Why black screen on laptop and it is not included

By | 10.12.2018

Why black screen on laptop and it is not included

Almost every Windows user faces a problem when the laptop is not included and has to witness only a black screen. We can say that this is almost the most common failure.

However, all may not be so serious and perhaps running for help in service center there is no need. First of all, you need to understand the causes of the fault. Maybe to fix the problem will with his own, without referring to specialists.

The cause of the malfunction

The reasons due to which user can turn on the laptop, can be divided into several categories. Among them:

  • the device could overheat, the result can be damage to the South or North bridges;
  • problems with the video card or processor;

    Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

  • also, the reason may be a fault loop, matrix, or illumination;
  • could be damaged the battery, but this happens rarely;
  • the problem is in the hardware settings of your computer;
  • RAM has failed.

In the last two cases with problems you can handle yourself at home.

To fail and to cease to perform his functions or that the item may be due to:

  1. mechanical damage;
  2. careless handling of equipment;
  3. overheating of the apparatus;
  4. moisture and different debris from entering the system.

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What to do if the laptop is long to power on and black screen appears

Black screen and the laptop turns on for a long time? The reason for this is not necessary can become broken parts. First, we should remember all the recent shenanigans done with the device.

If the unit worked intensively for a long time, it is likely overheating. In this case, the laptop needs repair by a qualified technician. Perhaps, before it was installed a new application or game. Then was restarted and the laptop did not turn on, it can be Windows errors.

Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

But first you should pay attention to whether the device is connected to the power supply.

If the laptop does not turn on when using only one battery. Maybe he’s just exhausted and panic makes no sense. In case with a charge of the full order, it is necessary to connect the computer to the network.

After the device was connected to the network, it joined without any problems, then the fault is in the battery.

Maybe it needs to be replaced. But if your computer still does not operate, you need to check whether all the plug in place and not moving away. Perhaps where something was bent or broken wire.

It is recommended to check whether the socket voltage. On each laptop there is a special light, which indicates battery charge and connection to the network. If all LEDs are illuminated and the device never turn on, perhaps the problem lies elsewhere.

Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

It can also be a problem with the hardware device settings. In this case, access to specialists optional. Basic steps to troubleshoot this issue, you can perform own without anyone’s help. This should reset the hardware settings. The following recommendations will help to cope with this task.

Reset hardware settings

What to do if you want to reset all hardware settings? To do this:

  • the user must disconnect the laptop from the power source;
  • pull out the charger from the socket;
  • remove the battery;
  • next, press and hold for 20 seconds the power key (on) of the device;

    Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

Important! Press and hold the button for such a long time is necessary in order that the laptop was removed, the residual charge.

  • then you insert the battery or connect the power supply system;
  • enable laptop;
  • after select «Normal startup Windows»;
  • press the Enter button.

If these steps do not help to solve this confusion is to move to the next item.

The health check screen

If the laptop the first time does not activate, and the screen is black maybe the problem is in the screen. To find out for sure, you need to check the efficiency of the computer screen.

This recommendation should be used only if the key has been pressed power and then the laptop began to show signs of life. That is:

  • started to work hard drive;
  • the noise of the cooler;
  • lit indicators.

However, the image did not appear, you should connect the notebook to an additional monitor. Generally, all laptops have a special connector in order to connect another. If after rebooting the device operating system is loaded, then the fault is in the screen.

Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

In this case, you should contact the service center and consult with experts.

Reset BIOS

Maybe the problem with black screen appeared immediately after the user has made some changes in the main BIOS setup. In such a situation, you must reset these settings and return to the factory, that is the original.

To perform this task must adhere to the following instructions:

  1. as soon as the laptop was enabled immediately, click F10 and hold it for at least 10 seconds;

    Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

  2. then should open the BIOS itself;
  3. then, press the F9 key is already;

    Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

  4. continue to click Enter (these actions will help to go back to the original settings);
  5. the next step will be again pressing the F10 button;
  6. to the new settings have been saved you need to click Enter;
  7. then you should reboot the device.

If after reboot the computer works as before, it means all problems were fixed. However, if these machinations are not brought positive results, it is recommended to proceed to the next step.

The reinstallation module OP

The display may not appear due to problems with contacts and due to failure of memory module.

In this case, to solve this problem by:

  1. extraction of RAM from the laptop;
  2. then, it is recommended to perform a purge of the connectors in order to get rid of blockages.

    Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

If there is only one plank of RAM and it allows for multiple free for her connections, change the connection.

Important! This method can be useful in case if the device had previously been exposed to water. Before starting work slot to ensure that the equipment is completely dry. If moisture is still left you need to wait some time to dry.

Before doing removing the RAM to see with detailed instructions and strictly adhere to these recommendations.

Manual extraction of RAM:

  • before you begin to work on dismantling the device, it must first disconnect from the power source;
  • pull out the battery;
  • the next step will be loosening the bolts that hold the cover where the RAM;

    Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

Important! All bolts have different sizes. Therefore it is better to group along the length, then to avoid confusion.

  • if a separate compartment is missing, you will need to remove the back cover of the laptop (it is recommended to do this carefully so as not to damage the device);
  • the RAM is mounted with the clips on either side, they must bend;

    Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

  • only then can you remove the RAM;
  • also do not forget about purging connectors;
  • you can then swap them (if available);
  • you can then insert the memory module back;

Important! It is worth considering that OP should insert only under the angle of 45 degrees. It should be securely fixed in the grooves. Recommended easy to push on the bar top. This is necessary in order to work the latch clips.

  • the next step is to assemble the laptop;
  • then, it is necessary to put in place of battery;

    Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

  • to connect the network;
  • to turn the unit on.

There are nasty cases where the fraud is not able to give proper results. The latter solution may be to reinstall the BIOS.

To cope with this task you need to:

  1. to get to the Internet portal of the manufacturer;
  2. go to section category drivers;
  3. in the search box to enter without errors laptop model;
  4. to find and download a version (latest) BIOS.

    Почему черный экран на ноутбуке и он не включается

In the downloaded archive should be detailed instructions. Following it is possible to reset the BIOS.

In addition, the user should be aware that you perform these steps to reinstall only necessary in extreme cases. For starters, the right thing would be to contact the service center and will rely on the professionalism of specialists. After all, the problem with turning on the computer may be not in the BIOS, as the graphics card or other details. The reasons can be very different.

These recommendations will help to solve the problem of incorporating the laptop and black screen in that case, if the failure is not technical in nature, and all the fault of your hardware setup. You can save time and money on campaigns and maintenance of expensive service centers. Because this failure can not be called serious, and it can be handled by yourself, while not having the relevant skills. m

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