in sound device or driver.

Video: How to transmit a sound on DVI — HDMI?

Image adjustment

Consider the algorithm works on setting image.

Click the right mouse button on the desktop. In the menu that appears select «screen resolution».

In the opened window there are several options for picture settings.

  • the first paragraph is «Extension». Here we select the optimal setting for your TV. Automatically, the system offers 1920×1080. It’s possible that your instrument supports and best quality;

    Почему не работает звук на телевизоре через HDMI

  • the second point is «Orientation». Here are offered a choice of two options – landscape or portrait. Almost all modern appliances have a landscape orientation;
  • third paragraph – «a Few screens». Here are offered a choice of several options. When you select «Duplication» on the TV will be the same as on the laptop screen. If dilution of these two devices do not match, the image will be fuzzy and distorted. Clicking the same item to «Expand» will be a continuation of the TV monitor. You can even change the screens in some places.

At the bottom is the item «Make primary monitor». If you pre-select the desired equipment and select this option, then automatically it will displayed all the actions that occur on the computer.

To consolidate all manipulations should be divided by pressing the button «Apply» and then «OK». All image adjustment is completed.

Почему не работает звук на телевизоре через HDMI

As for playback equipment, each model its own settings page. Important to establish that the source of playback is the HDMI cable, and then select the appropriate script. Whether it’s watching a movie or sports. Settings are standard, as well as to connect your laptop.

Not working sound via hdmi

The cause of the fault may lie in the incorrect settings on your computer. So you already checked the cords, made the debug of the volume level, and the signals did not appear. Let’s set the original settings on your PC.

Do the sound setting

If the TV plays the signal, but the computer is a good picture you can try the following solution to the problem.

  1. go through the «start» button in the menu «control Panel»;
  2. open in the panel sub-item «Hardware and sound»;

    Почему не работает звук на телевизоре через HDMI

  3. there is the «Sound» section. If you can’t find it, use search option in the start menu. In search enter the word «sound» and your operating system will automatically find the needed section, which is located in «control Panel»;
  4. when pressed, POPs up a window with four options: «Contact», «Playback», «Sound», «Write»;
  5. we need a item called «Play». It shows the devices that can play music. In this menu you should change the settings of the fixture;

    Почему не работает звук на телевизоре через HDMI

  6. a green check mark that displays on the playback equipment that can stand next to «columns», which means that the audio is piped through the speakers;
  7. in the same menu item «Playback» select the device «Digital audio» and put a tick opposite to him «Use default»;
  8. now in front of the selected instrument will appear as a green icon means audio will indulge in through the cord to the TV where it will be played through the speakers;
  9. fixed manipulation done by pressing the «OK» button. The changes take effect.

If the cause of failure lies not in something else, then the signal should start playing.

Other problems

In addition to these problems, which is not reproduced by the music and speech via the HDMI cable, maybe others.

  • check out the first performance of the sound card. To do this, click «device Manager», open the tab «Sound, video and game controllers». There, you should see your audio device. If it’s not there or near it have an exclamation point may be a driver issue;
  • disabled the service “Windows Audio”. In the menu «Service», which is in the «control Panel» and sub-item Administration, check whether the checkbox «auto» next to the desired service. If necessary, turn it on;

    Почему не работает звук на телевизоре через HDMI

  • the problem with the sound device driver. In Windows 7 driver update is simple enough. First remove it, then do a computer restart and, thanks to the Plug and Play system, it should update automatically. For Windows XP driver replacement more challenging. For a start he must have to be on disk or downloaded from the Internet. Then using the upgrade wizard, do the replacement;
  • video player options. The reason for the lack of sound can be the incompatibility of the player. Try another one.

When properly connected, modern equipment automatically makes all necessary settings. You just have to attach the HDMI cable

from the computer to the TV and the default should appear and the corresponding picture and audio.

If the video is depicted, and you can’t hear anything, do not rush to make radical actions. Check out, for starters, whether the slot you inserted the cable firmly if he went. Also check elementary, twisted, whether the regulators. Only if these steps did not help, then handle the change of settings.

If by failed to understand, you can always contact a reliable service center in which quickly solve all the problems.

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