what to play on a PC during the Christmas holidays

By | 10.12.2018

What to play on a PC during the Christmas holidays

New year is knocking at the door. Yes, I know it’s a cliché that doesn’t make it less true. Each of us wants to get a lot mnooogo gifts and most of them – all sorts of high-tech things. And since many of us are without gifts are the owners of computer systems with impressive computing power, why not use it for electronic entertainment?

If you don’t follow PC gaming you probably haven’t noticed that lately the industry has developed with amazing speed. Computer games are getting better and better – in fact, if the last time you played a new game 3-4 years ago, probably, you will be amazed by the maturity schedules, scope and opportunities offered by the good old PC platform. In many ways, it even surpassed the new console generation, which appeared less than 2 years ago.

Of course, when it comes to computer games, immediately raises two very important questions: what and where? On them I will try to answer in this quick makeshift guide for Christmas and the Christmas gaming.

The more important question…

New year and Christmas – a good time for games for two reasons. First – winter holidays are the most long – this year more than 11 days. Second – some of us will be in awe of a gift, which, if lucky, will be the new powerful PC. This is quite natural, after all, not even avid gamers want to play missed during the year of the game, or because of the lack of free time, or because the machine was too weak for the latest games titles.

For the same two reasons every year at New year’s eve my friends, relatives or colleagues ask me the same question: «what to play during the holidays?»

It would seem that the answer is very simple, but in fact it is impossibly difficult question. The gaming industry annually «produces» a huge amount of entertainment products covering an extremely wide range of taste and genre preferences. My recommendations cover the microscopic part of them and are not exhaustive, but I will share with you my personal ranking of the best games in 2014, which I have grouped by genre – perhaps not the best, but probably the most intuitive criterion.


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Во что поиграть на ПК во время новогодних каникул

In the year of the monumental finale of the Saga Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson was released one exclusive title based on the fantasy epics of Tolkien. This is the work of Monolith Productions Studio with a history and a whole lot of great games behind. Shadow of Mordor, however, stands out among them, offering a surprisingly well-balanced combination between the fantastic vision, scope, plot and gameplay that will surely appeal to all fans of the genre Action, especially if you are also a fan of the Lord.

In fact, the first days of January is a great time to pay attention to this game – the action in it develops decades after the events in the acclaimed «the hobbit», but before the events of Lord of the rings. The plot of the game will offer you a few interesting facts about the world of middle-earth and the history of the great Rings of power, about which you hardly know anything, if you have not read all what I wrote John.R.R. Tolkien including the Silmarillion.

Shadow of Mordor offers a very innovative and exciting gameplay system, mixing elements from the action, strategy and role-playing games – a unique blend that is served in a simple and interesting game form.

These are all supported by beautiful graphics, which will squeeze all the potential of your computer.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

Во что поиграть на ПК во время новогодних каникул

Canadian Studio BioWare has long been a known name in RPG circles, and their latest project clearly shows, what is the glory of the company. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a phenomenal game, offering more than 100 hours of gaming fun in which you will not be bored even for a second.

Intricate plot, filled with twists and turns, political intrigue, power struggles and bold adventures. Vivid and memorable characters, spectacular graphics and epic scale – all this (and more) can be expected from perhaps the most impressive game of the year with design, gameplay and technological standpoints.


Wolf Among Us

Во что поиграть на ПК во время новогодних каникул

When the adventure genre was declared dead (again), a small, independent Studio Telltale Games has found a new formula to revive his more intriguing and entertaining than ever. Since its founding in 2004, Telltale has created a number of fantastic, memorable games, including this year’s adventure game the Wolf Among Us, shining brightly with its own light.

The game tells about the adventures of private detective Bigby Wolf in a charming dark style of Raymond Chandler, but against a surprisingly original decor, reminiscent of the twisted beyond recognition groteks in the children’s tale. The graphics in the game is fantastic, reminiscent of the handwritten comic book from this author, like Frank Miller, and the plot, of course, keeps the tension very beginning of the game until the dramatic finale.


The Crew

Во что поиграть на ПК во время новогодних каникул

In the summer when Electronic Arts surprisingly announced that this year we will not be able to celebrate the New year with a new part of Need for Speed (shock!), in a wide-open market niche conveniently there was one very interesting project from UbiSoft.

The Crew is quite different from a conceptual point of view Need for Speed. The spirit of the game closer to the series Test Drive, representing the lifestyle of a lover high speed, not just a series of car competitions.

Moreover, The Crew created based online, ie in races taking part in other live players, which makes the gameplay much more interesting, intense and challenging than the competition, often not very original artificial intelligence.

First-person shooter

Far Cry 4

Во что поиграть на ПК во время новогодних каникул

A new edition, perhaps the most original game in the genre just looks stunning. Décor for the action this time was chosen Nepal – the Himalayas in Far Cry 4 looks dazzling. UbiSoft has managed very successfully to combine the exotic and the well known gameplay. The result is one of the most interesting and visually impressive games of 2014.


Во что поиграть на ПК во время новогодних каникул

It is a secondary, but equally important issue for the gamer. Where to get games for the holidays – in this case, if possible, at the lowest possible price because of pre-Christmas spending could devastate our budget to a minimum.

Of course, when it comes to computer games the last few years, the first logical stop for many gamers is Steam. The ubiquitous digital store from Valve will greet you with good news of a massive sale that includes more than 3000 items.

If you can not find what you need, or the price seems high, try Kinguin is a very interesting website which honestly merchandises in one… the so-called grey area. It’s all perfectly legal… with some additional conditions – for example, one of the most attractive offers associated with the sale of digital keys for the so-called gifts in Steam that usually do not really like the guys from Valve. In other words – this is clearly not forbidden, but not quite resolved.

In all cases, however, there is no better option than to open your favorite torrent tracker and download the game for free.

The average prices of games rarely exceed 2000 rubles, and believe me, each of them is worth every ruble. So do not neglect the work of dozens, even hundreds of people working on them day and night.

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