Why are headphones not working on laptop or computer?

By | 10.12.2018

Why don’t headphones work on computer or laptop?

Quite often when using headphones connected to your PC or laptop, it turns out that they lost sound. Do not rush to make conclusion, that the device has failed and is not working. In most cases, the problem can be easily resolved.

The causes of no sound and solutions to problems

For starters, you need to check if you have turned the volume on the computer. Some users disable the sound while working with documents, so he didn’t disturb the working process. Subsequently can be easy to forget that the sound was turned off or reduced to limit the volume. You need to click on the appropriate button at the bottom right on the panel.

If you recently reinstalled the operating system, perhaps you forgot to install driver for sound devices. To check availability of these programs can be entered via the main menu tab control Panel and from there to the item with the marking equipment. They need to find device Manager and go to sound devices, the list of which will be visible in the window. Clicking on a specific file, you will see information about each driver. If the utility is missing, install it from the boot disk.

If the laptop or computer connected speakers, the reason may be in them. Check their proper connection to the network in connector of the notebook and the power button volume. If everything is connected correctly, possibly blew out the speakers. To check for serviceability include them in another device.

Also could have broken the port on your computer or laptop, which you constantly use. The causes of fault and corrective action may be several.

What to do if not working audio?

  • Carefully inspect the connector of the notebook in which you inserted the headphone plug. The reason may lie in its wear. If you frequently enable and disable the device and make it sloppy hole could be loosened. Replace socket for a new one.
  • Also, the hole in which you insert the earphones, can become clogged. In this case, try to clean it. Soak the plug in a liquid containing alcohol and repeatedly insert into the slot and pull back. Do not clean the connector with a sharp object as you might damage it.
  • Also, in the case of a strong jerk in case of accidental pulling of the cord, which happens quite often, could cause an offset of the inner part of the connector. Depending on the size of the injury, you can determine the socket be repaired or must be replaced.

In the case of very severe damage, you can try to repair the connector myself. For this purpose, with a soldering iron, you can attach the broken off contacts back. It is possible to fix the connector fails, it must be replaced with the new one.

If all the above steps did not help, check the headset for proper. Connect them to third-party device, for example, to the player. If there is no sound, the problem is in the headphones and you will have to take them in for repair.

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