Why does my computer shuts down by itself

By | 10.12.2018

Why my computer shuts down by itself

Often, there are times when the simple user, after a long period of normal use, the computer suddenly begins to disconnect. Quite often the reason for this is quite easy to handle on their own. Try to understand – what is happening and how to fix your problem.

The causes of PC shutdown and their solutions

Disconnect the computer may due to many different reasons, among which are both software and hardware. In General, you can roughly determine what the reason for the behavior. So if the operating system fails to start to boot – there is a high probability that is hardware problems.

Otherwise there may be problems of any nature, including software, often due to various kinds of malware. However, you first need to know why this happens.


Different types of programs creating many troubles for the users, moreover, self-propagating, there is a great variety. There are those who after start-up shutdown of the PC.

Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

Analyze – what to do to either eliminate this option or fix the problem.

You first need to create a bootable disk or flash drive with antivirus software. On the websites of the manufacturers of antivirus software are free for this kind of images with full instructions on creating bootable disks. While this will need a healthy computer with Internet access.

Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

After creating the drive, you should:

  • to boot the «problem» computer (you may need to include in the BIOS to boot from optical drive or flash drive, but many PC just press F8 during start and select the drive);
  • after successful download, you should run a virus scan using the antivirus software;
  • in case of successful removal of malware reboot – usually the system begins to operate stably;
  • if after treatment, the OS fails to boot, then required reinstallation.

    Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

Note. A full scan can take a long time, up to several days – depending on the number and nature of recorded information as well as the overall system performance.

If after checking the system similarly disconnected during operation, or does not have time to boot – then the problem is definitely a hardware nature.

Low power or a faulty PSU

When PC don’t even have time to start the download, or the previous version clearly indicated a hardware problem, it is often the cause of problems to become a secondary power supply in the computer. Or, alternatively, is simply too low voltage of AC 220V.

Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

You first need to check the voltage of the AC power. This may help, or «electrician friend», or universal instrument multimeter. Ideally, the voltage should be 220 Volts, but a deviation of 10%. Ie at 240 or 200 V power supply should work fine.

Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

In the case of voltage deviations beyond permissible limits, you must either solve the problem, referring to the electrician, or install a voltage regulator, which represented a sufficient number.

In the power supply if the problem is not the power outlet may be faulty the following (when the computer is turned off periodically):

  • emergency shutdown, as a result of overheating – perhaps a failed cooling fan or internal part of the power supply is badly polluted;
  • physical degradation of circuit components (often capacitors) – usually after the «warm-up» begins to work normally;
  • excessive load of the components of the system unit is emergency shutdown, as a result of overload;
  • the alarm signal from the motherboard is faulty the built-in converters or others. (though it’s not BP himself).

What you need to do to fix the situation:

  1. clean PSU from dust and dirt – it is best to use compressed air to «blow out» the dust from inside of unit (vacuum in this case ineffective);

    Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

  2. to test the cooling fan – when you turn (even if it has the automatic adjustment of the speed) it needs to rotate, that is visible through the ventilation slots of the housing;
  3. disable some not important at the moment, consumers inside the system unit – the optical drive, additional hard drives (except the system);
  4. try to replace PSU with a known good computer, with more power – one of the most effective methods.

    Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

By and large, if cleaning the dust solved the problem, it’s good. In other cases (except for the variant when the system is not working with a known good PSU) secondary power supply is best substitute. But the integrity of the system with known good power supply the problem lies in the other components.

Overheating of CPU or video card

After prolonged use or if the original marriage of some components, it is possible that when the computer turns off due to overheating of critical components. For example, the cooling radiators of the Central or graphics processor can «overgrow» dust and cease to perform their functions.

Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

If your computer shuts down by itself after 5 minutes of work, the first thing to check is the cooling system.

On initially pay attention, tell the nature of the behavior of the PC:

  • trip occurs almost immediately after loading the OS (in this case first felt «trolling» and «hang») is the most likely cause is a malfunction of the cooling system of the CPU;
  • the computer works fine until I get any significant load, insufficient cooling of the CPU or graphics card;
  • operation is possible as long as no major load the graphic part (any of the three-dimensional game) – insufficient cooling of the GPU.

When to use software tools to determine the elevated temperature is not possible in the BIOS appear quite adequate values (because the load in this mode is not available), you should simply conduct a visual inspection and preventive maintenance of your cooling systems.

You first need to make sure that the cooling system is securely fixed in their places, and the fans on them (if any) are rotated without any extraneous sounds and efforts. When the fan is very noisy, or difficult rotates, it should be replaced.

Prevention is made WITH the following (simply):

  1. demountable cooling systems, CPU and video cards.
  2. the cleaning (purging, flushing) the radiator from dirt and dust;
  3. cleaned the contact surfaces of the radiator from the old thermal interface layer (it is often said that thermal paste);
  4. cleaned the contact surface on the graphics and the Central processor;

    Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

  5. the processors apply a thin layer of fresh heat-conducting paste;
  6. WITH back mounted.

However, there are occasions when prevention does not work (either the computer is new). In this case, maybe the cooling system simply can not cope with the task, because it lacks productivity. This can be as incorrect calculation still in production, and loss of efficiency due to wear.

Therefore we need a more subtle approach, which is useful also in the case of one-off issues that have not yet resulted in a serious problem. In addition, this control will help to prevent the emergence of problems.

Video: Computer turns off

High temperature, the values we learn in AIDA

All the basic PC system equipped with built-in components control and self-diagnosis. So the CPU, graphics card and chipset, equipped with temperature sensors. Their testimony can be seen in the BIOS or use special software in the operating system.

Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

One of the most common programs of this type (as well as possessing many other useful functions) is AIDA. Because she’ll use. Of it does not require installation – just download and you are ready to run. The program you need to download the appropriate version. If you have 64 bit OS version (now there are already the majority), and the AIDA64 program is necessary.

The launch itself is done by double clicking on the Executive file of the program (aida64.exe or aida.exe, respectively, for 64 bit and 32 bit versions). After starting, the left side of the program window (titled «Menu») select the «Dashboard», then on the right displays the readings of all temperature sensors available on the system. It is useful to check temperature readings when working the most demanding applications, because under load they rise.

Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

The temperature should not (ideally) exceed 70 degrees Celsius. However, many powerful solutions allow heating of the crystal up to 100 degrees. However, the lower the temperature the better. When it comes to a critical point – the conclusion is obvious – the cooling system of the corresponding component fails.

Why the computer turns itself off

The above are only the basic, most common problems. However, things can be much easier. For example, can easily sink the power button on the system unit. Having little experience – can such a defect is easily to identify by touch, but not move to exclude this option the more accurate methods.

For example, it can simply be disconnected from the motherboard by running PC manually closing the appropriate contacts. If the computer stopped off reason defined. Will only remedy the defect.

Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

In many cases, it is necessary to start with this position. But if the cause is not in the button, then go to check other possible options described above.

Turns off after some time, what to do…

Analyze – what is the algorithm to determine the fault of this kind:

  1. check the power button on the PC – if is faulty, then eliminate;
  2. visual inspection of the components of the cooling systems in the presence of strong pollution generated by prevention;
  3. control input voltage and producing a diagnosis of BP;
  4. check the software component – loaded OS with a dedicated external media and are looking for malware;

    Почему у меня компьютер выключается сам по себе

  5. monitor the temperature of key components during operation using the software AIDA – nonconformities resolved.

In order to perform all above operations, you must have at least minimal knowledge of the PC build. If the problem is failed (which is unlikely), you should contact the experts. Although it is possible to replace an entire PC, which is also the exit.

In the end, is considered the main part of arising problems with spontaneous shutdown, according to statistics. In 99% of cases the problems are these are relatively simple causes. To eliminate them is not working.

However, malfunction of a different kind, with similar symptoms, such as unstable operation of the DC / DC Converter on the motherboard (applies to the graphics card). In this case, you can either replace a major component, or to contact the service center.

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