What to expect from the graphics on the Xbox One and PS4 and whether you need to rush into buying?

By | 10.12.2018

What to expect from the graphics on the Xbox One and PS4 and whether you need to rush into buying?

Days of the start of sales of both consoles getting closer, so grows the amount of news about them. It was already confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will run at a lower resolution on the console from Microsoft – the 720p scaling to 1080p. Console from Sony, the game will be in 1080p. The developers explain this by the fact that the PS4 is more powerful, and games to develop under it easier. Does this mean that it will offer better graphics?

From what we know now, we can conclude that the impressive graphics we offer both consoles. Ryse (exclusive for Xbox One) and Killzone: Shadow Fall (exclusive to PS4) are among the leading in this respect, at least for the moment.

Чего ожидать от графики на Xbox One и PS4 и нужно ли спешить с покупкой?

But let’s go back to Call of Duty: Ghosts. Here is an important reason for the difference in resolution. The problem arises because of difficulties in the process of the game. It turns out that this problem is solvable? Or the developers were in a situation where they were forced to comply with a weaker platform? Mark Rubin from Infinity Ward commented on the reason for the lower resolution in the following words: «This happened as a result of optimization. To maintain a high frame rate the game should run at 720p».

This leads us to believe that the Xbox One is really less efficient than a new console from the Japanese. However, according to Digital Foundry, Microsoft’s console has enough power to game worked in full resolution, but it prevents the Kinect, which has its own requirements. About 10% of the CPU is designed for the controller. And those resources are not available to developers, as is reserved for non-gaming functions. So will see if the difference in graphics and whether it will reduce the fun of the game?

You may be able to answer this question after watching the following video. Battlefield 4 is one of those games that will run 1080p on PS4 and 720p on Xbox One.

Some users do not see the difference and think that the graphics are good on both consoles. But the differences actually are, but they are minor.

In the previous consoles power hardware was not the determining factor. The PlayStation 2 was slower, but no problem competing with the Xbox. But we have to admit that the PS2 had two major advantages – it came out a year before the console from Microsoft and it was not the first model, so the players were already well known to the PlayStation brand.

One should not overlook the fact that the figures often mislead us. If Forza 5 for Xbox One will run at 1080p, Ryse, a game that we have already mentioned, shows her amazing graphics at a resolution of 900p (1600×900 pixels). In 4-5 years the game will look much better. Just remember the debut game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and now think of GTA V.

So whether or not to succumb to the desire to get one of these long-awaited consoles or can safely wait? There are several reasons that speak to make the second better.

Чего ожидать от графики на Xbox One и PS4 и нужно ли спешить с покупкой?

The best games of this year will not be available for next-gen consoles. Neither BioShock Infinite nor The Last of Us or even Grand Theft Auto V. Again, none of these games will not be released for a new generation (at least, not announced). And those that will be released along with the start of sales of Xbox One and PS4 (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed IV, etc.) will be available for the previous models of gaming consoles. In addition, the new console will not be compatible with games that you purchased for the previous model.

Another reason is that such exclusives like Titanfall, Watch Dogs, Infamous: Second Son, Destiny…, will be released only in 2014, Also do not forget that some online services will not be available immediately after the release of the consoles, but if you like to play online with your friends, with the new consoles it will be harder because they will not at all. In addition, very often we see the problems in the first instances devices that come on the market (but this applies not only to consoles).

In General, now is not the time to say which console will be better. The obvious favourite would be called no sooner than six months after the commercial premiere. And during this time can happen a lot…

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