Which user account to use Windows 10 as a local or Microsoft?

By | 09.12.2018

Which user account to use Windows 10 as a local or Microsoft?

Let’s try to understand what are the differences between these two types of accounts in the new operating system version and what has changed compared to Windows 8.1.

What is a local account?

Saying the most simple words, it is a system resources with settings and programs specific user, that uses a combination of user name and password (although the password protection to use not necessarily). If your OS version was released before Windows 8, then surely you are a user local profile.

As the name suggests, a local account is created for only one system, so if you have more than one computer, then each of them you use different accounts.

In Windows 10 local account allows you to install a desktop application, to configure and use the operating system the old fashioned way. You can even access the Windows Store, but you can not download and install apps – this is to enable synchronization of settings between user devices necessarily need a second account type.

What is a Microsoft account?

Какую учетную запись использовать в Windows 10 – локальную или Microsoft?

It is a series of online accounts for the company’s products that were simply United under one name. Thus, if you have ever used Hotmail, Windows Live and Outlook or devices such as Xbox or Windows Phone, then the account you already have. By rebranding and integration of these profiles, the company has ensured full integration of all their services in one account. This means you can use it to access everything that is connected with the Microsoft ecosystem.

Unlike a local login to the operating system with the Microsoft account uses the email address, not username. This can be email from the software giant (hotmail.com, live.com or outlook.com), Yahoo! Or even a Gmail address, which was provided by the Internet provider.

This type of sign-not possible to disable the password protection, however, you can configure the system so that each time you log it was entered automatically (see here). In addition, Microsoft account has two-step system identification user, when you log into your account from a device not registered in the trusted list requires you to enter security code security.

Why you should use a Microsoft account?

The use of such an account allows you to partially avoid the hassle with the configuration of all your computers for themselves, because some of the system settings can be synchronized between them automatically. In other words, some changes made on one computer to «ten» will be automatically reproduced on other computers with the same profile Microsoft.

The system allows you to synchronize the subject, settings of the web browser (in the 10-ke standard browser is Microsoft Edge, so sync bookmarks, logins, etc. are applicable to it), passwords for websites, applications, and networks.

Какую учетную запись использовать в Windows 10 – локальную или Microsoft?

Another advantage of using a Microsoft account associated with the ability to download, install and restore apps from Windows Store. From the local profile store apps will be available only in view mode.

As the owner of a smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile or other device based on Windows 10, online account gives you access to universal apps and games. This concept, which was originally introduced for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, implies that once purchased the app is available on all devices with the Microsoft platform. When you buy the app with any device running Window 10, it will be available on your other devices. This eliminates the need to buy the same app for each computer, smartphone or tablet and helps saving a lot of money.

Какую учетную запись использовать в Windows 10 – локальную или Microsoft?

Also, a Microsoft account will help you using OneDrive, because with it you can easily sync any type of file – again, across all devices.

Another feature of Windows 10 that is available only with an account of Microsoft, but still does not support Russian language, is called Cortana. It is an application that acts as a digital assistant. Function is closely linked with Microsoft account and needs to access calendar, email, contacts, and even the history of web surfing to be able to respond to the needs of the user. So if you want Cortana can schedule your appointments, remind you of something important or even finding good restaurants, you have to log in to your profile Microsoft.

Finally, using a Microsoft account in Windows 10, you will be able to link your child with Your family. This is the extended version of the Family security that contains all the options that will help you manage everything related to the online lives of your children. Feature allows you to manage the settings separately for each device, block adult sites, monitor activities, the time spent by the child at the computer and let him download only those apps and games that fit his age category.

Why should you use a local account?

In Windows 8.x local user account has very limited capabilities and does not provide access to many operating system functions. In the 10-ke, these restrictions have been relaxed, and the status of a local account was upgraded to the level of Windows 7.

For example, in the previous version of the operating system using the application «Calendar», «Mail» and «People» is impossible without a MS account. In Windows 10 you can work with any of these tools without any restrictions, using local uchetku. Even the native email client will allow you to choose any account (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and does not force you to use a Microsoft account just to run the application. This change is likely to appeal to owners of only one computer for which synchronization parameters are completely useless, and those who are not interested apps from the Store.

Какую учетную запись использовать в Windows 10 – локальную или Microsoft?

In General, the company policy on local accounts changed in a rather positive manner; with Windows 10, the Corporation tried to find a balance between the two types of accounts, and at the same time made another attempt to present a new operating system in a more favorable light.

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