Which processor is better amd or intel 2014

By | 10.12.2018

Which processor is better amd or intel 2014

The efficiency of the computer, its performance, interaction with demanding applications depends on installed CPU. Both Advanced Micro Devices and Intel Corporation (hereinafter, IC) is not easy popular manufacturers of integrated circuits. They are true industrial giants.

Besides, even in the lines of one brand can be lost. Each processor is unique for its architecture, memory, number of cores and frequency. From these characteristics determine the strength and stability of the CPU. The chip, manufactured by Advanced Micro Devicesи IC is diametrically opposite on these indicators.

Processors 2014

Main manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices IC and in 2014 released a lot of integrated circuits for the PC, which can meet the needs of different groups of consumers.

First and foremost, both brands presented a range of excellent budget chips. CPU on average prices in the ratio price-quality was much more successful the Corporation Advanced Micro Devices.

But among the TSOU powerful and expensive the first year the undisputed market leader and a monopoly is a Corporation of Intel. In a constructive manner there are many things for which to criticize and admire these processing schemes.

Processors from Advanced Micro Devices is much simpler and more reliable, well attached to the motherboard, but the mounting tab on the radiator may fall. IC chips have another drawback – the plastic clip mounts, which are very often out of order.

In addition, the design of the radiator itself may contribute to bending of the Board, if it is not of the highest quality and refers to the type of budget.


The majority believes that the company is inferior to its eternal rival in the manufacturability of the product, its functionality. This is true, but chips from Advanced Micro Devices bribing consumers by its efficiency, simplicity and reliability.

Difficult to find flaws, as in any other CPU, because the production of these parts has now reached its climax. The products of this brand goes down very rarely. The frequency of the processor affects the performance of your PC, but to set the tone will be hard disk.

The resulting performance depending on the type of this element PC more than from architecture and cores of the integrated circuit.


The electronic components that the company produces, is considered to be the best. Like it or not – it’s hard to compare, because decent competition for the product IC no. Its inventors have a monopoly, and microprocessors set the standard, the power and speed of the computer.

Какой процессор лучше amd или intel 2014

Not the least role plays the fact that people who buy a PC or the electronic unit is separately for the usual surfing the web, perform common tasks, hardly notice the difference between 2-core or 8-core chip. It is especially felt in the new models.

But when it comes to games, graphical editors, recent versions and other heavy for the system elements, the speed and performance will suffer greatly, if the characteristics of the electronic unit of the PC do not meet their requirements. But this can be remedied if you buy a powerful video card and to pay attention to the quality settings.

Architecture and frequency of electronic components produced by this company are not the guarantors of their high efficiency. When you choose better be based on the results of testing the chips. The performance of your PC depends on many other factors, not only on the characteristics of the CPU.

Which processor is better to choose AMD or Intel

At first glance, the choice is not difficult to do, because the manufacturers only two. But most often, the smaller the range of choices the more difficult to determine. One product impresses with its technology and capabilities, other accessibility in terms of price and durability.

Какой процессор лучше amd или intel 2014

In order to decide which processor is better to choose AMD or INTEL, you must consider the following factors:

  • for which device you need the chip;
  • the number of tasks that must eventually perform a PC;
  • demanding programs and applications that need to work constantly.

Should that improve the performance of regular users not practically be carried out. Easier to buy a powerful enough technique, as well as the life she had rather big, then replace new model.

If you select electronic component cannot be neglected and the following points:

  • the results of testing.
  • level of reliability;
  • what video card is installed and the type of the hard drive;
  • the overall architecture block diagrams, frequency, number of cores;
  • the way of mounting to the radiator;
  • the interaction with the cooling system.

Какой процессор лучше amd или intel 2014

Need to say at once that hardware speed and performance have a relationship with the number of cores and other indicators of unit circuits, but also are heavily influenced by other factors. Better to rely when choosing not to factory specifications, and the results of practical research.

Choosing the best type of processor it is necessary to consider the technical possibilities, in which it is installed. The Golden rule can be considered a selection of EB, depending on the cost of the computer. Chips Advanced Micro Devices are a great solution for a budget computer.

If the computer is needed for simple work, online surfing, it is quite suitable for such a DL. But if you have to buy a powerful video card and pick up a good hard drive, the performance will not have to complain.

Какой процессор лучше amd или intel 2014

IC chips good for a gaming build, and have great calculation power. Manufacturer Intel has some good budget EB, but if you compare them with 4-core Advanced Micro Devices products, they clearly lose.

Choosing a Central unit of Intel it is better to give preference to the models of the new generation. To save, if you want to play interesting games, to convert files or install the graphics editor a new generation is undesirable.

Best processor in terms of performance and price

Testing Central units of the computer are held to help to the consumer in the purchase of microprocessor technical devices.

To simplify the orientation of all the investigated products are grouped in three main indicators:

  • performance;
  • price;
  • Efficiency.

The most important thing to know the figure of efficiency, as it is arithmetically represented by the ratio of price and power to the microprocessor. The higher the number, the more profitable will purchase. Prices used for comparison may differ slightly from available on the market. For the currency does the ruble.

Usually indicates the presence of integrated graphics performance. If you want full information on the future acquisition, its practical power, it can be found on the web pages with the testing results.

Video: Comparing processors


From the variety of available EB it is possible to allocate two most important: G1820 Celeron from Intel and the ATHLON II X2 245 from Advanced Micro Devices. The first option is a great Central processing unit with integrated graphics, which is perfect for any low-cost computer.

Какой процессор лучше amd или intel 2014

Ideal for office work, surfing, multimedia. The game supports the minimum setting (rare – medium) graphics card. Processing device Athlone – an inexpensive purchase for the same equipment.

Какой процессор лучше amd или intel 2014

Suitable for office work, using Internet resources, as well as games with minimal or average demands. But onboard video card is missing, and the performance leaves much to be desired.

Intermediate level

The three best models of the processing elements to the average consumer:

  • amd FX-4300;
  • amd A8-3850;
  • intel Core i5-4590.

The first is a good option for budget gaming computers. Of cores – 4. In the presence of an expensive graphics card to play at medium to max settings. The second processing element is an economical, 4-core, type – hybrid.

Multimedia card built-in. Enough power to run all standard applications. Also has a good supply of action. The embedded map allows you to play modern games on minimum and medium settings.

Such chips are good for mainframe computers. Processing device Intel core is optimal for a powerful gaming PC. Of cores – 4. Allows you to play on maximum settings.


Among high-performance centres are good options for purchase may be considered:

  • intel Core i7-4790K;
  • amd FX-9590.

Miroustrojstvo from Intel has a high processing speed. Of cores – 4. Optimal acquisition for a dedicated and gaming technology. Allows to work with video and play on maximum settings.

Какой процессор лучше amd или intel 2014

Product FX-9590 is a powerful element of specialized office equipment. Of cores – 8. However, despite the high frequency, good architecture and more cores for games it is better to use OCC from Intel.

The most powerful 2014

The king of speed and efficiency this year can be called a model of an integrated circuit Intel Core i7-5960X. It is extremely strong, 8-core chip with perfect efficiency. His one power is equal to 10 total ordinary Altoona.

But the price is higher in 37 times. This chip has no practical value. It’s only those who have nowhere to spend large amount of money or real gamers sport. For sales leaders such centres certainly do not belong.

Какой процессор лучше amd или intel 2014

Table of the ratio of performance and price

After analyzing the Central processing units of different levels and for opposite groups of consumers are all important indicators can be presented in the following table.


ToPOAPrice in roubles

Multimedia card

AMD FX-4300

76 – 3.574 R.


AMD A8-3850

71 – R. 4.054


AMD FX-9590

51 – R. 12.040



93 – 1.664 R.


INTEL Celeron G1820

97 – 2.032 R.


INTEL CORE i5-4590

45 – R. 11.146



36 – 19.733 R.


Efficiency is the ratio of the price of the product and performance. The higher the number, the purchase will be more practical. The results tables show that for normal users the optimal acquisition will be manufacturing the device of the budget level. A particular advantage of the Corporation of Intel.

A comparison of processors two of the most popular world’s manufacturers showed that the choice of this element of computer equipment should not depend on the manufacturing technology, number of cores and frequency. Even the brand name is not so important.

The most important thing is to decide what codes must handle TSOU, and for what purposes acquired technique. The efficiency for the average user who buys a computer to create a media center and surfing, it is quite suitable budget processors or average.

For games on maximum and average need more powerful CPU. They are bought, if you want to solve with a computer specific tasks: video processing, work with powerful converters and graphics editors of a new generation.

Optimum brand in terms of power can be considered as products of Intel. But if we consider only efficiency, it is more practical to be chips from Advanced Micro Devices.

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