Why do brakes Muff and how to fix

By | 10.12.2018

Why the brake Muff and how to fix

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular modern browsers are constantly improving and developing, but from the problems in the work is not insured and he.

It happens that the browser starts to slow down or not responding when you run multiple pages at the same time. What to do in this case? What causes this condition? We will consider in this article.

Disable plugins

Plug-ins are special add-ons for your browser that allows him to recognize certain types of content. Sometimes when plugins are too many, mozilla firefox begins to slow down, because their correct operation is required more and more resources.

In this case, to increase the speed of the browser, consider disabling some of those add-ons that are used least often.

This can be done in the following way:

  1. open the «Tools» section located at the top of the window;
  2. go to «Extras»;Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить
  3. click on the tab «Plugins»;
  4. to view the proposed list and choose the ones that you want to disable;
  5. click in front of it and «Never activate» from the pop-up window;
  6. the status will change to «Disabled» (again, it can be activated at any time by following the same steps);
  7. restart the search to make the changes take effect.

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

This procedure will help to unload the browser and get rid of freezes while working.

Disable extensions

A similar problem arises with extensions that can extend the browser functionality. They serve a variety of goals – access to social networks directly from the browser window, downloading music and videos, eliminating advertising, protection from viruses and spyware.

Unfortunately, their work also consumes system resources, and the search engine, which may lead to its inhibition.

What to do in this case?

Will again disable unused add-ons:

  1. open the «Tools» menu of the search engine;
  2. go to Manager «add-on»;
  3. open the section «Extensions»;

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

  4. going over the list and select those items that you use rarely or don’t use quite;
  5. in front of each of them and click «Disable»;
  6. restart the browser that the change is in force.

Clearing the cache and history

When you work in a special folder accumulates a cache from many different websites, and the story starts to count a lot of pages. The result of this single — inhibits Muff. To avoid such trouble from time to time to be cleaned.

Here’s how:

  1. open the section «Tools», then «Settings»;
  2. click on the tab «Privacy»;
  3. click on «Delete your recent history»;
  4. a special window will appear where you mark the «Cache» and choose «Delete now»;
  5. to clean your browser history go to the «History» located on the top panel;
  6. note the «clear recent history» and a new window, in front of a row Delete, select «All»;
  7. click on «Delete now».

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

Attention! To clear the cache and history you can also use the program CCleaner and its analogs.

To clean with CCleaner we need:

  1. download and install the program (distributed free of charge);
  2. run it and go to the tab «Clean» (active by default);
  3. in the menu, checkmark the program, temporary files which will be deleted (in our case Mozilla Firefox);
  4. click «Analysis», then the utility will find all the unnecessary files and offers to remove it;
  5. click «Cleanup» and wait for the process to complete;
  6. CCleaner will indicate what amount of free space on the disc freed.

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

Important! We recommend not to neglect cleanings of the cache and history, and from time to time to carry out them as a preventive measure, not allowing unnecessary files accumulate on the computer and affect the operation of a search engine.

Remove custom plugins

Mozilla Firefox has one feature: the search engine has no built-in tools to remove installed plugins that have become unnecessary.

If we are accelerating the work of the browser, then they need to go, and doing it this way:

  1. click on the «start» button and open the main menu;
  2. go to «control Panel»;
  3. go to «Programs» and click on «Remove programs»;

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

  4. in the opened list find you want to delete the plugins and select them one at a time with the mouse;
  5. their top menu, select the item «Delete», then the element and its components will be deleted;
  6. restartable «Mozilla».

Automatic history cleaning when leaving

If you do not want every time to manually delete the history and cache, then there is another way to build from automatic deletion. Thus, when you start Firefox will already be relieved of all junk files and so can run faster.

Configured it like this:

  1. click on the menu button and select «Settings»;
  2. the transition to the panel «Privacy»;
  3. in the «History» referred to «Firefox Will: use…»;
  4. it’s note the «Clear history when Firefox closes»;
  5. next, click on the «Settings» button located next to it;
  6. open the cleanup settings, which you must also choose «Cache»;
  7. click «OK» and exit;
  8. close the page (changes will be saved automatically).

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

The utility SpeedyFox

To expedite and optimize Firefox, you can also use special utilities, for example – SpeedyFox or Firetune. All you need to do is download and install them. The program will automatically set the optimal settings of the browser.

We will describe this process:

  1. close search engine;
  2. download the program and run SpeedyFox;

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

  3. in the program menu, click «Speed Up My Firefox» tool will start scanning and optimization settings;
  4. after the process is complete, close it and run «Firetune»;
  5. choose the option «Quick connect» and select «Customize»;
  6. restart your computer to make the changes take effect.

Muff slow after upgrade

If Mozilla is slow after update – there may be several reasons. The first and most common one is hiding in running processes. Just press «Ctrl+Alt+Del» and check that it loads the system and affect the operation of the browser.

The second reason may be incorrect installation of updates. In this case, it is recommended to update it again, or completely reinstall the program. You can also use specific tools that help to optimize its performance, for example – Firefox Ultimate Optimizer.

Video: keep the momentum going and speed up

Reduce the consumption of OP

One of the main reasons why the browser can start to slow down, is excessive consumption of operating memory, which means that the system simply lacks the resources to maintain its normal operation.

In this case, we can use the following:

  1. run Firefox;
  2. in the address bar, enter «about:config»;

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

  3. press «Enter» and get to the page settings;
  4. in the list that appears, find the line «browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers», set its value to «0»;
  5. then click the right mouse button and select «New» then «Boolean»;
  6. call the new parameter «config.trim_on_minimize», and its value to the prescribed «true»;
  7. exit the settings and restart the program.

Attention! When you make changes to the settings and strictly follow our instructions, because any other actions on this page may cause errors in Mozilla.

Speed up loading of sites

To accelerate the download sites with the help of acceleration. This process requires caution and strict adherence to the instructions outlined below.

He does so:

  1. opens Firefox;
  2. in the address bar, typed «about:config»;
  3. in the new window, find «network.http.pipelining» (you can use the string «Filler» to search) and click on it, set to «true»;

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

  4. next find «network.http.proxy.pipelining» and do the same thing;
  5. another parameter – «network.http.pipelining.maxrequests» set to «32»;
  6. then create a new parameter and name it «nglayout.initialpaint.delay» is set to «0»;
  7. now for «network.dns.disableIPv6» set to «false» and for «content.notify.backoffcount » – «5»;
  8. for «ui.submenuDelay» (if not – create: «Create», then «Integer»), set the figure «0»;
  9. and last – for «plugin.expose_full_path» specify «true» (if not – create again);
  10. close the settings and restart the program.

These manipulations will help to reduce the load time of websites.

Change settings at the expense of the Prefetch folder

This will greatly increase the speed of Firefox.

So, we begin:

  1. we find on the desktop shortcut of the browser;
  2. click on it right mouse button and select «Properties»;
  3. go to the tab «Shortcut»;

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

  4. pay attention to the string «Object» then after the address and the quotation marks need to add the word «prefetch»;
  5. click «OK», saving the changes.

Nastroika the Windows registry

To get rid of problems with braking and the hang of the search engine can help change settings in the registry:

  1. click on the «start» button and open the Run window;
  2. here enter «regedit» and press Enter.

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

  3. using Windows Explorer, open «MozillaPlugins», located in this directory: [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE];

    Почему тормозит мазила и как исправить

  4. select «Delete» to clear the section;
  5. then, using Notepad, create a text document, name it m, after putting the point in name «cmd»;
  6. open the document and write in it «[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMozillaplugins] [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432nodemozillaplugins]»;
  7. save the changes and close the document, then double click on it to run;
  8. open search any video and confirm the proposed installation of the plugin.

We hope that our tips helped you to cope with problems in working with this search engine. If you have any questions or you want to share your own observations – use the comments below.

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