Whois service — find out information about a domain, check the domain on employment

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You went to the site and you wanted to know about who owns the domain. Maybe you want to buy this domain, it may be you have a conflict with the owner of the resource, and can be, on the contrary, you want to talk to him, but no contacts on site. But it’s not a problem. You can use our service that makes it easy to install the domain owner in any domain zone, as well as any servers located ns domain.

To find out information about the owner of the domain you need a Whois service. In order to get the right information, just enter your desired domain name into the search box and within seconds you’ll know what you need.

Of course, if the option Private person, information about the owner will not be shown. But, writing a letter to the specified address can be sure that the registrar will forward it to the domain owner

Whois service — Check domain name and search site — we are looking for Domains

Whois-service — a service for domain validation.

Enter a site name in the search box, and find out, free domain or busy. If the domain name is already taken, you can find out who its owner is and how to contact them.

Powered convenient selection of domains: When you activate the «history of queries» can be seen all the domain names that you are looking for. When you check you have a desire to buy a domain, some domain registration services are listed on the right side of this page. Searching for a name for the site and domain matching service available for Russian domain names, the CIS countries, international and national domain zones. Domains are looking at us.

Whois Domain domains — the whois service on geography ip, seo website analysis

This is a universal service, writing on the Ajax, gathered in all the major network service allows you to quickly obtain the necessary information about the domain, site, or IP address. Whois service supports any domain zones, including New.Net. The request goes directly to the whois-server domain registrar to provide accurate, complete information.

Whois Domain domains — Get information about the domain, site or IP-address

Our whois-service allows you to get information about the site or IP-address.
Here you can:
Check the registration data the site owner.
Identify the IP address of the domain server.
Check the server location by IP address.
To determine the type of server and learn running any operating system works server.
DNS server Check and DNS administrator e-mail.
Define the device manufacturer for its MAC-address.
Find out which sites are on the IP.
Check your IP address, information about your computer.
Identify the country and city phone number.

Whois service — free domain verification

WHOIS service (Who Is) is an automated system that provides public access to information about the domain name and its Administrator. This service allows you to check the date of registration of the domain and its end, the end date of the period of extension of the pre-emptive, the registrar that the domain name support, as well as information about the domain administrator, if he did not use the service hiding personal data. According to the rules of domain name registration in domain .RU and .RF information about Administrator domain-physical person represented in the impersonal form. To communicate with a domain administrator in zones .RU and .RF need to use the feedback form provided in the WHOIS.

Tuning Whois domain — is not only convenient domain search interface, IP-address, DNS-server, registrar or the conversion of a domain name in punycode and back, but also an opportunity to test the functionality of the site, where you can get complete information on its availability, find out information about a domain . The main new feature is the display of Whois service information in Russian for the domains in .RU / .SU / .RF (status, domain age and date of registration, the end of a domain name).

Type the domain / IP / DNS / Registrar to the appropriate query box and get complete information!

Whois service — check the domain on time, find out information about a domain

The Service Whois called a program or script that allows you to check the domain on employment or find registration information about the domain.
Service Principle whois is a query to the server that stores the data for all domain names registered within the same zone, to obtain these data and output them to the end user.
Please use this service to verify the domain of the Russian Federation or any other IDN-domain. Punycode conversion is carried out automatically.

To find domain registration information (the whois data), including:
DNS-domain records,
status of the domain,
domain owner’s name,
contact phone and e-mail domain host;
identifier registrar,
domain creation date (date of commencement of the delegation)
the date of registration of the domain end (end date delegation)
, enter the domain name, and then click to check.

Check the IP and domain whois — Check domain whois, whois check for ip site — complete information about domain

Check WhoIs registration information lets you know about a particular site. Typically, it is used to study the sites of competitors, but you can use the WhoIs service and for information on its website.

What may be useful for this service?
After checking the WhoIs, you can get information about when the end of a domain name lease. You may be able to buy up the domain name if the owner forgets to pay for it. Certainly, such manipulation are rare, but when it comes to competitive and «money» niches, such a test — one of the key, allowing to fight for each domain as efficiently as possible.

Why use the domain information?
Most often the service is used to check the domain on employment. For example, you come up with a nice domain name and want to test — is there such a domain, and if so, to whom it belongs. Often, as a situation arises where there is a site, and the domain by someone bought — in this case the domain verification will identify its owner and get his contact details when necessary. Check the domain name on employment takes a few seconds, and after such a short time you can get the coordinates of your desired person.

Whois service — network tools — Ping, Traceroute, IP Lookup / whois, DNS View.

Key features of our service:
Whois Domain — obtaining information about domain names second level in 134 areas (more than 1,000 third-level domain),
including Cyrillic domains in .rf, .su, .com, .net, .org .
Domain catalog: Alphabetical .
IP the Lookup / Whois Domain — obtaining information about IP addresses.
the DNS Watch, — view the DNS records.


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