Why can not turn on Skype on the computer

By | 10.12.2018

Why not turn on Skype on the computer

Skype is a very popular program for communication between users on the Internet. In addition, the app allows you to make calls to any phone in many countries at favorable rates, send text messages, hold conferences and so forth.

Naturally, as with other programs, with Skype there are problems and quite often. Fortunately most of them solved quite easily.

Consider the main types of issues with Skype:

  • error at startup;
  • problems with the connection;
  • the impossibility of entrance;
  • the problem with the transmission of video or sound.

Possible causes

Possible problems with running quite a lot and they arise for many different reasons, nevertheless the majority of troubles can be quite easy to fix.

Consider the main causes of problems with starting Skype:

  • carelessness in entering the registration data;
  • problems with the network;
  • viruses;
  • incorrect configuration of antivirus software;
  • technical failures.

Many users at startup get error and cannot connect because of their own carelessness. Many incorrectly enter the username and password, and often do forget to connect to the network.

Correct operation is only possible when the Skype is connected and properly working Internet. If there is no connection, Skype does not work for this reason. Technical work on the provider side, poor quality and other problems will lead to impossibility of use of the application.

Почему не включается скайп на компьютере

Most often problems due to poor network performance experienced by users of mobile Internet. You may receive a message that failed to establish a connection with the server.

Another common problem – viruses and other malicious programs. These pests can disrupt any applications and cause data loss.

Even installed antivirus software is the software can not guarantee 100% protection.

Themselves and the firewalls can also bring a lot of problems in the case that have not passed their upgrade or the configuration is incorrect. In this case, usually case, the system gives an error that Skype is not included. Can reports of connection problems and so on.

Почему не включается скайп на компьютере

Technical failures on the side of the servers of the developer meet very rarely. In this case, the problem is experienced by many users from all over the world. Eliminate these types of problems very quickly. They don’t usually require intervention from the user.

Video: can’t log in to Skype using your login

Ways of solving problems

Most of the problems related to the startup, the user can decide on their own, without the help of specialists.

Consider what steps to take in order to get Skype to work:

  1. to test the connection to the Internet.
  2. make sure you enter a username and password;
  3. to restart the computer;
  4. to perform system scan with antivirus utilities;
  5. update the anti-virus and firewall;
  6. reset;
  7. to reinstall the app.

Very often users experience problems starting because of their own carelessness, forgetting to log on to the Internet. So, first of all, make sure you connect to the Internet.

Почему не включается скайп на компьютере

In cases where to go for other resources obtained without problems it is necessary to pay attention to the connection speed. Speed too low may not allow the program to start. You may notice a sharp drop in the quality of the connection visually or use the dedicated resources for testing, for example, speedtest.net.

If the connection speed is too low or fails, check the status of account and to contact the technical support provider.

Your login and password is required to sign in Skype without it a further run. To avoid mistakes it is recommended to first enter your registration details in Notepad and just copy them to the login window.

Почему не включается скайп на компьютере

Rebooting the computer can often resolve many problems when you run the application. It is recommended to reboot the OS after installing any software or if you encounter problems.

Viruses are one of the main problems that cause failures in the software. If time does not make a system check and uninstall unwanted apps, then problems can not be avoided. In addition, 100% guarantee virus protection simply does not exist.

Run the scan, it is recommended that one or even several tools that are available on the websites of developers of antivirus solutions.

Почему не включается скайп на компьютере

Recommended utilities to check the system for viruses:

  • anti-virus utility Sheet company Doctor Web;
  • free program Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool;
  • AVZ;
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Scanning it is recommended to perform at the highest level and at the slightest suspicion rescan some other tool.

Почему не включается скайп на компьютере

Programs to protect your computer can also cause problems when trying to run Skype. This can be caused by not correct settings an outdated version or an incompatibility.

Consider the solution to the errors at startup related to antivirus and firewall:

  1. update to the latest stable version;
  2. to reset the settings to original position using the configuration menu or the app;
  3. replace the firewall and antivirus.

Additionally, it should be remembered that the use of «pirate» antivirus, downloaded from unknown sources can lead to big problems. Download apps only on the website of the developer.

Reset in some cases helps to eliminate error when entering the account and remove the incorrect configuration.

Почему не включается скайп на компьютере

The main methods of reset:

  • to remove shared.xml. To do this, click the «start» button and select «Run». In the window that appears you must enter %appdata%skype and click Ok in the opened folder delete this file.

    Почему не включается скайп на компьютере

  • complete removal of your profile settings, history and so on. In the menu «start» you should press on the Run option and type %appdata%. After clicking Ok opens the directory where you want to remove or rename the folder skype.

Council. If when you start Skype, you receive a white screen instead of login window, it is necessary to open properties of the shortcut by clicking on it, right click in the startup line add the /legacylogin.

Reinstall the application in some cases also helps to eliminate the problems encountered with the start-up, reset and install the latest version of the program.

Reinstalling Skype must be performed in the following sequence:

  1. to remove an installed program;
  2. to clear the %appdata%skype;
  3. to clean the registry using CCleaner or similar utilities;
  4. download latest version from official website;
  5. run the installer and follow the prompts.

Почему не включается скайп на компьютере

In cases where all of these Troubleshooting methods do not help, and access to Corinealdi, it may be advisable to download a special wearable version of or as it is called portable. It runs directly from the folder or make changes to the system.

Most of the problems with the launch of Skype users can correct yourself. In cases where it does not work you can contact technical support to developers or the user community.

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