Why and how to solve the Windows 10 inhibits

By | 10.12.2018

Why and how to solve the Windows 10 inhibits

You decided to try out the latest Windows 10, install it on your computer and are faced with the problem of the braking system? We’ll tell you what could cause this problem and how to get rid of it.

Possible causes

The possible reasons leading to the braking system include:

  • the lack of capacity of the processor;
  • problems with the hard drive;
  • a memory;
  • the small size of the paging file;
  • load startup;
  • viruses and spyware;
  • problems with the browser.

    Почему и как решить, Windows 10 тормозит


Let’s look at these problems closer and consider their solutions.

Weak processor

If windows 10 slows down after the installation, the main reason for this behavior may be weak processor. This is the most important component that directly affects the speed of your PC. Maybe he’s just not pulling the new OS. This is especially noticeable when watching videos in high definition (than it is possible to test).

To check the CPU consumption should:

  • start the task Manager;
  • go to the Performance tab;

    Почему и как решить, Windows 10 тормозит

  • to pay attention to the % of the CPU utilization.

If the digit load is large, we can say that this is what causes the inhibition. What you can do in this case? Unfortunately, little – just replace the processor with a more powerful, considering its compatibility with other system components.

Problem with HDD

Similar problems arise when hard drive problems. A large number of bad sectors eventually leads to a slowing down of the PC. One of the radical ways to get rid of this problem – buy a new hard drive, but it isn’t always necessary. First you need to try to defragment it to get rid of failures.

This can be done with the help of special software, as well as use the power OS:

  1. go to the main menu;
  2. in the search box, enter «disk Defragmenter» and select it;

    Почему и как решить, Windows 10 тормозит

  3. in the opened window, select the drive that you want to defragmentierung (to know its status, click «Analysis»);
  4. run the process and wait for it to finish.

Attention! During defragmentation is not recommended to use a PC, turn it off or interrupt the process in other ways. Process, depending on the size of the disk can last from several minutes to several hours.

Video: Install Windows 10

The lack of RAM

Often RAM is the deciding factor of whether or a very slow computer with a new OS. Programs become more demanding on the hardware, and therefore require more RAM. The decision in this case is quite simple – to buy more of its volume. Also, before you install Windows 10, be sure to pay attention to its requirements, and whether or not the computer its «pull.»

The paging file is too small

With the previous problem side by side goes and the other is the insufficient paging file. It can also lead to the brakes even a newly installed system. The decision in this case is to increase it.

Почему и как решить, Windows 10 тормозит

It can be done like this:

  1. click on «My computer» the right button of the mouse.
  2. select «Properties» then «Advanced»;
  3. «the Performance», «Settings» and go to the «Virtual memory»;
  4. here click «Edit» and increase the paging file to 2 – 3GB, which should be enough;
  5. click «OK» and exit.

Load AutoPlay

This problem typically occurs with the time when on the computer there is a large number of programs and applications. Many of them are written in the autorun (often even without your knowledge) and lead to the fact that windows 10 is slow.

To remedy the situation:

  • go to the main menu;
  • in the string «Run» enter the command «msconfig» and press «Enter»;

    Почему и как решить, Windows 10 тормозит

  • go to the tab «Startup» and disable unneeded programs.

    Почему и как решить, Windows 10 тормозит

To clean the startup you can also use the utility CCleaner:

  1. download and install the program (distributed free of charge);
  2. in the left pane, select the tab «Tools» and then «AutoPlay»;
  3. the best programs disable unnecessary.

Viruses and spyware

The new OS is not a guarantee that the hard drive has not remained malware (if not produced, its formatting). Many of them can be quite harmless, but often they lead to serious problems with your PC. In particular, they may cause failures and braking system.

Use good antivirus with updated virus database. You can use the built-in in this version of the OS utility called Windows Defender. With the advent of these problems with Windows 10, we recommend you to run a full system scan to get rid of such threats.

Почему и как решить, Windows 10 тормозит

Important! After you install the new OS first of all install the antivirus on it, because when you access the Internet without it you are putting your computer at risk.

Problems with the browser

You are faced with lockups and braking during startup of the browser?

In this case, pay attention to a few points:

  • make sure that the version is current, if necessary, update it;
  • run task Manager and in Processes tab check that takes system resources;
  • may want to clean your browser cache and history (easiest to do it with CCleaner).

We discussed some of the most common reasons why Windows 10 PC can slow down. The solution to these problems is usually not difficult even for novice users. If you are faced with other difficulties – write in the comments to the article.

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