When you install Windows XP blue screen of death

By | 10.12.2018

When you install Windows XP blue screen of death

As a rule, any arising problem in the computer may be easily eliminated. In this we can help emerging system messages. After analyzing this set of letters and symbols can accurately figure out in which the problem occurred.

Possible causes

При установке Windows XP синий экран смерти

Appeared during windows xp installation blue screen indicates a pretty serious problem.

Can be these options:

  • the problem with the hard drive. Most often it is because of this device there is a critical error. It was a damaged clusters, they are not allowed to install;
  • Tip: if the computer has multiple drives, it is recommended to try to change the place of installation.

  • the mismatch between the interface of the hard drive. Windows XP is rather old operating system. By the time of its creation have not used the SATA interface. Therefore, you receive the error;

    При установке Windows XP синий экран смерти

  • equipment defects. In the case of faulty RAM, video card and other devices, the installation of the OS will be interrupted;
  • damaged disc (or bootable flash drive). This happens rarely, since the faulty drive install, most likely, simply will not start.

Their solution

What to do in such unfortunate cases? Fortunately, to solve this problem everyone can. Despite the large variety of system conflicts, they solved approximately the same.

You can do the following:

При установке Windows XP синий экран смерти

  • to test the hardware (hard drive, RAM or video card). You can use the special tools. Reading code problem, you can more accurately set the device inoperative;
  • disable antivirus and system utilities. If you intend installation on existing OS, a conflict may occur;

    При установке Windows XP синий экран смерти

  • to format the hard drives. If the problem with the hard drive, it is better to format. Of course, before that, you can throw all the important files.

When you install windows xp BSOD 0x000000a5

Why when installing an OS, you receive this error? It denotes a problem with RAM.

Let’s see what you can do:

  • if your computer has multiple RAM modules, try alternately to take them out and repeat the process of installing Windows. Most often, this method helps because the rare strap fails at the same time;
  • if that doesn’t work, change RAM strap;
  • if there is only one strap, you can try to bring her back to life. This should clean the contacts in the parent memory, and the cost of RAM and blow out the dust. Be careful not to damage the chip.

При установке Windows XP синий экран смерти

Tip: many experts recommend to clean the contacts with an ordinary eraser.

When you run the setup program, note all the labels. If there is a message ACPI BIOS ERROR then there is a problem with system drivers.

It can be solved very simple:

  • begin the installation first;
  • wait until the screen appears Press F6 if you need to install third-party SCSI or RAID driver;
  • then press F7;
  • as a result, the problem will be exhausted.

Video: Blue screen

Other errors

Another common error is 0x00000050. Most often it is detected when you try to install an OS over an existing one.

It can occur for the following reasons:

При установке Windows XP синий экран смерти

  • malfunction or failure of hardware;
  • defects the video card, or RAM;
  • NTFS corruption;
  • problem with the antivirus program (basically a virus).

What can you do in this case:

  • check all equipment. If something was inserted into the motherboard, it should be tested first;
  • alternately, disable all system services;
  • to check the hard drive using Chkdsk utility.

При установке Windows XP синий экран смерти

In some cases, you may receive error 0x0000007B. It usually appears during the file copying is complete, that is, the selection section. It is the conflict of the Sata interface. To fix it should be replaced AHCI on IDE.

This is done as follows:

  • go into the BIOS;
  • find the item SATA MODE;
  • select the Main tab. Click on Enter;
  • http://f1comp.ru/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/13022013727.jpg
  • Photo: changing the SATA mode
  • expose mode IDE;
  • select save and exit.

That’s all, as you can see to understand the so-called «blue screen of death» is a snap. With this the strength to cope with even the ordinary user. In the future, to avoid such troubles, try to regularly test all equipment. This will help you special diagnostic programs.

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