Where is the add or remove programs in Windows 8

By | 09.12.2018

Where install and uninstall programs in Windows 8

The arrival of Windows 8 brought with it significant changes to the user interface. Introduced a system of tiles – cute tiles that now occupy the desktop in full-screen mode.

Along with this change and the location of many of the usual options. Now, when the need arises to install or remove a program, many users are faced with the problem of finding the appropriate menu.

The fact that in the previous versions of the operating system it was enough to go to «add or remove programs», and in Windows 8 this process was slightly modified. Now there are several ways to get into this directory, which we will discuss next.

Где установка и удаление программ в Windows 8

Direct open Windows Programs and features

Such an important tool like «add or remove programs» has changed its location. That is why the question about where is the add or remove programs in windows 8. Now to find it, go to the window «Programs and features».

This can be done in several ways:

  1. via the context menu on the desktop;
  2. using a special keyboard combination;
  3. using the command line.

Each of these options leads to a single goal, so their choice remains entirely for the personal preferences of the user.

Shortcut menus from the Desktop

The first of the ways access control panel is right on the desktop:

  1. point the mouse to the bottom left corner of the desktop, where is the «start» button;

    Где установка и удаление программ в Windows 8

  2. click on it right button;
  3. in the list that appears, select the option «Programs and features», located at the very beginning.

    Где установка и удаление программ в Windows 8

The hotkey Win + X

Another simple method is using the keyboard shortcut Win + X. This will bring up a list similar to what was described in the previous method. There are many useful tools, including «Programs and features», located on its top.

The appwiz.cpl

Open string system commands and programs can also using the key combination «Win+R». This will bring up a Run window where you enter the command «appwiz.cpl» (without the quotes). It will directly open the «Programs and features» that allows you to proceed immediately to the planned processes.

Где установка и удаление программ в Windows 8

Step by step this process is as follows:

  • click on the keyboard combination Win+R;
  • the corresponding line of the «Run» enter appwiz.cpl;
  • get into «Programs and features» where you can install or remove the desired items.

Где установка и удаление программ в Windows 8

How to find install and uninstall programs in Windows 8 in control Panel

To access install and uninstall programs in Windows 8 and in other ways. For example, using the quick access control panel on the desktop or search option. Using both of these options can be accessed in the required menu in just a few clicks. Next we will talk about them in detail.

Video: Installing and uninstalling in windows 8

Settings on the Desktop, or Win+I

Settings available on the desktop in full screen mode.

To go it is necessary:

  1. move the cursor to the right side of the screen until the side panel.
  2. the bottom of the list is a gear icon is «Settings»;
  3. click on it and a new window, select «control Panel»;
  4. from here, go to «Programs and features» located in the lower left corner of the window.

Где установка и удаление программ в Windows 8

Also this function performs a simple key combination Win+I.

Through the Menu button Search

To get into the desired directory and selecting «Search».

Needed for this button is located on the desktop:

  1. direct the cursor on the bar at the right side of the screen;
  2. click on the search icon and then click «Applications»;

    Где установка и удаление программ в Windows 8

  3. here we find «control Panel» and go to «Programs and features», as described above.

Где установка и удаление программ в Windows 8

Please note! The appearance of the list «Apps» may vary greatly depending on the version of OS installed on personal computer programs. In a «clean» system without additional apps it the list will be quite small, but on a more cluttered PC need icon you have to look.

Open menu «Search» and other method.

To do this:

  • put the cursor on the start icon in the bottom left of the screen;
  • click on it right button;
  • in the new window, select «Search» (Search);
  • through the menu to find the desired directory.

Где установка и удаление программ в Windows 8

Often, along with ways to remove the program itself may need to get rid of the shortcut, fixed in the form of one of the icons on the desktop. How to do it?

During this process, go into «Programs and features» is not needed:

  1. find you want to remove the icon;
  2. click on it with right mouse click or hold your cursor for a few seconds;
  3. in the pop-up panel at the bottom select «Remove from start menu».

I hope that this article answered the question to find the desired directory and proceed to install and uninstall programs. Each of the described methods are easy to execute and memorize, so each user, follow our instructions in the future will not have problems finding the installation and removal of software on devices running Windows 8.

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