What to expect from Windows 9 (Threshold): all the rumors in a generalized way

By | 10.12.2018

What to expect from Windows 9 (Threshold): all the rumors generally

Release the first preview version of Windows 9 (Threshold) will happen on September 30 during a special press conference, in which, according to rumors, Microsoft is planning to introduce several innovations and changes over which the company’s developers have been working over the last year. And although the information leak was not too much, now we know about a whole range of new things that the software giant is preparing to surprise us with what we believe will be called Windows 9.

The new operating system will get its first public Assembly at the end of September, but it’s hard to say for sure what category of user will receive it at their hands at the beginning. However, we know that the next version of Windows will be more focused on the corporate functions and not the user, although the possibilities for businesses can easily be used by all. And unlike previous versions, the upcoming version of Preview users will have to accept mandatory updates that will follow after release. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, Microsoft is planning much more.

Here is a list of all features and changes that are the main candidates to become part of Windows 9:

Menu start: Return «start menu» is expected since, as Steven Sinofsky (the man responsible for the development of Windows 8) decided to remove the iconic button and the menu «start». The voice of users is heard, so that the release of Windows 9 will mark the return of the notorious menu. However, it will not be the same as the good old start menu in Windows 7. It would be a hybrid between the old start menu and new start screen.

Чего ждать от Windows 9 (Threshold): все слухи обобщенно

Windowed Modern applications: Many users complain about the lack of harmony between the modern interface in Windows 8 and classic desktop. Microsoft heard this complaint, so in Windows 9, Modern apps will be able to freely «float» on the desktop like desktop programs.

Window mode and the new «start menu» has already been demonstrated at the Build conference earlier this year, but what you can see in the video below, will not necessarily look exactly the same in the final version.

Flat design: one of the novelties, which can make its way into «nine» is up to date desktop with a new and flat design, suitable current Modern environment.

Чего ждать от Windows 9 (Threshold): все слухи обобщенно Note: Keep in mind that this change is likely to debut closer to the final version of Windows 9, so don’t expect a flat interface implementation in the first release.

Goodbye Charms bar: From the next version of the operating system, we can say goodbye to the Charms bar panel, which leaves the right side of the screen and allows you to access some of the navigation elements: Search, Share, start, Devices and Settings. It is unknown how Microsoft is going to replace the Charms bar, but rumor has it that the window should receive a new item in the title bar to access the «charms» of applications, but the implementation of this function will depend on developers.

Cortana: Yes! Digital assistant from Microsoft will cease to be the only part of Windows Phone. Now the company is updating Cortana at least twice per month, so that the development functions is progressing rapidly. However, the question remains whether the assistant is enabled by default, or is a feature that must be enabled manually.

Virtual desktops: It is another interesting feature that we hope to see in Windows 9. The concept of this feature is to have multiple desktops that can help users to focus on specific tasks and be more productive. This is nothing new: for Windows there are many third-party tools that allow you to get a similar feature, but users of Mac OS and Linux it is available out of the box.

Interactive live tiles: Microsoft Research Team has previously demonstrated the concept of interactive tiles, which improve the start screen, allowing you to interact with items displayed inside tiles. A new feature was created for Windows 8, but the company seems to have kept her for 9 Windows.

Notification center: With the new strategy, which Microsoft calls «One Windows», the rumors that the next version of the platform will include a notification center look like the truth. This element today we can see in Windows Phone 8.1.

The control panel with compact dynamic tiles Instead of a simple static app icons on the taskbar, the software manufacturer can implement a mini version of live tiles to the taskbar that will display useful information from applications. In accordance with previous rumors, Microsoft is testing something called a «glance-and-go» that may represent a function to interact with folded in the taskbar with modern apps.

Interactive backgrounds: currently, users can only set a static background image for the desktop, although the Vista in the background you can use and videos. With the new feature in Windows 9 background images are not only beautiful but also interactive. (That’s all I can say at the moment about this feature.)

Gadgets — In Windows Vista and Windows 7 is gadgets – weather, clock, calendar, etc. In Windows 8 they have not, but with the next version of Windows they can return.

Чего ждать от Windows 9 (Threshold): все слухи обобщенно

In addition to the new features and changes, Microsoft is also working on further improving its operating system to make it more practical for keyboard/mouse and touch screen devices.

For example, Windows 9 will be an adaptive operating system. In other words, it will adapt to the device on which it works. If it’s a PC or a tablet with a touch screen, the start screen and Modern apps will be used by default for these devices. If it is a device without touch capability, then the start screen will be the new «start menu» to open certain file types by default, you will use desktop application. Thus, it will be impossible to be simultaneously both. A user or the start screen, or «start» menu, depending on the type of computer, but it is possible that Microsoft will leave the possibility of choice.

It is also expected that Windows Threshold Microsoft will merge Windows RT with Windows Phone for small devices. The new version of Windows RT will not include a work Desk, and a preliminary release of this updated operating system can see the light in early 2015.

Starting with the preview version of Windows 9, Microsoft operating system will be updated once or twice a month. However, users will not only receive bug fixes and security updates, but also new opportunities.

The software giant is also testing the option for one-click update. It is in the «Windows update» and allows you to upgrade to the latest builds without a full reinstallation of the operating system. Currently the feature is tested within the company, but there is no guarantee that the company plans to bring it to the branch version.

Also, the Threshold can mark a big change in the process control of the operating system. Starting with Windows 9, instead of releasing Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 12, etc., the company probably will focus on the development of incremental updates for this OS version. If so, then Microsoft should consider to call the next version just «Windows».

Perhaps one of the most pleasant rumor is that Windows 9 will more than likely be a free upgrade for users of all major versions, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

If the company will do everything correctly, there is a good chance that Windows 9 will be the next Windows 7.

What do you think about what Microsoft is planning for Windows 9? Tell us in the comments below.

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